[SHOW BREAK S3] Ep. 2: Mission In Cebu

[SHOW BREAK S3] Ep. 2: Mission In Cebu

[Where will SB19 go?] [I’m still sleepy] -What’s our content there?
-It’s just easy. Let’s just show what we’re doing. -Just that?
-Yes. [Just the natural SB19]
Just normal. Then, sleeping? -But then you’ll lose.
-Timelapse! Huh, why? -Why would I lose?
-Because Because loser.
[What can we do?] [They only understood themselves] How do you smile? Sad? [I’ll take a picture of A’TIN first] Guess where we’ll go. Answer me. Ask me, “where are we going?” Just where. Where? My concept this morning is an adult. -Adult concept.
-Adult? I look like a teenager. [Alright then] Break! The… -Mole!
-Mole. The mole. [Mission: Hold this if you love A’TIN!] My mom told me to bring that too! This was from Justin’s aunt. I will wear this later when I’ll go to sleep. It’s like nothing changed. [With confidence] Of course! Because I’m still cute. I didn’t bring any clothes. Just this. So thin! Do you really have to do that? From below going up? [From head to toe, our FASHIONISTA Ken] Seriously. It’s early. [I’m sleepy~] Time check… 2:38 am, February 22. Ready to go to Cebu! I ordered a tuna sandwich but they only gave me one. I thought it would be two already? Josh, eat already. [Don’t wanna] [But he opens it] [And grabs it] [We need to bring back our summer body!
Me: ] I can be your number one baby! [And eventually ate it] -Loud!
-I just keep on jami (???) Yummy yah. When will I ever be at peace? It seems like I’ll never be. I’ve been the seeker since childhood -What’s this for?
-Thank you, big bro! What’s this for? I was replaced, but that doesn’t hurt I know for myself that I’m greater, yah Yo, wassup! It’s yo boy Stell! I’m with Josh. Right now, we’re going to Cebu for the Pepsi Event. That’s later tonight at 9:30. Time check… Looks like someone’s haggard already. -Who?
-Me. You just didn’t get sleep. Woah! I look so fresh~ Just kidding! So this is what we’ll wear when we sleep later. This was given by Justin’s aunt. It’s from aunt Marie. Thank you, aunt Marie. He can’t hear us. Look at that, his eyes are closed and covered but he’s still fixing his hair. This is the best time to sleep. Today, I haven’t slept yet. I’ve been up for all day because we had schedules. And of course, I have to go home to pick up some stuff. So I will sleep first. Good night! Good night and see you later! We got off the plane already and, someone left their dress! Wow, it’s actually nice here. It’s like Incheon Airport, right? -It feels newly made and sparkly.
-It’s beautiful. Like you. It’s nice. Like our future together. It was just you, the one I’ve been looking for, Manila. [It changed?]
Your city noise that’s music to my ears. The king of all corn fields will then react again. That’s the new remix of that song. Sejun, do you know that song? It was just you, the one I’ve been looking for, Manila. [I’m busy]
Your city noise that’s music to my ears. Your jeepneys that fly… You know that? They’re all old (laughs), that’s why. It’s like Incheon airport. Like, wow. When I say wow, like wow. And we’re ready to go- hey! This is ours, this is ours! Ouch! I’ve bumped in to someone! [It was supposed to be romantic…]
-When was I bumped?
-I don’t know to you. Can you try it? Sit down.
[Don’t do this!] -Again, again.
-I don’t want to. -They might get mad.
-Then you dance [PD: Pssst! Get down!] Someone rode on a trike that looks like a baby! [Is it okay?]
[Let’s go!] [Stell’s sleeping mask?] No video recording allowed. [It’s just Felip] Yes, three. One with three, then one with two. Mine’s the other one? I don’t know, they said it depends. What if you’re included in the three? Then this will be yours? [What game is that?]
Let’s do it like this. Which room will three people occupy? No, who’ll be together to make three. [Ah! Who will be in the room together!] How will we pick who gets the bigger room? Team up! Both me and Sejun. Our room will be bigge- hey. You’re not allowed to take videos, yeah? There we go. Everything ends there. [Who has the biggest room?]
-Let’s go.
-Yes! We won. Will we eat already? This is the bread of Philippine Airlines. [We’re hungry] I won’t eat. [Hungry or sleepy?] [The sun had just risen.] What Stell did was fishy. How he gave me the cue card was fishy. [What cue card?] It smells nice. I’ll get the one with the same color as my shirt. [What secret video mission?]
And I thought I could get a proper vacation. [What’s in the cue card?]
Just one night, at least. I don’t want to wake up early, so I’ll fail this (mission). Why are you guys smiling? [Fragrant]
The paper smells good. I just noticed. Isn’t this too hard? Hug all five members using your feet. It’s hard. -But that isn’t it!
-Oh, it isn’t? Hug all five members. But that’s too easy! [Easy? Can our leader do it?] While performing Alab on stage, This is too difficult! So difficult it will ruin our choreography! [Sisiws? (Chicks)] Isn’t this too hard? You will pick a member.
[Which member will you give the mission to?] As long as it isn’t Ken. Because things will get difficult for us if it’s Ken! Dear Lord, Dear Lord. What if I just don’t pick, right? [No, no!] Out of all the members I could get, why is it… It’s far, how am I gonna kiss him? [Is it hard?] What if I hug them instead? Alright. It’s okay? They said hugging is possible. Because kissing is difficult to do. Because then at that moment you might taste saltiness on his cheeks, right? It should be recorded while doing it if there’s no video, it’s not valid. Okay, there’s a video. You guys should record me, alright? If I get off the stage. Again, if there’s no video, it’s not valid. If you don’t complete the mission on time, Really? REALLY? Really? Really??? Ah, so it’s also today? Oh, it’s separate? Oh, really? [That’s why you should give your best!] Challenge accepted. Challenge is nice. [Don’t you want a vacation?] Challenge accepted. Challenge accepted! Challenge acceptablizmizmations. Lez get it! So now, you already know my mission. I’m gonna die. I already have my mission. They’re dead to me. I’m hungry but sleepy at the same time. I don’t know what to prioritize. To eat, sleep, or both? [It’s time to eat!
Me: ] [Breakfast first!] It’s going down for real! [Hungry] Rose, ah! Don’t even try me, Rose. Rose! You’re so cute, it would be nice to choke you. 1228. What’s your room number? 1228. Josh isn’t allowed here. He can’t reach it. This is the line going to heaven. So, we’re going to eat first. This hotel, right? -I’m not happy with what’s happening.
-It’s like, when you come in you immediately leave. Why? [Going in but leaving immediately?] Why? [The name of the hotel is Bai Hotel] [Just sharing~] [What is the meaning of Delicacies?] – Dangerous -My Baby – I will take care of it because it’s my baby *Sejun singing* [8:15 am- Sleeping time] -Why? [Sleep now, SB19] – I can’t connect (internet).
-Are you connected? -I’ll get up at… -There are noises I’m gonna sleep again, don’t be noisy [Noisy~] -You have many issues, Josh -Yes, I have many issues -I hope it’s not against the light -It adjusts -Look, the cabinet. Can I fit in? -I fit in. Ouch -I fit in inside the cabinet. I’m gonna explain something. There are three beds. Do you know why Josh is there? On the third bed? because I don’t fit in there. He’s the only one who can fit in there. What are you doing? Let’s get his slippers. [I got your slippers!] [And I threw it also] – You don’t have slippers now -We have vlog vlog now -The elevator.
-This is the elevator I’m waiting for ITZY to come out from it. – If I were an anime [character] – – Who?
– Cloud Strike


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