100 thoughts on “Smerconish: If I’m Trump and I’m watching this, I like what I see”

  • Private Private says:

    These people are basing there opinion on Twitter Troll tRump lies and faux news. Brainwashed sheep🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  • I don't believe this pole I really don't. and to be honest it doesn't matter at some point when you are a leader you have to to lead Point Blank Periode. Today the Peace and the prosperity that we are enjoying is based on the respect of the law. at some points leaders have to lead a note to always trying to cajole their folks. Well the president talked about tough love based on the decision he made for the kurd. well news flash this is about tough love as well for him and for the presidency so the next president will respect the guardrail that the Founding Father have put in place in our constitution Period. They can't keep looking at what voter will say yepi yepi… Do what is right and do what needs to be done.

  • That says alot about america and how screwed up things are if the average american cant comprehend if someone does or says something wrong, acts immorally, engages in illegal activities they sugguest you should just ignore it.

  • There was a comedy once in Sweden (I = interviewer, SW= Stupid woman): I: Here are some options in the coming elections A is for Democracy, B is for peace, C is for better incomes and then we have Mr Hitler who is for hate! Which one will you vote for? SW: aaa for Mr Hitler. I: Ok, but he has said he will kill his own countrymen, isn´t that bad? SW: Yes, yes it is! I: so who will you vote for A, B, C or Hitler? SW: aaaahh I think mr Hitler. I: Ok, but A, B and C are for healthcare reforms that would help people in need. Hitler says he might start a new world war, and that could lead to terrible results and death in masses. SW: Aaaahhh yes, you look at it from a good perspective. I: So who will you vote for? SW: Aaaahhh mr Hitler.

  • These sorts of stories help the Democrats far more than they help Trump's chances of four more years. Stories like this send a jolt into the Democrats and energize them to get out and vote in greater and greater numbers.
    Unlike the stories CNN ran before and during the 2016 election, essentially announcing there was no way Hillary could lose.

  • With the amount of information available to critical thinkers young and old… yet, the amount of ignorant people around are simply stunning.
    America, we are screwed if we continue to have these high amount of ignorant head in sand people

  • This must be CNN actually trying to report something other than impeachment. It’s a shame that it took a whistleblower,to actually get some un biased news.

  • Ramiro Rodriguez says:

    This is what happens when you have 5 corporations giving America their news. You only get what a few people want you to hear.

  • Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    See the thing is, America never was the bastion of freedom and truth I was taught that I lived in

    Education and hard work mean nothing in a nation of voters happy to let thieves rule

    Why should I support my nation? Why is America important?


  • Someone should tell Mr. "Last Place Disgrace" Steyer that if comments need to be disabled, that should tell him to stay home in bed.

  • If you're an undecided voter at this point then there's no helping you. A pathological lying criminal is using the government to make him money and using foreign governments to attack his political opponents. Plus everything he does benefits Putin. Pulling out of Syria with no plan? Russia wins
    Trump attacking the media and his own intelligence community over Russia's interference in the election. Russia wins. Trump attacking NATO and the EU every chance he gets. Russia wins. Trump is a danger to our own national security. I know the trumpists hate the truth but they need to suck it up and be the patriots and lovers of the Constitution like they've always pretended to be

  • According to EU Ambassador Sondland, he got his post from Trump to quote "destroy the EU".

    If Trump is re-elected, the West is dead. Trump's America is neither a friend nor an ally. If the American people should confirm him in office, then they also confirm that America as a whole does not want to be a friend, but at best a competitor and at worst an opponent.

  • Fuck the swing 🗳 vote…. They are out touch with can you get shit done when Trump is work for Putting.. Also most of the swing votes are very uneducated in the Midwest.

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot says:

    “Beat trump at the ballot box”

    Says the guy that apparently has zero idea what impeachment was made for. He just said the president can do what ever he wants for four years, law be damned. It’s unfortunate these guys can vote

  • I dont see any CNN videos about the all female spacewalk…Does CNN not care about female accomplishments?? Or is it because it doesn't show Trump I'm a bad light? Trump did call them, I'm sure CNN can twist it and condemn him for calling..

  • These are the same people that would have stormed the White House if Obama would’ve done just one of these things. Just seems like this isn’t America first thing this is a race issue. They’re down with MAGA stuff.

  • What a bunch of nim nods. They deserve everything that is going to affect them. The blind leading the blind.
    Pass the Kool-Aid!

  • Molly Jo Simmons says:

    El Dono
    That’s right removing troops from Syria not being sent back to the USA instead so they could be sent to Saudi Arabia.

  • Analogy Accepted says:

    Swing voters fit into two types:
    a) Those who are least informed about politics.
    b) Those who are most informed about politics.

    If you are a swing voter and think of yourself as (b), you're likely an (a). If you, OTOH, think of yourself as (a), you're likely a (b).

  • More proof that American voters can always be relied upon to vote against their own interests, first for snake oil salesman Obama and then for Fast Eddy Trump. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

  • Those swing voters apparently have been living in a cave because they're backing a corrupt president who is really a crooked, slippery real estate agent at heart, who would betray his own mother if he thought there was anything in it for himself. Ray Charles could've seen that one coming from a mile away. Slippery, desperate real estate agent willing to do anything to make the deal. Your president.

  • Margaret Morrison says:

    They have blinders on.. they love his racism… hateful tactics… thinking his shit don't stink… what pathetic people can be..

  • This story shows that hate and extreme ignorance makes people very deluded. Drumpf is committing crimes regularly. Yet these moronic people say that shitting on the laws and constitution is just a distraction. Drumpf is a sorry criminal president. He is not getting anything passed. So I don't know what they want to pay Congress to do!

  • The problem isnt the Democrats. Its the voters who live in a bubble and ignore anything that isnt directly linked to them personally. Screw everyone else its just about me.

  • Night-Sparrow Cairns says:

    By all means keep the psychopath in office, what possibly could go wrong? Perhaps we should ask the Kurds about the genocide?
    Not a nice look America.
    Wait , trump has access to the nuclear codes doesn’t he? What will the cornered animal do?
    THIS isn’t just a America problem it’s a world problem! FIX it!

  • Sooo, what they are saying makes no sense…and they WOULDN'T feel this way if it were Obama.

    Fuck these voters, we don't need them anyway.

  • Sick to fucking death hearing about rural and middle America… these ppl have a massively outsized impact on elections, and it always goes rightwing. The electoral college is skewed precisely to advantage these ppl, and S. Dakota has less population than Gilbert Az and gets 2 Senators, just like NY and Cal. It’s beyond time for Senate representation to go on population and the electoral just needs to GO. And btw…these ppl are not “swing voters”, they’re republicans and specifically Chumpers. What a waste of a “survey”, or “study” or whatever this was purported to be…

  • Maybe they just think it would not get done by the next election anyway….and the non-stop, wall-to-wall "coverage" is rotting all our minds and distracting us from other things we might actually get done. 6 months ago i was all for impeachment. I'm beginning to swing to the "hold your nose until 2020" camp. And meanwhile…i wish the anti-Trump gang would think of a real way to reach swing voters. and even engage some Trumpers.

  • I’m in the Detroit area and once worked in a blue collar occupation. Back in the nineties, the Jerry springer show was VERY popular with the blue collar households of macomb county, a swing voter county. In some ways, the guests on those shows spoke, thought, and behaved in a way that their audience seemed to admire. (I’m being serious. Those were popular programs back then.) Fast forward to the present, we now have the opinion shows on Fox News and other conservative media outlets. The content of those shows are no different than the aforementioned afternoon talk shows from the nineties. The major difference is that they are politically themed which grants a measure of legitimacy and respectability in the eyes of their viewers. Consider the difference between the writing of, say, Jennifer Rubin and what appears on Breibart. There are easily more conservative commentators on MSNBC. Look at the difference between their shows and Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Our president, who earned his fame as a tabloid celebrity, is well known to be addicted to such programming. He is a personification of that programming. I have no problem with genuine conservative opinion, but much of it is just trash tv. The effect of all this, is that we now have a broad swath of America that seems to think trump’s lack of integrity, instability and incompetence are perfectly normal for any kind of a professional. From where I sit, it would not surprise me the least bit if he gets re-elected.

  • These are the people you want on jury duty because they have no idea what's going on.

    They are the ones who don't wake up to what's going on until the war is literally at their doorstep.

  • Reading the comments, a lot of Ivory tower lefties trashing these swing voters. This bigotry from the tolerant left is astounding, they're full of pure blind hatred which is why they all seem to be in a "Bubble" and completely out of touch with their nation's best interests. So it's no surprise they don't see It's going to be a re-election historic landslide victory for Trump.

  • it's obvious these voters are not very educated in facts. Democrats are fighting for their rights and their well-being in Congress by passing bills for things that they need and yet they are bad mouthing the people that are trying to help them. that's truly fucked up. this is what happens when you watch fake Fox News propaganda TV . You only get one side of the story and you end up clueless. Just where trump loves you to be.
    no excuse for these people to be that clueless because I live in Canada and I fucking know better.
    Sadly Trump supporters are not patriotic. they do not care if someone breaks the law or trampled on the constitution and all they care about is being in their comfort zone .
    they can't see past the nose on their face. do you allow Donald Trump to get away with trampling on the constitution and breaking laws you are setting it up future presidents to do the same. these people talk about honoring the American flag while they trample on the American constitution ! It's absolutely crazy.

  • Whatsupdoc2day UTrickyRabbit says:

    The DEEP STATE is (deeper) than most realize. Pray for our PRESIDENT. He can't do this alone. Call your congress! Senate! Tell these people that you want this COUPE STOPPED. The government and state representatives need voted out who are against our CONSTITUTION. We the people control the USA. Make it known that we are TIRED of his behavior. Civil war is almost here. We can stop this with your help. Call these people ASAP. You can control this madness. Help our PRESIDENT take back America. Please (call).

  • The people get the government they deserve. – Proverb

    Apathy to bureaucratic corruption and crimes is what will bring the dumbed down US down. The moral compass and the intelligence of these voters is questionable, just like the man they put in office, who'll ultimately throw them under the bus if it comes to that. Trump just represents the worst example from among such people.

  • CA Democrat Katie Hill sexual indecency. See for yourself. Still married had sex with female staffer now with Male staffer while still married. Wow you dems know how to live it up.

  • thousands of psychiatrists are coming forward and speaking out about trumps mental health. they are also saying that the reason Trump is supported is because there's a surge of mental health issues in society they say that people who have mental health issues are drawn like a magnet to other people who have them. Trump supporters are drawn to Trump through commonality .. mental health issues. i'll take over 1000 psychiatrist's word for it

  • They're concerned about retirement security… You don't want to be voting for republicans or a Rich Guy in that case no matter what. Apparently ohio and the midwest is made up of shit for brains

  • I'm from Northeast Ohio also and I'm sooooooo disappointed in my fellow buckeyes! What you all FAIL to acknowledge is trump and the republicans had TWO YEARS of TOTAL CONTROL in Congress and they still didn't get anything for the Citizens done, NO healthcare like he promised to have even before he became president, NO middle class tax cut like he promised before the 2018 midterms,only cuts for the wealthy. NO infrastructure done in those first TWO YEARS, etc,etc.. Hell he spent the whole two years trying to build a wall that's never going to work. He spent TWO YEARS trying to defy and obstruct Mueller and the Russia probe,which there was TEN SEPARATE instances of obstruction which is breaking the LAW and everyone knows Russia did meddle in the election for trump(read the Mueller report which 90%of you probably haven't)! Now he's abusing his power by holding back funds (which is already appropriated by Congress) in exchange for a foreign country to investigate a political rival (which is defying the Constitution and the emoluments clause,look it up). Our nation's security is now at risk and he wants to profit off of the G7 summit by holding it at his property which is also defying the Constitution and the emoluments clause AGAIN!!! ALL THAT AND YOU HAVE ENOUGH NERVE TO SAY THAT THE DEMS ARE JUST FISHING?? This is called checks and balances so no person can ABUSE his position and power in which trump is doing!!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP OHIO, YOU DISAPPOINT ME AS A FELLOW BUCKEYE!!!!!!! SMH!!!!!!

  • With all due respect, they've tried to get things done, Mitch McConnell isn't allowing anything to come to a vote in the Senate.

  • He's still a God anointed good white man, the preferred wine of that region. Nothing wrong with that. The racism is just the sweetener.

  • These people are not very well informed. McConnell's plan to set up a narrative is apparently working. That guy is literally satan.

    America first agenda? Gimme a break. Hope these swing voters don't mind billionaires keeping all of their money out of the American economy. It's Cayman Islands, Turkey, and Russia first now. Keep up!

  • sry, us of a.
    i guess the game is over reg com snse. 2 much stupidity & igno among your ppl. 40%+ of your ppl support pos potus? reason: hate & stupidity, which isn’t ncsry defined as lack of education. these ppl r alowed 2 vote, carry ar, r even proud 2 b srupid as f. worst case: they breed & inherit mindset incl stupidity. your end as a great nation is near.
    ps: word of comfort stupidity has infested all nations, resp the human being. but don‘t worry, evolution will select & stupidity will decrease. only at the beginning, untill human stupidity will wipe out again it‘s own ones.

  • There’s something in the water in Ohio that’s eating away at peoples brains. I’m so glad I got out today that shithole. Look at the people they chose to represent them in Congress. There’s no hope, the racism is REAL!

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    The strongest and most vocal opposition to Trump’s chaotic Syria strategy (?) has come from two unlikely sources. Graham and McConnell. Up to now, they have enabled and supported all his pro-Trump. anti-American, and pro-Putin egregious excesses. Why this sudden reversal in what is a relatively minor Trump decision? Is it an indication that the Senate will vote for Trump’s impeachment? Have these two rats decided that it is time to desert the sinking Trump ship?

  • These dummies realize that the House has passed most or all the Bills they mentioned, and McConnell is holding them from being voted on? Or has the Rust Belt just decided that logic and critical thinking have no place in public discourse anymore? This irrational fear of people of color is rotting their brains.

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