Should A Student Lose A College Acceptance Over Past Social Media Postings? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Should A Student Lose A College Acceptance Over Past Social Media Postings? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • Don’t you think it’s odd that there are no counter argument here? This comment section is a MSNBC panel. No debate.

  • Should a man loose a 30 year career if it comes out that he groped a girl when he was 16? The #MeToo movement would say yes….. we wouldnt hear this if it was a black kid….

  • Why do white people hate us so much? Why do you feel the need to call as the N word or ape or monkey? Like seriously I don't get it. He is a racist piece of s…. This happend 2 years ago that's not a very long time ago. This is exactly how he feels towards black people. I am sick and tired of us (black people) being constantly attacked and insulted because of the way we look. I did not choose to be of African decent.

  • Claims to be sorry for being part of a group based around saying the most shocking/outrageous things for attention.
    Goes on Fox News to do so…
    Yeah, sorry but I'm not buying it.

  • Well if tons of businesses will mine social media accounts before deciding upon hiring someone, so can a university!

  • Christopher Ward says:

    It was in Harvard’s gift to accept him. When he was found to have such hard right fascist views and affiliations, he was not worthy of the gift. The views and associations he holds are those that many of the shooters such as the Parklands shooter, embraced. His continued advocacy of such views remain in his actions post the Parklands shootings. Harvard is giving him his second lesson in the experiential understanding of shared humanity. He is not entitled to read for a degree at Harvard and, well done for Harvard supporting and gifting high ideals and standards in its future alumni. This man has already oppressed and called for the death and, the ways and means of death, of specific groups of people in America. He may have academically qualified for Harvard but, would he be fit for Harvard? His actions and associations suggest not. Harvard has the right to underline the philosophy of its ethical stance.

  • The kicker is, his parents are Jewish. There were anti-semitic comments made by him as well. Self hate along with bigotry? He's the complete package, isn't he?

  • Mutha Fuka's a RACIST inside out. Go to a junior college and then try your luck at a major university CHUMP!!

  • The college's freedom has right of way over individual entitlement,
    No-one has the right to tell the college who they should accept unless they were obligated to serve everyone (which they are not, and could not)!

  • The college's freedom has right of way over individual entitlement,
    No-one has the right to tell the college who they should accept unless they were obligated to serve everyone (which they are not, and could not)!

  • I recently intended to apply to Harvard Law School. I found that I could cheat on the entrance exam. Harvard has not responded to my letters. Is this the kind of school this guy wants to go to?

  • Randolph Holmes says:

    Even Fox called out his bulls**t when he said Harvard had a racist history and had grown, to which they responded that his comment were not history they were in the last few years so how much could you have changed??? He's sorry because he got caught. Fox is the right place for him to be. Maybe Trump can give him a scholarship to Trump University.

  • He was playing a shock value game. These kids know more of what is unacceptable at that age and with the internet too, its a lot easier to find what is shocking. I'm pretty sure he was outed by some of his peers because of his view on gun control after surviving the school shooting.

  • I have to agree with the two guys here. There have been many people who have lost jobs or chances to thrive. He needs to try going elsewhere.

  • Being racist isn’t a right. Starting at the top, racists need to realize that most of society rejects hatred, and the people who espouse it as well. This isn’t about the kid. It’s about moral standards and principle. Good job Harvard. We all stand for something, and in this day and age, rejection of hatred is needed by all. Not taking this action would have shown acceptance of that despicable behavior. Also, in the end, maybe the most powerful teaching moment of his life. And many others will take note as well.

  • stop stupid Republicans Crowell says:

    Shoot the both the Message and the messager.. He offends a race of people. Then goes on the one network well known for causing the very problem of racism. He's either very shallow or completely devout of morallity.

  • Tired of the lies says:

    Let him go to a tech school. You're always sorry when you have to pay the consequences. Tech school are great. Plumbing, auto mechanics.

  • Quality Con-trolling says:

    Sorry bud, that’s called, we don’t except white privilege at our school. Bravo Harvard. Also 4:30, they were just protecting the students. It’s there job to warn them, just like you will tell a child to look both ways before crossing the street.

    Also the professor is right, if anything happens to any of the students because someone exists with hate or even has no respect for it or the people who associate it then they should be bared from social atmospheres

  • He's stupid enough to say these things publicly, Harvard shouldn't take him in. Even at MIT this would be seen as illogical and unintelligent, thus rejected. You go in at 18 years old, no dif to 16.
    This isn't about freedom of speech, he has the freedom, it's acceptance from a prestigious educational institution that rely's on global recognition.

  • Andreja Calibri says:

    Racists have plenty of opportunities in the rightwing world of fake news and extremist politics. So no, I don't feel sorry for him. He can still get rich never going to college and being a total jerk for the rest of his life.

  • Andreja Calibri says:

    Thank you Mr. Jolly, I was thinking the same thing. These look like the posts of some of our past mass shooters. This kid needs help.

  • Let the racist, POS renew his membership to the KKK and get an education that way. Or get him an NRA post till he goes out and makes the News as the next insane white boy that commits a mass shooting. Let the count down begin!

  • Actions have consequences.
    Words can be hurtful.
    It is imperative that parents teach their kids, at an early age, about their actions and words.

  • Good job Harvard. I know when I was 16 that all racial epithats were wrong. However in the discussion involving race and materuity. There is a difference between someone calling someone a racial epthithat and someone robbing or beating up someone. With the racial epithat regarless of the color of the skin of the 16 year old we know he or she is still young enough to be taught that this is wrong. Also while disgusting calling someone a name is not a crime. When a person committs a crime they should be punished. whether that crime means the rest of thier life in prison depends on what was done.

  • Christopher Taylor says:

    If you find out a student believes the earth is flat, he goes lower on the list. If you have a choice of two students, who are identical academically, the one that didn't say racists, sexist, evil, or stupid things gets priority.

  • The entire PREMISE of college admissions is judgement based on someone's actions at and around 16. To call foul because "he's young" is attempted political correctness from the right.

  • Art In The Dark says:

    They didn't allow him into Harvard because he has down syndrome. They could careless if he was acting racist lol.

  • I'm always amazed by how the Fascist Right always talks about personal responsibility, when talking about the poor and non-Republicans, yet never believes in responsibility for their own actions. They always expect to be held to a lower standard, and be given unlimited do-overs.

  • Brownsugerkiss says:

    Thank you Glaude!!!! Glad you made the point I was thinking! When you are white, you are a kid.When you are black/brown you are a deviant! Keep the same energy!!!!

  • Why are we even having this conversation, his racist rant wasn't thirty years ago, it was two years ago…where are the Jewish voices condemning his behavior his anti-Semitic speach, or does he get a pass because he is Jewish? If he was allowed to go to Harvard, what do you say to the other ten admission recipients whose admissions were revoked?

  • Hey guess what your white pill is didn't get you in the heart. See you thought that your track was solidified. See you fart that your mommy and your daddy and all that other b***** was going to get you there. So therefore you did with white boys do you engaged and unhealthy behaviors. Because since the dawn of this country white men have been rewarded for being unhealthy human beings. I know that all white men have benefited but you guys know what I'm saying. But we're living in a different time now. And as the world continues to grow White Privilege is going to shrink and shrink and Shrink. So Parkland Survivor as I see you're using that as a shield. You don't get into Harvard but you will get into another school. And you'll continue on. But when they Google your name this will come up. Because if that was a year-and-a-half ago. And your friends came to you and like the most shocking stuff and that's what comes out of you. Oh honey what's in the heart shall be spoken from the tub

  • Santino Vergara Castro says:

    BUT, BUT, BUT I thought CONservatives were the ones who believed in "tough love" and "consequences" for everything didn't they ??

  • You do what you do and you get what you get, the earlier you learn that the better off you are. Actions have consequences, news flash, for everyone.!!

  • Coletha Albert says:

    Harvard had the responsibility to protect their students from this heel of a human being. Bravo to Harvard!

  • tRUMP iz Duh GR8 white? DOPE! says:

    Too bad, Kyle. Try "practicing" being a decent person at another University. Harvard owes you NOTHING but contempt and scorn.

  • Recognize Game says:

    Media always asks if the synagogue shooter showed any signs of hate toward other groups before horrifically fatal incidents happen but MSNBC is on the fence about this one. #ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Recognize Game says:

    He is survivor of the Parkland School shooting that was committed by a 17 year old teenager but she asks if we should be concerned about this 16 year old sociopath. Should he be placed on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List is the more appropriate question.

  • At the beginning I was sceptical of Harvard's decision not to let him in. But actually, the facts and arguments in the discussion convinced me, they were not just within their rights, but actually right!
    That kid will find a career, and hopefully some insight into why people think he acted asinine – and learn; and change.

  • I dont think its right to be racist or homophobic but to take away this… Is bad… Bad for society because y'all forcing him to the trump side! Period! What should happen, society need racial programs for these kids and even adults…. Two black men saying its bad like they arent the 2 black men saying police dont judge them for stereotypes

  • o kap mein kap says:

    Is the desire to get an elite education so to exclude others consistent with National Socialist Workers' Party's ideal?

  • zammmerjammer says:

    "A friend group where who could say the most shocking thing, the most extreme thing, for the sake of shock value" — what exactly is shocking or extreme about anti-black racism in the USA?
    If this kid wanted to be "shocking" or "extreme" he should have typed something REALLY shocking like "black lives matter."

  • Harvard did show leadership. Harvard also lighted a better path, for example for a moral character, to future incoming students.
    #Harvard #Moral #Leadership #KyleKashuv

  • He has nothing to worry about, clown and trump university are more than willing to accept him, he’d fit in perfectly!

  • Oletha Wade-Matthews says:

    He's lying he's not sorry at all. At 16 your moral characteristics and boundaries are already formed. He's a racist and that's that! Good job Harvard

  • Leeland Glover says:

    This kid is really gonna hate people of color because of his stupidity…take the L and attend a community college.

  • Kenshin Himura says:

    Lol the joke was funny I don’t get the fuss I guess I am just normal and I don’t get offended by EVERYTHING

  • Kyle Kushav, will struggle in life with a 1450 SAT score…

    David Hogg, will struggle in Harvard with a 1270 SAT score

  • Absolutely not shocked he turned out to be a racist POS. Own it Kyle. Be proud of it! You have every right to be who you are, but the lesson to be learned here, is that you will be judged by those views. You can't expect Harvard to overlook your character!

  • When it's 16 yr old white Harvard rejects kids are kids oh but when it's 14 yr old black kids they are irredeemable super predators that should be tried as adults and locked away for life. This is My Amerikkka!

  • George George says:

    Kyle Kashuv has a serious case of Histrionic Personality Disorder and he needs some serious psychiatric help. He mentions some wild statements and he doesn't have the sufficient cranial capacity to forecast the consequences of his statements and behavior. Very typical histrionic behaviour.

  • George George says:

    Harvard didn't reject his college admission due to the fact that he is a racist, it was due to the fact, instead, that he lacks the sufficient IQ to forecast the repercussions of his actions.

  • From where I sit, if its a choice between two candidates where in the other one doesn't have the sufficient IQ to forecast and identify the possible repercussions of his actions and the other one that has, well the choice is just plain and simple, I'd choose the latter. Need I say more?

  • Dominic Cruz says:

    What he said was disgusting. It was racist and bigoted. HOWEVER, I do indeed believe in second chances. I don’t think someone should have their name dragged through the mud and their lives destroyed because of a rude comment they made in the past. He should definitely be held accountable for what he said, but taking away something he’s clearly worked hard for isn’t the best solution to the problem.

  • Bull…why is the past the past for whites? He would not be forgiven for his "past" comments were he black. He cannot help his mindset as obviously this is who he was raised to be. His parents passed their hate on just like it was passed onto them. He has not changed and will not change. He will be fine as he lives in a country built on the backs of and in the blood of slaves. To this day this country wants to downplay the full impact of its racial hatred and it's ongoing presence in this society. Age doesn't give anybody of color a pass on bad behavior either. This lil hate monger will be just fine. He's a white male so he can just stop the whining and move on. Look at the rascist in the White House Kyle. You met him right? See how white privilege can work for you? You have all you need to be a success in America… With or without Harvard. You are white, male and you hate people of color. Man you have it made!

  • At 16 I was a caregiver while finishing high-school. I was so busy with those I didn't know about social media until my senior year.

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