Social Media DETOX: Ep 3 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Social Media DETOX: Ep 3 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. We were talking about feeding information based on what we hear or read. We can stop reading newspapers first thing in the morning. But when family or friends keep sending posts, then even if we are unwilling, we tend to read them. Let us take this line – even if I am unwilling Unwilling because now we have learned the mantra that we should not read them. But after reading the first line I get tempted to read what it says next – what somebody did or said and so on. At that moment we only need to tell ourselves – my power is getting depleted. I the soul am getting weaker by reading this. Since childhood, we were told about people as being well informed, well read and well versed. That we can talk to him about any subject, he is so good. Because of that we got into a habit of reading whatever we came across so we could talk on any subject. I will share with you my personal experience. I would not have read newspaper sometimes for days together. So there will be no awareness of what is happening currently in the country or in the world. If somebody shares some news, I get to know. Otherwise not. Sometimes when I’m talking to somebody the other person says – Do you know this happened? I would have no idea that something like this has happened. I have no idea at all because that information is not consumed – haven’t read it or heard it. So at that time I don’t know what that person is talking about. I will have to tell them also at times – Sorry I don’t know.
And they ask me how come I don’t know especially because it is such a big news. I tell them no, I don’t know. At this moment I need to ask myself – what is my purpose of life? To impress people with the information I have, to show them that I know quite a lot, or to take care what is happening in my world here? One world is this – I don’t know much about what is happening here. Do I know what is happening in my world? There are two worlds – the outside world and the inner world. How much ever information we gather about the outside world, we cannot change the outside world. It is not in our control. We can complain, criticize, find faults in the outside world. But can we change that world? We can influence the outside world. And how we influence it depends on what is there in our inner world. Today we’re all talking about the outside world. We are consuming information of this outside world. Our inside world is becoming based on how the outside world is. Like we saw last time, you are what you feed yourself. There is so much happening in this outer world but we have consumed all that here. So what is happening in my in the world? The same things as in the outer world. If there is violence outside, then even in my mind there is violence. Terror, pain, hatred, anger and resentment are there. They are present in the outside world and in my inner world. When I read what is happening in the outside world and made it a part of my inner world I am contributing to the outside world now. Why? When I read it and filled it here, it became my vibration. And I ready at my vibration to the outer world. It does not radiate only through thoughts, we do it through our conversations also. It is in my Aura now. My aura is going to be created based on what I consume. Whatever we consume by reading or listening to, they become our thoughts. Our thoughts create our Sanskars and personality. This is our aura, right? So whatever is our Energy field or aura remains with us throughout the day and radiates to the environment. Our Energy field touches other people and influence them. Now – just to be knowledgeable about what is happening in the outer world, I consume all that information – News, songs, movies, TV serials. Became a part of my inner world, my personality and it radiated into the world through me. So am I not responsible for creating an outer world of that quality? I had asked you last time if this becomes my karma also. It is becoming my karma. Now do I have any right to complain about the outside world when I am also a part of creating that outside world? We are complaining about what is happening in the world and condemning them. But we are responsible for consuming them and radiating them back to the world. That means we are increasing it by complaining. It is like adding ghee to fire. I read something about you and now it’s a part of my mind. I radiated that vibration, it means I put out that quality of vibration into the world. Can the solution not be – this is being written about him, it cannot be true. It could just be that person’s point of view. I am not interested and then I delete it. I already read the wrong quality of Information and it is now a part of my personality. Filtering cannot happen after consuming. You filter water before you drink it. How can you feel great after drinking it? Can you drink and say delete all the impurities? It is already consumed. Similarly we have already read a message. What is the solution to this? There are so many online groups formed by family or friends who keep forwarding messages. They are not following all these rules. They do not need to follow them. So what should we do? Should we stay away from WhatsApp or TV or other media? The solution is – all sorts of dishes are being cooked in the world. Many varieties are being served on our dining table also. What is the solution to remain healthy? I choose what I eat. Why? Because I have prioritized health. If people who are around you are eating unhealthy food, but they feel it is right for them. But you have prepared a goal for your life. So you just need to focus on yourself, you would not say other people are on a wrong diet. At my daughter’s house when I was having tea, people around me were having cream biscuits and other snacks. I just took a small piece of plain biscuit. But they did serve you all the other things also, is it not? Yes they did, but I refuse to take. They don’t just keep it there they will insist and request also saying – please have it, it is very tasty. But if you still refuse and pick up plain biscuit – they even question why you are eating that one when it is so dry and plain. But what happens is – the next time I go there will serve only these plain biscuits for me. Likewise if we make such rules for ourselves, such messages will stop coming on our phones and computers. Exactly. It is like when we go to visit Saints or Gurus, we will not have unnecessary talks with them. We only speak what is required and we know what they prefer to hear. What will you talk to them about? Spirituality. If you need to send them something on WhatsApp, what will that be? Spirituality. Will you send them anything else? I remember that about 30 years, back I used to attend a Satsang in the morning. The foremost benefit was that I would wake up at 5 A.M. There was a total change within me in just two or three months. Before that I used to spend the morning drinking tea and reading newspaper from first page to the last page. And even catch up on news about movies and actors. I used to drink several cups of tea while reading leisurely and then I used to leave for work. I went to the substance for 4 to 5 years. So I was a totally different person. But soon after my Guruji left his body, I did not go to the Satsang for one year. Believe me – I just became the earlier Suresh Oberoi who I used to be. It is simple and it is easy to become like that. Let us look at it at a physical level. From today you started to take care of your Physical health. You say you want to lose weight and hence will have only this diet. So we prepare a diet chart to lose weight and to eat healthy. So we eat that food for 4 years. But in the first 4 months itself we find big results. Weight reduces and health improves. So we continue that diet chart for the next 4 years. So for those 4 years how will our body and health be? Trim fit and healthy. Something happens after 4 years and we stop following the diet chart. We went back to unhealthy, tamsik and junk food. Now will we continue to have the same healthy body? We take 2 months to reduce weight by just 1 kilo. But within 1 week we put on 1 kg of body weight. Underline this. It means – we did meditation, we went on a retreat, will remained in silence for 10 to 15 days, we did Pooja every morning. This was all very valuable. We know its power and its advantages. That’s when we are doing all this, the soul is becoming very strong and powerful. But for the rest of the day what did we do? Be benefited from all these things. But for the rest of the day we read, listened or watched other quality of information Then the result of all the other good practices which we were supposed to get, we will not get as much. If in the morning I ate sprouts, salad and fruits. But rest of the day I ate pizza, samosa, fried food and non-vegetarian food. How much can morning’s plate of sprouts and salad help? So we know the power of what we have eaten in the morning. But we did not focus – that we need to pay attention to what we eat throughout the day. That is the most important part. Otherwise what we eat in the morning cannot sustain throughout the day. It is like – if students study on the previous day but forget everything during the exam, then what is the use? Information – you are what you feed your mind. This is what you read out for us last time. It doesn’t mean you are what you feed your mind “in the morning” You are what you feed your mind throughout the day. As you said, people keep sending us messages on WhatsApp. Even on a Facebook page there is a lot of information. We cannot filter information after reading it. It has got recorded on this CD within and cannot be deleted. It will have an effect for sure. Increase your willpower. Looking at the message itself we can make out. We don’t even have to read it. We don’t need to read it, we can make out what it is about. Delete before reading. Not – read it and then delete. Now what we are doing is – we read it and then realize that it is worthless. Then we delete it. But from there I’ll be deleting it? We delete it only from the phone. (What is the use?) There is no point in deleting after reading it. Like you said, we can’t drink water and then filter it. We need to practice this. If we practice for 4 to 5 days, then it becomes a habit. We should not delete after reading it. We should delete it from the phone even without reading. Like you said – after a few days, such messages stop coming to us. And if somebody is sending too many such messages, we will write to that person – I request you not to send me anything of this type. It is very important. Moreover it is our good Karma towards ourselves and even towards other people. My son has it written to his groups – No forwards please, only important messages. Otherwise we tend to keep forwarding messages that we get from here and there. Today we need to even choose, which WhatsApp group we want to be a part of. I recently had to tell somebody that the messages coming in that group is what we already know from newspaper and TV. So I informed him and left the group. It is not important to ask him why he created that group. Important is to ask myself why I am a part of it. I did exit the group immediately. That is it. We cannot change other people. I tried to change them also because I have all these positive messages. So I would send them some recorded messages and even about spirituality. So I try a lot from my side to spread messages of spirituality and positivity to all of them. You can post them. But you can take care not to read the other things that are getting posted. Self-restraint. Yes these are two important words: Self-restraint and Self-discipline. Self-restraint and willpower. It is like – there is a party and 10 families have prepared dishes at home and brought them there. You are a part of that party. It has your friends and members from your social circle. You don’t want to move away from your social circle. What are you going to cook at home and take to that party? You take something which is healthy. Suppose 3 or 4 other people also have brought healthy dishes. If 5 other people have brought dishes that are unhealthy. Now when all the 10 dishes are placed on the dining table, we have a choice of what to serve into our plate. The same happens in a WhatsApp group. Few people post very good messages. Few others course whatever they heard from here and there and feel it is useful. And few other post unnecessary messages. Self-restraint. Today all of us should join to experiment one thing – Delete messages even before reading or watching them. I want to mention one of my close relative’s example. He keeps on posting messages about what is wrong here and there, constantly complaining about people and their mistakes. You know what is the result of that today? First of all his kids left him alone and moved out of the house. Because I feel that when we keep on messaging such things, even at home we will be talking similarly. What was the quotation you read yesterday? You are what you read, watch and hear. His children told him to stay alone and left. He had a heart attack recently. This is very important – when we are reading and listening, we feel it is about somebody else. Throughout the day he had been finding faults in everything that’s happening. Maybe he had started to find faults in the children also. By going on constantly consuming the wrong that is happening in the outside world A lot of things have started to go wrong in our inner world. When things are wrong in the in the world, they come into action in the outer world. So things started to go wrong in our outer world. Because we are consuming information about what is wrong outside. We start criticizing ourselves also – that I am wrong, I repeat mistakes. Then I start to find fault with my son, daughter in law or my staff. Most important is – it may not be necessary that whatever we are reading – that is exactly becoming a part of our personality. That is not necessary. Important is, whatever is the quality of the information we are reading That will either increase or decrease the solar power. This is important. If I read anything which is tamsik, negative or critical, impure humour about somebody When I read, they all deplete my soul power. Unhealthy soul, ill soul, weak soul. Today we say we get angry because we are weak. We are emotionally weak. Why emotionally weak? Wrong diet. Now I want to be emotionally healthy. How will a young 4-year-old kid become emotionally weak? Soul, is it not? But he doesn’t read all this. He would have brought it with him from earlier birth. Even parents may read out to him such things? Their vibrations and aura will have an effect on him. Because they are reading such things. Whatever they are reading this what they are radiating to the child throughout the day. The child will consume all that. His absorption power is at its highest. Besides he has brought Sanskars from his past birth. Right now I am in this body. I am reading, listening or watching so many things. They are all becoming a part of my personality. If I leave this costume and be born into a new family? So even if it is a 1 or 2-year-old kid, what has he carried with him, what is already registered in his soul? And then what is that child getting from his new family and new environment? What quality of information are his parents consuming? In some houses the day begins with Pooja and spiritual study. The environment is Satvik. It will influence the child. In somebody else’s house, a different quality of things happens early in the morning. So today, Self-restraint.. Self-restraint is the mantra for today. We are not to delete after reading it. Delete it even before reading messages. Let us not say – what to do so when many people are posting or that we were tempted to read the whole message after reading the first line. We cannot say – I read it unwillingly. I know, that is my problem. Let us change this line also – “I know this is my problem.” Every line we say is a blessing to ourselves. When we say – “I know this is my problem”, it means we are saying – “so tomorrow also I will read the messages.” Change the vocabulary. Give a blessing to yourself – “I am a powerful soul. From today I will choose.” Who will be able to choose? The one who prioritizes emotional health. Whoever wants to make himself powerful will do it. Like how the boy who spoke to you said that he wants to lose weight There are many people who have reduced their weight drastically from being 200kgs. How do they do it? How did they do it? Self-restraint. Self-control. Self-restraint and willpower. How does will power increase? You said so many messages are coming on WhatsApp and Facebook. And you said it is your weakness that you tend to read them. Right now there is no willpower to delete them. How will it increase? For 4 days we will observe a vow of Self-restraint. We will just need to do it for 4 days. Don’t have to do it for longer. Only for 4 days. The moment message comes, delete it. Even if a video comes, don’t even play it. Delete. We don’t even have to download it when we know what its quality would be. Delete. Even if we download, the moment we see the first scene we will know the quality. Delete. If we do it for 4 days, then from the 5th day we will be able to delete it just like this. How much we will be saving ourselves. We will be protecting ourselves. Today whatever is happening in the environment around us, is influencing us. We are becoming weaker and hence because of us, the world is becoming more weaker. If we protect ourselves from this environment We are not only protecting our self We are not only protecting our inner world. When our pure vibrations radiate into the outer world We are influencing the outer world. The outer world is an outcome of each of our individual minds. Suppose 5 of us are sitting here now. Which means there are 5 minds in this area. Suppose 3 of the 5 minds are disturbed. And it we absorb their disturbance, then we will have all 5 as disturbed minds. And these five minds will radiate the disturbance and pollute this environment. If 3 minds are disturbed, we need to protect ourselves first. That we will not listen and absorb whatever they are saying. Whatever they are sending us on WhatsApp, we will not read those messages. The moment even one mind protects itself in this way What quality of vibration will that mind radiate into this environment? So effectively, this one mind will start silencing the other 3 disturbed minds. This is very important. Instead of consuming what is happening in the outer world, protect yourself and start transforming the outer world. All of us have the power to change this outer world, by taking care of our inner world. Take care of this inner world and influence this outer world. When we start complaining about this outer world, we become sad in this inner world. And finally this outer world will become more and more Tamsik. Responsibility – can we start deleting messages from today? Definitely? 100 percent? We need to be sure of it. Whether it is Facebook or WhatsApp, delete messages even before reading them. By doing this we not only protect ourselves, we even increase our will power. Like you said – many people say they cannot give up this, they cannot live without that. They cannot give up eating sugar. They cannot give up whatever the doctor has forbidden them to eat. They don’t have the willpower. By not giving up, their willpower started reducing even further. But if we do it on any one aspect, it will influence other areas too. Let us discuss more about how willpower in one aspect will help us in other aspects also – in the next episode, Sister. Thank you so much. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


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