Simple SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google Maps [Marketing Agency Part 6]

Simple SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google Maps [Marketing Agency Part 6]

so I got a question the other day from Jay ane Jay and it said great work again when you add your keyword to your Google my business name you add it elsewhere to the citation yes but how about the footer of your website Meta Description title etc first I wanted to thank you for asking such a great question and today I'm gonna break down exactly how you should be naming your citations so you can start ranking in the local map pack in Google hey everyone this is Rulon and welcome back to the YouTube channel today I'm gonna bring you some massive value that you need to know when optimizing Google my business listings and for local SEO so the question was is when you make a business name on Google you need to make sure that it's consistent throughout the web but you also need to make sure that the keyword is in the name so the three-pack the local Google 3-pack is the most important part to rank in Google because that is where customers are usually calling in they're going to websites they're getting directions and actually it's a statistic that 72% of people who actually click on and Google my business result call that business within 72 hours so it's pretty important to be on top of Google so you don't want to miss this mistake that most people do when they're optimizing Google my businesses local SEO etc so let's get into it so Jays question was how do I need to put the keyword in the name everywhere right so let's talk about it so let's say our name was let's say the keyword we were trying to target meaning the keyword we wanted to rank for in Google my business was SEO agency right let's say it was SEO agency CT this is the keyword we are trying to rank in Google my business so whenever somebody types this keyword in in that local map pack we show up first so how do we get there and what do we exactly have to do to get there because there's tons of competition out there there's tons of other people doing the SEO but with this training you should be able to get all the way to the top pretty much guaranteed and I'm gonna explain to you how so the first thing the most important part and this might be some information that I've repeated but I want to make sure it's very clear because it's so important when you take on a new client when you go prospecting you want to make sure you know as much information as possible so stay tuned so check this out so if we want a rank for SEO agency CT in the map there's a few really important ranking actors okay the number one ranking factor is the title and the name so if my company name is develop Arc de vie elo ma RK right so a mistake that I would do is just putting my name on every citation as develop Marc because if you do this Google's not really gonna know what you are they're just gonna know that your company name and then they're gonna go into your website Google's gonna manually crawl your website to find out what you are why would you do that when you can just tell them in one shot what you are about adding your keyword into your title so now that that's like that you want to make sure that you're you have a little dash here that says SEO agency CT right so now this is the title of your business throughout Google so this is the title of the your business that has to be consistent throughout the whole web so let me get really clear onto this so when you optimize for other websites like Yelp Yellow Pages etc you must use the same title you must use the same name the reason being is because Google manually has permission to crawl those other websites and if they see that you only have SEO agency on three listings and develop mark on six listings they're gonna say well which one is it which one is it is it the develop mark is it the SEO agency you don't want to confuse Google because remember they are a robot now there's something that I want to make very very clear with this and it's important for you to know because once you're optimizing for Google my business it's very easy to do a few mistakes so let me tell you about a few mistakes that you don't want to do when you're optimizing your Google my business the first mistake you don't want to do obviously is add the adding not adding the title into your your business name okay mistake number one is you don't want to have what's called duplicate listings okay so this means that you know you've worked with multiple SEO companies if you're a small business owner or if you're an SEO you didn't check before you started the SEO campaign and you just decided to create more Yelp listings right so what happens is if you have three Yelp listings for the same business just different names guess what's gonna happen Google's not gonna know who the hell you are they're gonna say okay there's three listings on the same directory we're not going to rank it it's much easier for their system to just not rank your website then have to manually check which one's right and which one's wrong Google doesn't have the time for that you guys need to remember that google searching millions of websites a second so you need to stay on top of that and you need to make sure that your website is reading clearly to Google and they're gonna rank you at the top because it's gonna be easier for them to read so number two is you don't want inconsistent listings okay so just like with duplicate listings inconsistent listings means okay you don't have duplicate listings but what you do have is you have listings on Yelp yellow pages you have listings on hopfrog and all of the data is messed up so one of the main problems people make and the reason why their data is all messed up is they like to use a tracking number a call rail whatever it may be and that tracking number is ah you know two other directories and then their actual phone numbers are on these numbers it messes it up once again keep the same name address and phone number with every single listing you create and you should be okay okay so the third problem that most people make when they go about this is the title now make sure your title is consistent throughout the web so when you're taking on a new client this can be very frustrating because they might have had an SEO in the past or they might have not done SEO in the past and done their own listings and when they do that they're sacrificing the consistency and they might have created duplicate listings so an easy to use tool that I always reference is Moz local you can literally just put it in to Moz local comm check to see which things are consistent go in there and manually fix it all once you do that it will take a few weeks even months for Google to see the update and rank your website higher but it's gonna be much better off than you were before now if you don't want to manually do it you can use a tool like X now the only problem that I have with the X is that it's very expensive it's about 500 bucks but you're you're you are you're saving a lot of time by doing that you're saving a lot of time by using X because it's an automated software that does all your directories for you and you don't have to manually do it like Moz the thing is though is Moz is very inexpensive when going about this so let's say we're selling this right because I know there's a lot of people that are watching this video that may want to sell this as a service and make a lot of money doing so here's what I highly highly recommend so in the other video I said you could sell Alessio for about $1,500 a month okay so this is a pretty safe number to sell for now what you're including in this $1,500 is you're including the all the SEO you're including the local SEO you're including the directory management so what a very popular option is is that not only do you charge 1500 but you also ask for an upfront investment from the client okay so let's say you want it to close a deal for 1500 and let's say you needed because next is five hundred ninety five dollars a year it's pretty damn expensive what I like to do is I like to always demand an extra five hundred ninety five dollars the first month so your first month you can literally go guns blazing you can literally have everything up and running you know they pay you 2,000 dollars the first month and then going forward it's $1,500 a month but you're safe doing it this way look I'm gonna be honest with you guys you need to be very very particulate your first month because that's the hardest part is correcting all of the data if you go and you they pay you $1,500 a month and now you're on month three right because remember these are these are 6 to 12 month contracts right if you're on a month three and you're consist your listings are still inconsistent your client is not gonna be happy because they're not going to be getting phone calls so the first month I like to do a few things and I just want to explain to you guys exactly what I do the first month when optimizing for local Google my business SEO etc the first month I'll tell you guys exactly what I do step by step the first month of SEO any SEO campaign is I like to install the Google tools alright if you guys don't know what these tools are they are analytics Google search console and any type of tracking or analytics that you're trying to install under the customers website because you can only be as successful as what you measure ok remember that you can only be as successful as what you measure if you're not measuring your weight loss if you're not measuring your financials you're not going to grow you're just going to contract right so make sure you always install the Google tools right away now I'm gonna make a training video about the Google tools in a future video but you can simply just YouTube this and figure out how to do it month two or a month one so that's what I do I install the Google tools first thing I always have the client give me their WordPress access do this with admin so make sure they add you as an admin when you first get a client because if they add you as an editor which is an option in most website platforms you're not going to be able to do everything that you want to do or if you have to go back in there and make it edit you have to keep on talking to the client that's just a pain in the butt you want to just get the admin access first-time and literally just guns blazing like you you're all set the third thing I like to do is make sure that I have access to their gmail account look if you're going to be working with Google you need to make sure that your client has a sufficient gmail account because you're gonna need Gmail for Google my business you're gonna need Gmail for Google Analytics you're gonna need gmail for a lot of different things so you might as well get access to it right away okay the third option as I showed in the previous video which I'll link down below is Google my business okay now that you have the gmail account you also have their Google my business so with their Google my business you can have them add you as a user just like with a wordpress website get this all out of the way your first month you do not want to be in a position and I've been in this position where your month four or five and you don't even have a Google Analytics set up so you don't even know if their website is growing you don't want to do that you want to get everything set up the first month and just keep it going this is why you guys have a very lucky to be watching this video because when I was starting out SEO I had to pay eight thousand dollars to learn this information so you know this is this secret right here the first month this is what you should be doing now going forward right your month one now that you have all this set up what exactly do you do you know what exactly is it that you do so back to Jay's question in the beginning he mentioned that do we add it into the footer the answer is yes right so if your website domain let's say is developer com which is my domain and I was trying to rank for SEO agency CT what he was saying was at the footer which is that bottom piece of the website when you scroll all the way down usually the footer should have your map location embedded here and if you want to figure out how to do that you can go to Google Maps comm and just type in your address and you can get an embed code you can put your map here and then you can put your name address and phone number which I highly recommend if this is your title the other websites it should be your title in your nap in your n AP listings in Google so very important stuff so to answer your question yes you do need to do that it's very critical that you do that so in the next video I'm gonna talk about month two month three month for what it is I exactly I do in those months over the screen over the shoulder and we're gonna continue this how to start a marketing agency series and so that about wraps it up for this video and I appreciate you guys watching if you have a question that you would like me to cover please comment down below


28 thoughts on “Simple SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google Maps [Marketing Agency Part 6]”

  • This is bad advice! It is clearly against Google rules and you WILL be penalized. It is inevitable.

    You MUST use the business name as the business name. That should be obvious. Will this work? For now it will but it's not a long term strategy. It's only a matter of time before you're deindexed.

  • Lourdes alaniz says:

    Hello Ruan, great video, BUT now organic search are being affected by the new Google "strategy" to display ads everywhere, demoting organic results, its a fact, theres even a reddit trend on this

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  • Hello Ruan . What if my client doesnt have a website and a gmail acccount. Should I create a gmail account with the name of their business and then do the GMB with the gmail email?

  • Hi Ruan, I have a HVAC client that has 4 GMB listings each for different cities he targets. Is this helping or hurting since the address are inconsistent? Appreciate your feedback it.

  • SongsofThe Century says:

    Which course do you recommend to learn how to do all the Optimisations, you talk about for someone just starting out in Digital Marketing???

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  • I have trouble with some of my clients that Google shows the old search results, even though I requested to delete those with Google Search Console ( )

    Any suggestions? Or does this take time? ( 1 month ago requested and Google SEO optimized )

  • Moses Olwal Otieno says:

    Wow what an informative video, thanks…hiwever I have a question I have a sports related website, it's a soccer Live Score site…my primary keyword is Livescore and I placed it on my title tag as the first letter, to my surprise when your type my site which is in Google SERPs it returns my site without the first part of my title tag which contains the primary keyword which is Livescore, what's happening how can I force it to appear on my website.

  • Michal Klachkin says:

    good info but i have a few questions.
    1.what happens if i use a call forwarding service like "workiz" that organizes all my jobs, gets recordings ect so i need a different number on each listind (website, yelp, adwords…)
    2. what happens if i have multiple locations? should i call them all the same name? even if a location is a home address (home office) and i dont want customers to drive there?
    3. is a logo as a title or in the footer enough as showing business name?


  • Mudassir Mirza says:

    Sir is there any web development work for me then feel free to contact me
    My portfolio

  • UtilityBillAudits says:

    Ruan – absolutely misleading. Month 1 (and this, is SEO 101) run reports on your client. Links, listing, standing, analytics, etc et al. You can't measure anything to know where your client is presently.

  • Ruan, thank you very much for this value!
    Question: if I have a client named AC Roma, can I change his title on Google maps and yelp to AC Roma – soccer club?
    What if the website's name only has AC on it? Is it worthless to try and rank that client? Do I need to change the website domain?
    I'm so confused. Please help!
    Thank you

  • Does it need to be 100% across all the listings? Ie my dads painting business has changed from (Name) "the" Painter to "& Painters"?

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