Snacky Squash (Squash Recipe)

Snacky Squash (Squash Recipe)

hey youtube this is chikachickenchat and
today we’re cooking something yummy and so delicious and so nutritious that you and your kids and your mom and
dad and your sister and brother and your friends will all love I call it the snacky Squash now this is very special because the main
ingredient is squash I love it that’s my favorite it’s very easy the procedure is quick and easy so just follow along and you can have your snacks
in a few minutes the ingredients that you would need
are the following: basically you would mean some squash obviously you would need a few gram serving and then you would need
some corn starch some eggs, some salt to taste you can
also use pepper if you like and we would also need water for boiling
a little later cuz we will boil the squash to make it softer first thing that you need to do is
basically just peel off the skin of the squash just peel it off and then after peeling. you see that soft mushy part on the inside just go ahead and remove that just
basically clean it up once you’re done cleaning and peeling just
slice the squash into bits just as as shown and then once you done slicing just
grab your pot and pour the water that we prepared onto
the pot and put your sliced squash and bring it to a boil until it softens
until we can mash it cuz we’re gonna mash our squash. I love to say
mashed squash just give it a couple of minutes maybe 8 to
10 minutes until it boils and you may test the softness of the squash by using a fork
to poke the squash and make sure its its soft enough that you can already
mash it once it’s done just transfer it to a plate and start
mashing everything I mean just the squash. after mashing your
squash just go ahead and grab the rest of the ingredients we’ll start with the eggs I will use two eggs because I only
have a few grams of squash so just whisk the eggs and then add just two tablespoons of
cornstarch and mix them all together after mix em mixing I’m so sorry but after mixing just add
in your mashed squash and give it a good mix and put your salt and your peppa’ to taste after mixing all the ingredients have a pan and oil ready you can use some
vegetable oil or any cooking oil that you wish to
use and make sure that you have medium to
low flame because we don’t want it to burn now the
the snacky squash cooks really fast so be careful so just scoop maybe a tablespoon of the mixture and put it in the pan with oil make sure to check the other side if
it’s already golden brown in color just flip it on the other side to cook that
side and then once you’re done just repeat the
procedure the rest of the mixture and basically we’re done. I can smell it it’s smells so good voila! we’re done it looks so delicious and definitely it tastes so yummy and it’s really nutritious so you guys should try it.
please leave a comment below about what you think if you’ve tried
the recipe and I think that’s about it for now thanks a
lot for watching guys and don’t forget to Like the video comment below if you wanna try the
recipe and if you have any questions or if you have tried and you don’t like it
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