Sing Baby Sing Auditions || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Sing Baby Sing Auditions || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Hi. – Hi.
– It’s been a long time. We last met at an audio launch function.
– That movie flopped big time, didn’t it? What?
– He said the movie’s name was ‘Flopped Big Time’. So, which movie are you working on now?
– ‘Why Do You Care’ is the movie I’m working for. Which movie are you working on?
– ‘Get Lost’ is the movie I’m working for. What about you?
– ‘None of Your Business’ is the movie I’m working for. Shall we begin?
– Sure. ‘Deva Ganesh!’ ‘He realised at a very early age
that music is his passion.’ ‘He learnt many raunchy numbers
from his Guru, Gulabi Govind’ ‘which he kept practising
while working as a domestic help’ ‘and perfected his craft.’ ‘Let’s wish Deva Ganesh who has seen
many downs and downs in his life’ ‘all the very best!’ Your story made me sob. Sir, I can sing the same song
in variety of ways. Go ahead.
– I’ll begin by singing with an angry voice. “Here is a woman
who looks like a total bomb!” “She’s got such kissable cheeks.” Next, I’ll sing with a sad voice. “Here is a woman
who looks like a total bomb..” Now, I’ll sing with a playful voice. “Here is a woman
who looks like a total bomb.” You are..
– Selected! Guys, do something about this table.
Put a blockade so that no one can get under it. Yo, sirs. Yo, ma’am.
My name is Rapper Rahul. “My name is Rahul. I work at Google.
Up there in the sky is an eagle.” “I love Bagle
because I’m single.” Yo, man! You’re seleceted.
– Yo, sirs! Yo, ma’am. I.. Jones..
From Vizag. Mr Ravi Teja.. A letter from my brother..
Name Dynamic Das.. Your fan.. English too Good..
Like Interstellar.. ‘Dear, Mr Ravi Teja..’
– Read on. ‘I’m a huge admirer
of your stup..’ Is he calling me stupid? I’ll rather U-Dictionary this. ‘Stupendous.
Something which is very impressive.’ I, for a moment,
thought he was calling me stupid. I receive letters like these
once in a blue moon. Just like the way you receive work.
– How jealous! You may begin.
– I sing.. English Song.. Sung soon..
– C-Sharp, please. What a performance!
– My question exactly. You’re selected.
– What! What he sang was gibberish. That’s only you’re opinion.
His brother is my fan. You’re selected. Thank you, sir.
– Next contestant, please. You may begin. “My love, please don’t walk
away from me.” “I’d wither away
without you.” “My heart is longing
for you to comeback.” “My heart can’t do
without you, Anita..” You’re song touched
the deepest corners of my heart. I can’t even put it in words.
– You brought back the memories of Anita. Why? Is she your lover?
– She was once my lover. You’re selected.
– Thank you, so much. Hold on.
Tell Anita I said ‘Hi’. Greetings everybody.
MY name is Akira. I’d singing a song
from the Rajni starrer ‘Shivaji’ music of which was composed by A.R. Rahman.
– Please, begin. “Tee, tee, tee..
You’re such a beauty.” “Tee, tee, tee..
With you I want to party.” Is he selling tea?
– Isn’t it obvious? Please start singing a song.
It isn’t time for tea break yet. Check this out! Enough of it.
– You’re selected. Thank you, ma’am.
– Does he think he’s Rajni? “Nothing is permanent.
Not even majestic castles.” “Don’t shy away
from enjoying life!” Now I get which song
she was singing all this while. You are selected.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am. God bless you. But in the next round
tell us beforehand which song you’re singing. Hello.
– You may begin. ‘Sun is always the sun,
even after sunset.’ ‘You are always our king.
though you’ve been exiled.’ ‘We salute you, O noble king.’ The lyrics were all okay. Will you now sing?
– I was singing all this while. Guys, he is serious about his passion.
– Very serious. True. Who gives a damn
about talent anyway? What do you say?
– I agree. You’re selected. I’ve seen you somewhere. ‘Was it near the bus stop
or at the railway station? Neither maybe.’ “B to the A to the B to the A.
1234 everybody say.” I’m not a beggar.
I’m a musical wizard. ‘Right! He’s that musical wizard.’ So, what’s next?
– The auditions are done. We’ll take the payment and head to Paradise.
– To Paradise? I’ll join you guys. She’s game for anything free. Excuse me, sir.
– Sorry. The auditions are over. Get going. Sir, please give me one chance.
– Sorry. We’ve selected all the finalists. Please give me one chance
to prove myself. One chance is all she is asking. Come on.
– Hell with these women. Alright. Begin. “We were strangers
until yesterday.” “But now, this lovely feeling
has brought both of us together.” “Like rain meets the ocean,
you’ve met me.” “This is our story.” “I’ve realised all my dreams
with your arrival.” “My heart has been singing
melodiously ever since.” “O Anjali, my love..” You don’t seem like a disciplined singer.
You’re voice isn’t lively either. Too bad.
I’m sorry, but you’re rejected. Not a problem, sir. But, I’ve a request.
Please, sing a song. This is the first time I’m singing on live TV.
– It could well be your last. How can I say no to a girl’s request?
– You’re screwed, bro. “What spell did you cast on me
that I’ve become all yours?” “What trick did you play
that my heart has become all yours?” In case you liked this video..
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