SHOWBOX Not working ?  Connection Error ?  /  Check Your Internet Connection ?


39 thoughts on “SHOWBOX Not working ? Connection Error ? / Check Your Internet Connection ?”

  • Lol I got a letter from my internet provider regarding copyright infringement i was so scared and deleted it right away.

  • parveen kumar says:

    show box still working fine for me, you guys don't know how to use, using for 5 years, just watched pet sematary an hour ago

  • Larry Kelbaugh Jr. says:

    FT(Free Tech), I had uninstalled Showbox, & deleted the apk file for it! One day, recently, I saw something downloading! It was Showbox! But it wasn't just downloading, it was updating, itself!!! So I stopped the download & (again) deleted the file! I had not downloaded the file, but it somehow uploaded to my Android tablet, & tried to update itself! Just wanted to let you know that! Please, warn other's about this!!!
    P.S. When Showbox went 'bad' for me, is when I tried to watch an episode, repeatedly but wasn't able to watch it! After quite a few dozen tries, I was informed that my 'limit' was up, & to get off it & watch real TV & movies off the app(not exactly stated, but to point)!! & every time I would go back on to the app, & tried to watch that same episode, I'd get the same 'limit' message!

  • Im fine using the 5.28v.
    Using it from your main homescreen / files is fine.

    Using it from behind a sandboxed/encrypted/secure folder you may need to use a vpn aswell

  • Are you not exposed to legal implications no matter what engine you use to stream illegal content. Today there going after showbox but tomorrow it's terrarium or whatever. But then you link to showbox again. What's up with that. You have to hide your identity to really use these safely (VPN).

  • SGM Plastering & Preservation says:

    Good evening, stumbled accross the channel wondering why showbox has pissed off. Got to say you are bonkers!! I love it haha. Where abouts you from lad? North Yorkshire? Keep up the great work 👌👌👌😁


    Show Box is back, but it's being monitored by Trading Standards for users in the UK, there also monitoring proxy's too, if your going to use it create a new gmail account and don't connect it to any other websites like Facebook and use Bluestacks, but don't do anything until your behind a really good VPN software (including registering for Gmail), because Google collect everything they can. Or stop using it.

  • lynslee makeup huzzie says:

    Show box keeps crashing my mxq or mbox my android guy keeps popping up dead lol. I reset it all redownload 24hrs later does it again why. I have downloaded it through aptoid and a few others and it sucks. Unless it's working lol


    good thing i think to search in youtube…and first vedio open is yours…thanks…i already uninstall showbox..😁

  • You have fun attempting to scare people who Don't understand how torrents and apps like Showbox work? This video is clickbait or better yet. Garbage.

  • this is just an awesome pile of recommendations. i cannot possibly thank you enough. you are increasing the quality of life of so many viewers. and i understand that showbox has somehow been rejuvenated since this video originally came out but no worries, as the alternative apps mentioned herein are just as good if not better than showbox ever was.

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