35 thoughts on “Social Media Did Not Create Anxiety”

  • Fleming Real Estate - Property Agents says:

    Coming from ireland and visiting US a good few times this year. Think it is a bigger problem in the US or at least more people talk about it.

  • RAM Real Estate Investing says:

    Her: new social media platforms induce anxiety and are bad. Is that the business you promote?

    GaryV: Drops facts, shuts her argument down.

    Her: let’s change the subject

  • Passive Income Tom says:

    Better parenting needed. Society and this FOMO crap gives everyone anxiety. 😉

    Yes I said it and I have two kids. Nothing in life is free.

  • fцику мцику says:

    But it certainly contributes to anxiety, leading to premature (teen) deaths in the tens of thousands every year. If this had been any other threat – we'd have eradicated it by now, but we haven't, because we've no common sense and would rather listen to Gary…over and over and over again.

    The problem is unthinkably huge, and you're delusional if you think social media – and Gary – aren't significant generators of anxiety, leading to depression, burnout, debt, and death… It's a giant clique of societal daddy and mommy figures, feeding you "wisdumb" from above, and they own your biochemistry, all the while pretending to talk about your needs and mine.

    There's never been a better time to quit the rat race… Don't let these "hustle bullies" torture you into becoming work-obsessed robots, and losing your humanity.

  • ღNightcore Day and Nightღ says:

    That last question hit me hard😆
    "So, let's talk about how you being judged at the moment?"
    Big OOF from me tho…

  • People don't wanna fall behind their peers who gain some small success. However, for gaining big success you need to make some steps back and be patient. What is your purpose to get a little win in a short period of time or a big win in a long run?

  • Awwwww, Gary is the Best…
    he's DANGEROUS! 🤣 Gary's Answer is the very best Answer I've heard all Year…it opens the New Year in a Grand manner📣

  • this is an optimistic view but suicide rates among adolescents have gone up an unbelievable rate in the last decate. i think its a bit naive to think there isnt a direct link to social media..

  • The narrative on social media causing anxiety definitely needs to change. I definitely feel we are still in this phase of working out who are as people, social media and the internet is putting a loudspeaker to those feelings of low self-esteem, self-confidence and pre-existing anxiety that we and our kids already have. It feels horrible because we're seeing so much of it, but it's good that it's coming out in the open. It gives us the chance to do something about it instead of ignoring or hiding behind it.

  • Of course it creates anxiety DUH. watch the video of Stephen ilardi. Social media causes tons of stress in our bodies which therefore leads to anxiety and depression. But not because of what we see on there. But because we check our phones every damn second. "Ahhh I need to watch this and this ahhh omg omg "
    Gary really needs to get educated on some things. I remember he was heavily promoting 5G and dropped a post on his instagram but then deleted it cuz people told him wtf Gary.

  • I deleted my Instagram for more than 6 months and one major thing I noticed was that now I care less about what other people’s think.
    I also do meditation for 2 years now and that helped me to get awareness that Instagram was letting a little anxious about my future and about what i wanted to do, maybe that could have been related to how I was using it.
    I do intend on getting my ig account online in the future becuase the way we communicate with other people there is amazing, but for now I decided to take a break and focus on myself and do the work and not do things to impress other people and by that I mean get likes and approvals and all those things, even tho I was using it to provide content ( I’m a personal trainer ) subconsciously I think I was trying to get the aprovall of others.

    For some of you reading this, it’s not bad using social media, in my experience I’ve noticed that:
    If you watch too much motivational things you get impatient
    If you watch too much spiritual things you get toooooooo patient

    So try to balance it all out.

    Watch some biographies of the greatest and one thing they have in common is ACTION !!!
    they didn’t had all the information we now have.

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