Should officials who started the Russia probe be worrying?


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  • The reason for the rise in extremism with alt-right conspiracy theorist Trump and his counterparts on the left with their open borders politically correct BS is because of digital technology.
    Who's more crazy, Trump or the people on the left that want to overturn the 2016 election results because the DNC server was hacked? Both sides are NUTS.
    There is no 'deep state' but maybe there should be with all these pathetic politicians on both sides.

  • so first off this president has the highest turn over rate of any other president we have seen in recent history. If he is so innocent and not corrupt why have several people in his circle gone to jail and many who haven't gone will be headed there soon. I understand that there is an issue of democratic vs republican in this country but does it run so deep that we are all now departing from reality and can't see this president for who he is? He abandoned our allies in syria, he denies that climate change is a real thing. He invented a hurricane hitting Alabama when people in danger really needed to know factual information. I for one saw my tax returns go down as a hard working American while the 1% who don't need a tax break got one. When he promised to fight for the working man. He tells a new lie every day and its not even a hidden lie because its all on tape and easy to see. Thanks god for John Mccain voting down that ridiculous health care bill or many of the same people that support this man would be without health care right now. I just really don't understand how he gets this much support. Please someone explain this to me.

  • McCabe, Clapper and Brennan all lied to Congress and all three deserve to put in jail, if POTUS Trumps prior associates who mis-remembered single pieces of information which were then interpreted as lies to the FBI can end up in jail these three basturds should be arrested for treason for continuing the Obama lies that grew out of Obama's FISA court abuse which really was James Comey and Andrew McCabe lying to FISA judges just so Obama could use the entire investigative powers of the United States government simply to spy on his parties political opponent Donald Trump. These three scumbag LIARS as CNN's so called analysts lied to the American people about our duly elected POTUS Donald Trump I really hope that his lawyers sue CNN for every penny they have left for continuing to lie to the American people and using dumbass shitheads like these three to do it.

  • The impeachment inquiry was started to claim the investigation from Bill Bar is political and to try to continue to smear Trump's name in the media to influence the election for those people who don't really follow politics or the details.

  • Of course people who falsified info, lied about this should be worried. Imagine if they had been successful?! All the lives in this country would've been forever negatively altered… Thank you universe, may the light prevail

  • It is some relief that we finally see some justice come to bear on McCarthyistic political coup attempt. Hrc started it during her campaign. And is still instigating this witch hunt when she still calls people Russian agents

  • Cortland Schurian says:

    The only ones that have to be worried are… all Americans. So how much money was wasted on the 4 year investigation into Clintons E-mails (with no crimes found or arrests made)? At least the Mueller Report paid for itself and we now know for sure that the Russians did help Trump in 2016 (with his advanced knowledge). So investigate away, waste more taxpayer $$$ and keep fooling the people that support you while you use the DOJ to attack your political opponents like the true fascist/wannabe dictator you are Trump.

  • BLA BLA BLA 0 facts not 1 document in these guys hands all hearsay BS too funny , Im guessing RUDY aka Grandpa Munster is the next going to jail or Roger Stone lmao Rudy wishing he can turn into BAT right about now ……lmao


    Just watch, the guilty will start to lawyer up. Even before they are named as a subject of interest. The crooks are trying to hide and cover their butt. They will rat on each other to bargain for lesser time in prison . First come first served.

  • Hey FOX VIEWERS! There are almost 4 dozen GOP politicians in the so-called secret impeachment hearings, including Mark Meadows & Jim Jordan. Okay? Get that through your thick skull 'cause FOX ain't reporting that. 🙄

  • The Russia probe started when the entire Trump campaign staff lied about their hundreds of contacts with Russia, as did Trump. The FBI would have been derelict in duty if they did NOT investigate. The new investigation is an abuse of power. A new article of impeachment.

  • Loveisallthereis22 says:

    I love this video mainly because it so obviously shows how we can be fooled and distracted by yet another worthless attempt from those who are about to be demolished, dethroned, punished, jailed or wiped out. 'Quid-pro' isn't even illegal AND it has been used by almost EVERY president of our country. I know it is difficult to state the obvious to insanely biased 'Trump-haters' and it wouldn't be wise to just ignore them which means we must respond, but just like the 2year conspiracy theories, it is simply a DISTRACTION. Almost EVERY business person uses 'quid-pro' to some extent. "If you do this, I will reward you. If you don't, you should expect a show of disapproval."

  • F this guy trying to sell a book.1-trump didn't do anything that all politicians do.2-we all know Obama' administration/handler did surveillance on private citizens trump.3-republicans have zero spines and only support lobbyist.WHATS THE NEWS???also I quess we all forgot about the epstein "suicide".I'm not trying to get clintoned

  • Fox news state run TV a place for liars criminals rapist crooked lawyers butt kisses racist idiots evancriminals jailed attorney general's Igor Lev you get the point.

  • Why should we believe Flynn? Didn't he get fired for lying to Pence. Then he admitted to lying to the FBI. Now he's saying he may not have lied to the FBI? It's all legal BS. I don't know that he should go to jail for it, but everything he did seems kind of shady to me. Wasn't Trump supposed to drain the swamp of people like him?

  • If the people responsible for the witch hunt and all the other junk going on are not held accountable, we really do not have any laws.

  • After Epstein was snuck out if jail I gave up believing that there is justice for all. Justice for the poor, freedom for the rich and connected

  • ISIS leader is allegedly dead !!! A funeral tomorrow allegedly for Cu and O is talking.. who’s really in that casket ? These lefties are making me think 🤔 what if the leader of I is O Dad ? Ohhh Lord I’m thinking to much !!! Good nite !! Wake me up at 4am pls lol

  • I thank our Civil Servants for their service. It is shameful to attack them for this lying, cheat, shattered maniac. Disgrace!

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon says:

    I would like to see punishment to fit the crime. "They" should have to PAY BACK the 43+MILLIONS, which is now MORE, DUE to the Democratic led Senate. EVERY PENNY! Seize their assets, sell their million dollar homes! IF it were the ordinary person, we would be wiped out AND in PRISON! Get hold of the lower man/woman on their Totem Pole! And let them SING!

  • The CIA and the FBI colluded to remove Putin's puppet. Why won't all these American government agencies stop picking on Donald Trump. We voted for a Russian puppet because we want a Russian puppet for President. Leave President Trump alone.

  • Innocent people take plea agreements all the time.

    If Flynn was told they had him dead to rights, I bet his attorneys advised him to make a deal. If the FBI fabricated the so-called evidence, Flynn should be vindicated, financially compensated and all bad actors prosecuted.

    THIS nonsense is old… Let's start seeing people held accountable…

  • That old ding bat pelosi is upset because Trump didnt tell them about the raid ..if he had told them they would have got on their hot line phone to CNN. Just like the Rodger Stone raid.
    Trump is having so much success they are eating their hearts out. They should be ashamed that the Russians are more trust worthy than a damned Democrat.

  • They edited a 302 and added to what the General said and the guy wants to say it depends how much and to what depth it was changed will make it illegal or not!!! That's what's wrong now YES IT IS ILLEGAL!!!


  • Nope. We must try to forget all those people not telling the truth at CNN, FBI, SDNY, NSA, Congress, CIA, Generals, ex bosses of the CIA, NSA and FBI, more Generals, ex Trump appointees, current Trump appointees, major city newspapers, small city newspapers, country town newspapers, radio jocks east to west, cowardly whistleblowers, retiring GOP politicians, lying prostitutes winning big money from Trump, ex New York Mayor (ooops..that was just foot in mouth), our beloved POTUS’s own foot in mouth, the Australian Ambassador in Europe, Trump appointed Ambassadors in Europe, the British Ambassador to us, crooked British Intelligence Officers, Muller’s crooked team, those traitor GOP politicians, nasty people who made voice recordings of Trump (even his own lawyer), our POTUS releasing transcripts of himself…etc etc etc etc. Of course the honest folks at Fox care for us average citizens and will always tell us the truth.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah…. corruption?… 21 years of Joes, where are your tax returns Don?… Are they kept with your phone call transcripts to Vlad – deep in a crypt? It was handy using the money laundering Deutche bank back in the 80s wasn’t it but those records will come out. Get the bracelets ready for the treasonous snake oil salesman that sits in the Oval Office.

  • If they can twist the law to get President Trump out of office what do you think they would do to you and me think about that

  • Seeing how nobody is held accountable for crimes committed while in political office or out, I would say they answer is no. The reason nothing ever happens is because Epstein and his island won't allow it.

  • potential misconduct .. after it was proven that russia has helped the trump campaign? is a far reach at best! It like saying Ignore that man behind the curtain in the wizard of Oz…or is that the wizard of Fox?

  • Worried NO these Men and women of our Intelligence services are the most independent professional upstanding citizens. There was nothing wrong with being worried of having a criminal for a President ! So NOTHING TO SEE THERE ! This investigation was a properganda for the Presidents to be able to open his pie hole and use this to counter the real investigation ! But please waste more money on figment of his imagination !

  • Oh my god. That text from Peter Strzok shows that they knew something else was going on. I figured James Comey and the others realized it when they fired Christopher Steele but instead of being up front and telling the truth they looked for something else. That probably would exonerate Strzok but not Comey because of the Section 1001. (Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney and can't give legal advise.)

  • Let’s face it … there seems to be a lot of incriminating evidence and they certainly seem to be fanatical anti-Trumpers. It very likely they committed crimes but my worst fear is that a washington jury won’t convict them.

  • Peter Newbranch says:

    No Collusion and enforce the law on the Traitors! Plotting and acting to remove a sitting elected president from power is an illegal coup. Charge them with High Treason!

  • quick heads up [ AS if you dont see this coming ,, THEY are about to tell YOU that PUTIN didnt do it [ L O L ] now we KNOW what OUR intel says , EVERY ONE of them SAID that he and they [ RUSSIA ] did it [ yep the same people that TOLD you the first time '' are about to tell you something else ] , ONLY IN AMERICA

  • We now know the 2018 election was manipulated by a fraudulent, Soviet-style investigation that was intended to hurt Republican candidates.

  • I sure hope Durham has a complete security detail around him 24/7. Too many good people have been suicided while investigating these people.


  • Timothy Guttormson says:

    Don't accept the curses. Bind them and return them TO THE OWNERS. The owners are the senders, the ones who
    CIA, FBI, NSA and every agency representing the American people: YOU work for US.

  • This is why they've been attacking our President Trump the whole time to keep your eye off who really did the crime former President Obama, Hillary, FBI, and all the others.

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