SmileDirectClub Promises Easy Teeth Straightening. Some Patients Report Problems | NBC Nightly News


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  • NBC please do story on orthodontists as well. My orthodontist (one best in country) messed up my teeth. Major bite issue. Couldn’t chew, close my mouth. She refused treatment. I got my teeth fixed with aligners. ALIGN and smile direct club are amazing. If you truly want to help people. I have all the proof please contract me.

  • My orthodontist messed up my teeth caused major bite issue. I couldn’t close my mouth properly. Orthodontist refused to resolve issue. I got treatment with aligners, issue got resolved. Align and smile direct club are great. Can CNBC do a story on orthodontists who mess up teeth? Probably millions of orthodontists make huge mistakes. I have all the proof. Smile direct club technology is far superior and takes much less time to fix issues.

  • I'm an orthodontist, and I see on regular basis teeth that are messed up by companies like in the report. If you pay less, you’ll get less, and probably you will pay a LOT of money to fix the problems created by shady orthodontics.

  • NBC is such a bogus station they focus on the 2% having issues not the 98% satisfied customers. This is obviously some very biased and amateur reporting not interviewing anyone who got good results. Here's a hint nbc there are well over 700,000 people out there who did, talk to them. Squeaky wheels should be replaced not greased. I bet most these complainers are just trying to cash in.

  • John F. Morici holds the position of Chief Financial Officer & SVP-Global Finance at Align Technology, Inc. In his past career he occupied the position of Chief Financial Officer-Diagnostic Imaging at GE Healthcare, Inc., Executive Vice President at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment LLC and Executive Vice President & Managing Director at NBC Universal Cable, Inc

  • Michael Anthony Johnson says:

    I am one of the BBB complaints and have 4 teeth broken out of my mouth as a result of trusting the company and using their product. They use misleading tactics in their advertisements and I question the tactics of their dentists and orthodontist. I spoke to the one assigned to my case and he admitted to ignoring my family history of periodontal disease and approved me. Chapman (their approved orthodontist) said he approve me because he felt bad for me and though I had damage in my mouth (clearly seen from my scans), he wanted me to feel good and approved them to get my front teeth straightened. Thanks Chapman for my broken out teeth! Hope that goes down in your annals of dentistry as your sell out for the mighty dollar.

  • Hey NBC, I think you should disclose that one of your former senior executives, John Morici, is now the Chief Financial Officer at Align, the makers of Invisalign – Smile Direct Club's primary competitor.

  • Here is Your Anna Rosemond. The woman isn't credible. For all we know she is lying in an attempt to sue SDC.

  • Wow, the vitriol below this video – I guess expect no less from YouTube's carcinogenic comments section

    The simple fact is that this company does not provide a full, comprehensive pre-op assessment the same way your dentist or orthodontist would, and any intra-op or post-op problems are covered under the treatment fee unlike (I presume) the pittance you would pay for SDC's management. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

    If you have full mouth xrays and a proper examination of the teeth and gums beforehand you can reduce so much heartache later (avoid teeth becoming mobile, bleeding, discomfort, falling out, breaking, etc) as well as ensure you get as 'perfect' a result as possible rather than "more-or-less" straight.

    You get what you pay for, and just remember who'll be there with a big fat remedial treatment bill when things go wrong 😉

  • We need a national law against requirements for non-disclosure for refunds. It's stupid to assume it should work for everyone and no one's going to have an issue to sue over; let alone a refund. It can't be healthcare running like a bully.

  • So Invisalign’s CFO used to be high up at NBC… and they run a report against their competition… seems fishy 🐟🐟🐟🐟…

  • I delayed sending them back and they kept sending me emails and mail lowering the costs. The first email was reduced by $200 and the last email offered me $350 less than what came with the box. The original offer was $1795 one time pay and $2190 over 24 months. So by my math I am looking at $1445 or $1840. I might push my luck and wait a few more weeks.

  • You wouldn’t fly a plane you built yourself! I’m also an orthodontist and have seen many patients for proper treatment after over the counter aligners have destroyed patients bites! Correcting the problems created by self-directed treatment in addition to the issues patients wanted to fix in the first place makes treatment longer and more expensive. Everytime. Pay cheap. Pay twice. Your teeth are not replaceable! Cherish and protect them!

  • I would think if your teeth break or fall out of your mouth, 90 percent of the time you’re not taking care of them the way you should be. Smile Direct Club recommends seeing a dentist. Whether you decide to go or not…that is entirely up to you. But then don’t cry when your teeth break or fall out. Regardless of your situation, you are supposed to see a dentist every six months with or without braces for a check up/cleaning.

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled back in 2017 and for two years my jaw pain progressively became worse. I couldn’t chew sandwiches, pizza, bagels…it was painful to even yawn. I should have seen a doctor but I didn’t. I made the decision to order Smile Direct Clubs impression kit last year and was reading that it could make my pain worse. I remember not being able to open my jaw very wide to create the impression for my trays as my TMJ was just that extreme. I took a leap of faith because I have always wanted straight teeth. I was excited but also extremely nervous and knew that if I had any problems I could stop treatment.

    My aligners arrived a few weeks later and I was so excited. every week or two I would switch them out, ON SCHEDULE. After a few months of treatment I was eating a bagel and that was when I discovered that my jaw was not cracking anymore. I thought maybe I was just having a good day. But the days kept coming and going and I was finally able to open my jaw without pain; no cracking or popping. I can’t say that this is a direct result of Smile Direct Club but I was in so much pain for two years and it just suddenly went away after my teeth became more aligned.

    When I finally got closer to the end of my journey, I was extremely satisfied but felt that if there was just one small change I would be even happier. The customer service was great throughout my entire 8 month treatment , except for one time where I couldn’t understand what the dude on the phone was saying. So I hung up with him and called back and spoke with a very sweet lady who scheduled me for a revision at a smile shop close to my home. This is where they took a 3D scan of my mouth, and a few days later I received an e-mail with my updated treatment plan/end result.

    I finally finished in December and I’m so confident with my smile. I love that I do not have to be self conscious when I smile, and that I’m not in debt. I didn’t feel like I was being scammed. My mouth is so much more healthy. It motivated me to floss two times a day a brush after every meal, carrying a little travel pack with me to work everyday. Every time I had a question they were quick to respond, I never was waiting on the phone longer than ten minutes and I love that every problem I ever had was quickly resolved. There was even a time where I asked to extend my payment date to the following Friday….I don’t know, sometimes I wonder about these people that make these claims. I’m just an average joe and I had a great experience. I understand that this wouldn’t work for everyone but it’s frustrating to only read the negatives…I had a lot of reservations about Smile Direct Club because of what I read, and so happy I didn’t listen to any of them.

  • All medical products/procedures, including Invisalign, have the potential for complications. It's a bit disingenuous for NBC to imply that patients don't report problems with other products such as Invisalign. See below:

  • Fireslayer Goofyvol says:

    This is a hatchet job because the dentists are contracted with Invisalign, charge triple (at least that was the quote I got) for the same technology. I see NBC paying $$$ for their biased reporting. I didn't see a single Smiles Direct dentist or satisfied customer interviewed. Hatchet job.

  • I have Invisalign, and I’m very happy with the results so far I’m half way in my treatment. I looked into my other options and after reading lots of negative comments on FB and IG I said my teeth are worth the money and don’t wanna deal with all that nonsense and make them worse or even lose some teeth from what I had read. I did my homework, found a reputable ortho and set up payment options totally worth it. Teeth are just too important for me to go cheap

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