Sis Code after a Break-Up feat. Ahsaas Channa & Khushbu Baid | Girliyapa

Sis Code after a Break-Up feat. Ahsaas Channa & Khushbu Baid | Girliyapa

I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I’m not fine… Okay, that’s it! Rashmi, you’ve been stuck in this house
since your break up! Let’s go out somewhere today
and you’ll feel fresh. No, ??.
I don’t want to go. – Rashmi, look…
– Rashmi! Here you go, I’ve made a list of things
I need you to get from the market for me. What’s going on? The chocolate chip ice-cream is empty.
Did you binge eat? Eyes are red; a tissue in the hand;
the nose is leaking… You’ve been crying? Your friend is sitting with one hand on
the waist and the other pointing at you. Even her body is leaning
in your direction. She’s ordering you to do something.
Wait, she’s ordering you to stop crying. But why are you crying? You broke up with Naman again? Auntie, you’re… Auntie, you’re completely mistaken. Rashmi is PMSing,
that’s why she was crying. We live in the same house,
so we chum together. I know she’s not PMSing. Yeah, but Rashmi’s been hanging out
with me these days, right? – So her cycle’s probably changed.
– Really? This? I ate all of these. All my friends are coming over
and they’re very diet conscious. So I was tasting to see
if they’re all diet friendly. You call this tasting, eh? – I take party food very seriously.
– Party? Rashmi never parties without informing me. Yeah! But this time,I told Rashmi that she’s an adult now. Why take
her mom’s permission? ‘Cause this is my house. – She’s your daughter, Auntie.
– And I’m her mother! Mummy, mummy!
Sorry! It was my fault I didn’t ask you
for permission. We’ll go out and party.
It’s the same thing. Come on, let’s go and get ready.
Come on. Wait!
Be back before curfew. – Hello?
– Breakups are so hard. Everything reminds me of him. A Lays packet reminded me that he
didn’t know to tie his shoe laces. A white wall reminds me of how
grey he was. I look into the mirror and remember
how lucky he was! You know what the worst part of a breakup
is? That you don’t have anyone to talk to at night. Literally no one! He’s so rude, man! Today’s meeting is very important
so please… The meeting’s started.
I’ll text you. So guys, it’s a very important meeting. Today we’ll decide where we’re going
for our off-site. So India has 4 parts- East, West,
North and South. And an off-site has one part which is
basically outside office. Neeti… Neeti! We’re having an important discussion
and you’re chatting with someone? Sir, you think I’ll do that
in your meeting? – I won’t dare, sir.
– Give me your phone. I was right. I’m such a good speaker, right?
There’s no way anyone can be distracted. Right, sir. Let’s continue. So India has 4 parts- East, West,
North and South. And an off-site, has one. I’m cleaning out the garbage. This reminds me of how he smells. This reminds me of our 1st anniversary. He gave just the photo and asked me to buy the chain. Why did you call me here, guys?
I’m not ready for this. How would you win this breakup
if you didn’t come, silly? Winning this breakup?
What is she saying? – How is it going to make me feel any better?
– It’s not. But if he sees you’ve moved on
and you’re happy, he’ll feel worse. Shit! Who gave this?


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