Shuri Just Became a Guardian of the Galaxy – Nerd News

Shuri Just Became a Guardian of the Galaxy – Nerd News

The galaxy has a brand new protector, and
her name is Shuri! Hey everyone, welcome to top 10 nerd, the
channel that gives you all things comic books and pop culture! If you’re a regular of the channel, this
is a brand spanking new feature we’ll be doing, chatting about the latest news and
happenings. So let’s get to it! Shuri just became a guardian of the galaxy,
a development that occurred in Shuri issue 2. If you’ve been following the series, or
just need some context, T’Challa and Manifold lost in space, with Wakanda deciding that
the Black Panther mantle should go to Shuri. Shuri wasn’t really feeling that; she doesn’t
have the sweetest of memories when she took up the mantle in the past. So what does our hero do instead? She directs her attention to finding her brother,
and ends up finding him via astral projection. But that plan doesn’t work out like she
hoped. Instead, she finds herself inside of Groot’s
body, saying the line “I am Shuri?” While this isn’t the most conventional way
to join the Guardians, it’ll be interesting to find out why exactly this happened, and
if there is some sort of unknown connection between Shuri and Groot that allowed for this
to occur. Guess we’ll just have to wait until issue
3! Next up in news, fans of Ultraman, rejoice! The hero is getting his own Netflix series. Set to debut on April 1st of next year, a
trailer has dropped for the show, and it’s a follow up to the original Ultraman. The show will explore Ultraman’s return
as a hero who has given up being, well, a hero. He’s older, and his son has now been forced
to assume his role when Earth is threatened by aliens. From television to feature films, next up,
let’s talk about that exclusive image that came out for the upcoming Hellboy film. Directed by Neil Marshall and starring Stranger
Things’ David Harbour as our big red hero, the image shows Hellboy running down a hallway,
wearing his trademark coat. According to the filmmakers, this reboot will
be more violent, and leaning much more into the horror genre, with a R-rating. Marshall has stated, I quote, “More violent
and more bloody. We weren’t making it with handcuffs on.” This wouldn’t be a nerdy news update if
we didn’t include something about the MCU! Fans of the franchise are eager for clues
for what the upcoming film will entail, and if that past post from the Russo brothers
concerning the title of the film was any indicator, thousands of people are hungry to unravel
what little information we already have. The rumour making the rounds today, according
to a writer for Super Bro Movies, is that Marvel is looking to cast two upcoming roles
for the MCU; prominent characters by the names of Karen and Piper/Sprite. According to him, these two are Eternals. According to his speculation, this could mean
that these Eternals will be making an appearance in a post credit scene and obviously future
movies, especially considering that there’s rumours that an Eternals film in the works. While it seems like a long shot to assume
that these two will be in the post credits scene of Avengers 4, but hey, if you believe
the fan theories that Eternity will be making an appearance in scenes with Doctor Strange,
it could happen. Marvel Studios is capable of A LOT. And there’s still a ways to go before the
film comes out. A little while back, it was announced that
Netflix had struck up a deal with comic book writer Mark Millar. You know him from his comics such as Wanted,
Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, as well as a slew of Marvel comics, including
Civil War and the Ultimates! Netflix has announced that their next upcoming
film with Millar is called Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, which will also have a comic book
released concurrently. Here’s the synopsis: “Set in a brilliant
new sci-fi universe, Sharkey and the Bounty Hunter follows the titular character, a blue
collar bounty hunter who is tracking criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket
powered ice cream truck. Aided and abetted by his ten year old partner,
he’s out for the biggest bounty of his career.” Sounds neat, doesn’t it? The film will also be written by Michael Bacall,
who worked on Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs the World. And last but not least, more film news for
you all, specifically about the upcoming Resident Evil reboot. Screenwriter Greg Russo, who is not to be
confused with Marvel Studios’ Russo brothers, recently sat down with Discussing Film, and
told them how the reboot will be returning to the horror based tone of the video games,
with 2017’s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard being an inspiration for the script. There’s also talk from the executive producers
attached to the project that rather than it being a movie, it might end up being on television
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