So Much News, So Little Time – New Zealand’s Ban & a Possible Biden-Abrams Ticket | The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time – New Zealand’s Ban & a Possible Biden-Abrams Ticket | The Daily Show

Following last week’s mass
shooting in New Zealand, the whole world came together
to offer thoughts and prayers. And New Zealand was like, “Thanks for the thoughts
and prayers, but we want
to do something also.” New Zealand’s prime minister
taking swift action following the terror attacks
on two mosques there. She’s announced a ban
on almost all military-style semi-automatic
and assault rifles. New Zealand will ban
all military-style semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban
all assault rifles. TV REPORTER: The new law
will take effect in just three weeks, and
includes a buyback scheme that could cost
the country $138 million, but there’s widespread,
and bipartisan support. That’s right.
New Zealand announced a ban on assault rifles less than
a week after a shooting. It’s almost like these guys
get their gun control on Amazon Prime,
whereas, in America, it’s apparently delivered
by a turtle who died in 1783. Now, now, look,
now, look, obviously, it’s not entirely fair to compare New Zealand
to America, right? Because America has
a broken political system. So, yeah. Moving on to some other
political news. With the 2020 election
a mere 592 days away, any candidate who hasn’t yet
entered the race risks getting left way behind,
but one big name is looking for ways to leapfrog
to the front of the pack. As Joe Biden strategizes
the official rollout of his 2020 presidential bid,
rumors are swirling that he could name a potential
running mate at the same time. Close advisors to the former
vice president reportedly have their eyes
on Stacey Abrams. Well, well, well. Stacey Abrams as a running mate? That makes things
a lot more interesting, huh? Old white man,
young black woman? Yeah. I mean, that combo works
for every nursing home, why not the White House? Yeah. It works. And don’t worry,
I can make that joke. I was made by the same
combination of people. But seriously, in politics,
you want a balanced ticket. It works out. I mean, it worked
for President Trump, you know. He’s a pussy grabber,
whereas Mike Pence has a Ken doll-smooth genital area
situation going on. Also, it’s funny to me how Biden
keeps running hypotheticals by America before he
fully commits to announcing. He’s just like, “Guys,
what if I ran for president? “Okay. Okay. Now, what if
I ran with Stacey Abrams? “All right, now, what if it was
just me, but with a Jheri curl? Huh? What do you say?” I mean, like, in a way,
I don’t blame Biden, you know. This is the same technique
I used on my mom when I was growing up.
I’d be like, “Hey, Mom. What if I told you I left my school bag
on the bus?” And she’d be like,
“Then I would spank you.” Then I’d be like,
“Yes, of course. Okay, now, what if I told you
my bag was stolen on the bus?” Then she’d be like,
“Then I’ll spank you and tell you to go find
who stole it.” I’d be like, “Okay, what if
the bus was on fire, and I had to escape,
but I left my bag?” She’d be like, “Then I’d be
grateful you’re alive.” I’d be like, “Okay. That’s
the one I’m going with. “I will make
an announcement regarding of the future of my bag
tomorrow.” And finally, some news from
the world of criminal justice. A police pursuit
in Los Angeles ended with some moves
that nobody expected. Highway Patrol officers
purposely hit the suspect’s car, forcing him
to spin out and stop. And then with guns drawn,
they ordered the driver to step out
and keep his hands up. He starts to comply
and then pulls this stunt. TV REPORTER: Dancing in the
middle of the street there. Dancing in the middle
of Laurel Canyon, appears to be some type
of break dancing. SAVANNAH GUTHRIE:
Yep. That happened. The suspect eventually raised
his shirt to show he wasn’t armed, then he waited patiently
to be handcuffed. (laughter) Oh, man, yo, this has to be
the most L.A. thing I have ever seen
in my whole life. Like, everyone in that place is ready to audition
at any moment. The cops are, like,
“We’ve got you surrounded. There are cameras everywhere.”
He’s like, “Cameras?” ♪ City of stars… ♪ ♪ Are you shining just for me? ♪ Also, no black person would ever
dream of doing this shit. Like, I heard the story, and I was like,
“Not a black person.” There’s no black person. When the cops pull you over
as a black person, no one’s thinking of dancing. Firstly, because black people– black peoples’ dance moves look
dangerous– every single one. ♪ Watch me whip,
now watch me nae nae. ♪ And secondly, black people
just wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t dance around cops,
right? Black people won’t even dance
near a stripper cop, right? We’re just like, “Yes, Officer.
I have been a bad boy, but, please, I just want
to see my family again.”


100 thoughts on “So Much News, So Little Time – New Zealand’s Ban & a Possible Biden-Abrams Ticket | The Daily Show”

  • Musyoka Kenedy says:

    Guess what would have happened if he was a black suspect. Suspect: bus down thotiana, cops: bang bang, then black lives matter then a crazy acquital.

  • CreativeUsername says:

    "broken political system" its not the broken political system that caused these shootings, for centuries we had guns and only now we're starting to have there mass shootings all the time, it"s a problem with behavior at throwing money and bigger government ain't gonna fix it. Commies and Nazis ruining America. Both ends seem to be authoritarian, two ends of the same turd.

  • Military style weapons banned. That is a terrible law. It’s too ambiguous. That literally could ban every single semi automatic gun. Because it can be argued that every gun is of military style.

  • Super Smash Dolls says:

    America has a broken political system, but the bigger issue is that Americans became numb to acts of terrorism. 9/11 had a coordinated response because we don't have terrorists crashing planes into buildings every other week. You can work past America's broken political system if you have widespread citizen outcry, but you can't do that if the citizenry stop caring about being shot. And unfortunately, America is very good at misery adaptation.

  • the USA is such a fucking embarrassment. New Zealand made actually change in ONE FUCKING WEEK…meanwhile republicunts and the NRA keep us killing each other

  • SinJin Oxendine says:

    If the US did the same I feel very certain things would get extremely ugly and we would end up with far more people killed trying to enforce this law vs. who would have died through an active shooter situation or crime. Also, a huge segment of the Police and Military would refuse to use force against its own people to enforce such a law.

  • I think they need to wait until the facts come in before pasting any new laws vs reacting in knee jerk the US patriot act was the result of a knee jerk reaction.
    Yes they may need to rethink the laws on military style weapons but the real danger is not the guns but religious extremism and racism and a gun ban won't make these kind of people any less dangerous.

  • thats stupid do they honestly believe criminals will turn in their guns lmfao u just making it easier for criminals now

  • “So much news, so little time” very funny how you don’t mention literally the biggest story I’m American political history. Seriously your pathetic to report on a stolen car in LA over Muller report findings.
    2. Collective punishment for a individuals crimes is not only immoral and highly unethical, it literally fits the definition and premise of Article 33 of the Geneva Convention as a war crime (or crime against its citizens).

  • Reverse that ticket and I could be interested. Here is what is going to happen though. Biden is going to win the nomination because that is who the late night shows are pushing. Then it is going to be 2016 all over again where all of us Democrats in the Midwest get to vote for a candidate we didn't really want, and we will be lucky if we get Trump out of office.

  • I wonder why people who are pro guns are also pro more military spending. I am also conflicted at people who wants gun control laws and less militarization of law enforcement and less military spending. Can’t have them both, either you are pro guns, maintain a militia and cut budgets on the military and police, or get gun control and more spending for internal and external security.

    Hmmm, I wonder if Communism would work if the workers are all armed so they could do something if the party becomes too authoritarian.

  • Biden is the one person running who I will definitely never vote for. He's creepier than trump, which shouldn't be possible.

  • Great idea. Take the defenses of the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and turn your nation into a pond of sitting-ducks while the CRIMINALS continue to arm themselves illegally with ease.

    Drugs are banned, yet they are steadily imported into our country. The same applies to firearms.

    Criminals. Will. Always. Have. Access. To. Guns. Dumbasses.

    Build that fucking wall.

  • Laila Rashidioun says: smh oh the sheep will keep herding. When do you stop saying coincidence and conspiracy? Stop being a dumb dumb and learn the code!

  • Laila Rashidioun says: hey people ..don’t be a dumb dumb and learn REAL KNOWLEDGE! Quit falling for these tricksters that follow the Kabbalah code! You are fooled day after day!

  • Orlando Joseph says:

    Dancing guy is brilliant!!! Dance to throw them off guard then show you have no weapons. Live for another day!

  • That ticket reminds me of Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 where they changed the lead part in the group and left the back up singers; probably get the same result.

  • Can somebody explain to me the difference between creepy Joe Biden using a black woman as a pawn to be his vice president different from a black woman just standing in the background at Republican event

  • Grendel's mom's boyfriend says:

    If the suspect had been black, the cops would have "feared for their lives" when he started dancing (instead of getting down on the ground and lying prone) and shot him until he was dead.

  • callmeCatherine says:

    That dancing white guy seems to have been inspired by Beyoncé's "Formation" video (only difference is that the latter is imaginary and that for a reason).

  • Jeremy Truesdell says:

    You have to remember that New Zealand never had an equivalent to our Second Amendment. They have a different origin, different people, and different approaches to politics and liberties. To compare the two of us is a textbook example of false equivalency.

    I have heard the argument that the founding fathers could not have imagined modern weapons. For NBC weapons, I might agree, but as for firearms, at the time there were numerous prototypes for repeating firearms, cannons, and missiles. They were well aware of rapidly advancing firearms technology, and remember: some were inventors. In addition, their stated intent was to have a populace that could keep a corrupt or abusive government in check. And remember, in the 18th, 19th, and very early 20th century, there was little or no distinction between military and civilian weapons.

    There are forms of gun control that work (A). There are forms that don’t work(B). And then there are some of those in the books that are outright convoluted(C).

    (*= current federal law)
    (#= current CA state law)

    1: *background checks work WHEN ENFORCED. It is still possible for convicted felons and others who cannot legally own firearms to get them, but they are harder to come by, and with proper ENFORCEMENT, can be caught
    2:# Firearm Safety Tests, as they stand in CA, ensure basic competency. As an NRA Range Safety Officer, I have seen this in action.
    3:# Safe Handling Tests prior to delivery of the firearm fulfill a similar role as A2.
    4:* MOST aspects of the National Firearms Act. I support the regulations regarding SBRs, SBSs, silencers, and machine guns (and components thereof such as drop-in auto sears and bump stocks) The sole exception to my support include it’s limits on the date of manufacture of machine guns.
    5: IF DONE PROPERLY, red flag laws. What do I mean by “done properly”? The reporting must prove in a COURT OF LAW, BEFORE confiscation, and giving the gun-owner a chance to face his/her accusers, that said gun owner poses a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to others. Any confiscation expires after 365 days, and in order to be renewed, the court proceedings must be repeated. Any confiscated firearms should be preserved for future return, or else transferred or sold to a party of the OWNER’S CHOICE, and JUDGE’S CONSENT. Should the firearm be lost or destroyed, the owner should be awarded TWICE the firearm’s value, including any accessories.
    6:* current differentiation between what constitutes a firearm and a cannon.
    7: restrictions on incendiary, explosive, or tracer ammunition in fire-prone areas.
    8: mandatory safe storage in homes with children ( )
    9: # mandatory reporting of theft, simply to protect the owner from charges relating to unauthorized use of the firearm by an unauthorized party.
    10: STATES mandating permits and/or training for CONCEALED carry

    1:# outright bans or “reasonable justification” clauses on the purchase or ownership of ANY firearm, firearm accessory, or caliber.
    2:# magazine limits, on account of unenforceability.
    3:# requiring “loaded chamber indicators” or “drop safety tests” as mechanical devices can fail, and can result in a sense of false security, resulting accidental discharge.
    4:# Any prohibition of the unloaded, or open, carry of firearms.

    1:# California’s definition of “assault weapons”

    2:# California’s handgun roster. As it stands, you can have two functionally identical firearms, by the same manufacturer, but one might be excluded from the roster solely on account of it’s color scheme. That is asinine.

    Personally, as for the term “Assault Rifle”, I have always gone by the military’s definition. Assault rifles are machine guns, and regulated under the NFA (which, aside from it’s date of manufacture clause, I personally agree with).

    AR-15s, and other modern sporting rifles (which gun-grabbers have coined “assault weapons” specifically to make them sound scary and to encourage the uneducated to conflate them with “Assault Rifle”) are not machine guns unless they are modified with an auto-sear, trigger crank, or similar mechanism (which IMHO, includes bump stocks)… at which point the NFA applies.

    And don’t get me started on the ban on revolving action shotguns….

    If it is not a machine gun, it is semi-auto, a revolver, or single-action, it is a civilian firearm, and functionally no more or less deadly than any other civilian firearm (of the same caliber and action), and gun grabbers are targeting it’s ergonomics and non-firing, non-silencer accessories.

    In addition, I feel that magazine capacity limits are effectively unenforceable without illegal search and seizure, especially with 3D printers and the black market.

    ALSO there is the vital step of formulating a better healthcare system that is more affordable and more accessible to those who need it… stop violence of all forms, as well as suicides.

    The vast majority of legal gun owners own them for recreation (sports and collecting), for the defense of the life and liberty of themselves and others, or for business purposes (security guards, LEOs, and ranchers and farmers protecting their property from pests like hogs)

    Many gun owners have multiple guns, beyond collecting them, because they are like any other variety of tool: there are different features, sizes, and shapes for different roles. Would you use an 18” torque wrench for your car’s lug nuts, or a castle wrench for loose 1/4” bolt?

    For example: this is my Kel Tec RFB hunting rifle. California state and left-wing politicians want to spin it as a military style assault weapon, but it is simply a semiautomatic .308 optimized for hunting and target shooting.

    I also own an AR-15 because I want to get into 3-gun, and a 1911 for self defense. I also want to get a KS7 and for skeet and hunting, a .45-70 for cowboy action shooting, and a number of historical firearms or firing replicas.

  • Sorry I was hoping to laugh, but I just didn’t find any of the jokes funny. Some of them I didn’t even understand…mike pence has a smooth ken doll crotch? What? I must be missing some connection unless you’ve actually seen mike pences crotch which raises more questions? I mean i found that one weird…the rest was just grasping for straws

  • lillian Rastetter says:

    Instead of putting a gun ban in place the government has a different spin on why it’s necessary for arms bearings for none service individuals. Well there are fine people on both sides so we keep the gun. Way to go America ?‍♀️?‍♀️????

  • Beth Clemensen says:

    If Biden had been the candidate in the last pre90sidential election, he'd have won. Hilary was hell-bent on running however and so the country lost. Conservative Americans were desperate to return to 'normalcy', a white face, which is why Trump won. He, Biden, is just too old now; not that he'd make a better President than Trump; there has to be someone younger.

  • A terrorist forces a nation to attack their citizens! And the media praises this?

    Are you insane? Not only that not a single citizen from the entire country was responsible for the attack, but all of them have their weapons LEGALLY, using legal procedures, as legal owners!

    None of them is guilty of ANY crime, and yet, by the demented sick logic, is ok to take their weapons just because the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES failed to defend the country from an outside terrorist attack?

    How much COWARDS will gonna celebrate a Terrorist win over freedoms? Within 30 minutes a terrorist managed to do MORE than the entire country in decades, millions of law abiding citizens have been defeated by a single demented terrorist and a coward political class that is willing to attack and suppress their own people instead of defending them against such terrorists!

    I feel sorry for the NZ people. They are not guilty of any crime and yet they are collectively punished by their politicians and lose their freedoms in the name of "safety".

    From guns to free speech, one by one all pillars of freedom are destroyed by a sick, coward and treacherous ruling elite class.

    Sadly, this is exactly what the terrorist wanted. He said "JUMP" and the sick politicians asked "HOW HIGH?" This will embolden more terrorists to do more destructions as they see that their insane actions get rewarded…

    And the media, the far left propaganda dogs, praise this. They actually praise a coward government for taking freedoms away from their own people that had nothing to do with the crime.

    I remember a time, not so long ago, when the left and the liberals opposed the "tyrannical Surveillance Act" cynically called "Patriotic Act" created to "protect" US by actually spying on it's people.

    I remember when the same shills that today applaud a state caving to a terrorist, stood against over-reaching government powers in the wake of 9-11!

    How everything change in less than 15 years. How you forget all the principles you suppose to defend and side with the elite ruling class and their constant fight against personal freedoms…. shame on the left, the liberals and their shill media.

  • Kat Wallingfordton says:

    I wonder if she can whistle really good with that gap between her teeth…you could drive a semi through that tunnel.  I'm not a doctor but that sweaty fat around her neck is a sure sign she needs to cut back on the cold cuts.  She's a physical mess….but I'll bet Creepy Joe Biden has already groped that.  Good ole Joe The Child Toucher.    This poor child has no political history.    She's done nothing., and nothing to show for her time.  She might be a nice lady but nice is not going to cut it in this world.   Get more experience and come back in 3030.   You can raise all the money in the world but that's not going to get you a seat in The White House.  We appreciate your application but your resume is lacking in many areas,  actually all areas.   The position for which you have applied for has been filled till 2024.,  However we do ask that you PLEASE do not re-apply.  Thanking you for the interest in this position.    TRUMP 2020         WWG1WGA        MAGA          Q

  • j Scarborough says:

    When I saw that guy, I thought, "How did he not get shot?!" Then I realized he was white. There's no way he wouldn't have had a closed-casket funeral if he had been black.

  • sweet! fast forward to the 2020 election where i might vote. on one hand the obviously racist old white(orange?) person. on the other hand a really old passively racist white person. could you guys all just die real quick. thanks.

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