Social Media and ‘viral’ Incitement  – The World of Extremism Part 6

Social Media and ‘viral’ Incitement – The World of Extremism Part 6

(soft somber music) – There are thousands
and thousands of videos on YouTube and on Facebook inciting to radical Islam and to violence. Whether it be Hamas,
whether it be Hezbollah, whether it be al-Qaeda,
whether it be ISIS, it’s everywhere. Social media is where
it’s really gone wild. That’s where there’s no limits on how the information gets across. – The incitement that used to be in town squares or in the
mosques is in the social media, and it’s devastating because it’s viral. One post that you post on Facebook can reach tens of thousands
if not hundreds of thousands of young people. Social media enables
brainwashing to happen. People can fall into a rabbit hole in their computer and
in their online activity where they become saturated
and immersed in a culture and buy into it. And so they have an outlet
and can justify aggression wherein otherwise it
wouldn’t be permitted. – They use social media to be their stage to show the entire world
what they’re going to do and then to become popular, because after they will carry their act, there will be tens of thousands of posts encouraging others to follow them and admiring them and
glorifying their act. – And until we can stop this, this problem is only gonna get worse. I look at the easiest place to intervene and that’s obviously the areas which are under Western control. Facebook and YouTube and Twitter. They’re managed out of California. All of this inciting material, all of these horrific videos
of children shooting people, of paramilitary summer camps, they all run through their servers. And just like Facebook was able
to take down all pornography and you can’t find it there, and just like YouTube was able
to deal with copyright issues so you can’t steal a Beatles
song and resell it as your own, they have the technology
to stop all of this. And I really think the time has come for Western governments to
intervene and get involved and start to regulate what goes on there. – It’s for social media
to take responsibility because social media has
social responsibility, and to monitor this incitement
and to take it down. (soft somber music)


6 thoughts on “Social Media and ‘viral’ Incitement – The World of Extremism Part 6”

  • Conservative Jew says:

    Left wing social medias companies are allies with Islam. Western governments will never sensor extremism for the extremists are in the governments.

  • They never will take responsibility. They tell us time and again that their primary concern is right wing speech and they are silent on terrorism

  • It's an easy problem to fix. Any person or entity who gives aid or comfort to an enemy of the United States, according to Article 3 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, commits an act of treason. Allowing terrorists to use the social media platform equates to aid. The first Amendment clearly does NOT protect treasonous actions, otherwise, Article 3 Section 3 would have been amended to clarify that. Start charging these companies with treason and they'll fix the problem REAL QUICK. It only takes TWO witnesses to levy the charge. So… GET TO WORK.

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