Short Girls Kashtalu || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Short Girls Kashtalu || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

I think you’ll again be made
to sit in the first bench. I did many height enhancement
exercises in the summer break. I’m sure my height increased.
I don’t want to sit in the first bench. Form a line all of you
according to your heights. I’m so sorry!
– You’re too short to even ride this vehicle. It’s a illegal for underaged people to drive.
– Underaged and me? Do you have valid papers on you? Your parents would be arrested
for letting their underaged daughter drive. Don’t drive until you become
old enough to drive. I’m sorry. That is beyond reach.
I’ll rather take things I can reach. Every trouser I buy
is too long for me. You ever did this? Why even spend 20 bucks
on getting these altered. Gau, where are you headed?
– To the pool. To the pool!
– You want to come? But, I don’t know how to swim.
Maybe, I’d just stand in the pool. How deep is the pool, by the way?
– Around 6-7ft. 6 or 7ft? I’m out. You go ahead.
– Alright. If you’re worried about the pool being deep,
try the 2ft deep pool meant for kids. Screw you! Jahnavi? Hi, there.
– Hi. Remember me? I’m Ganesh Kumar.
My roll number was 21. You’re Jahnavi Dasetty, right?
You used to sit in the 1st bench and I in the 2nd. How are you?
It’s been so many years. I’m good. How are you?
– I’m good, too. You’ve changed a lot over the years.
– Is it? Back then you used to look so stupid,
but now you look fine. But you still look the same.
– Stop kidding. I’ve put on so much weight. I was talking about your height.
You still are so short. I guess your growth stopped
after school. I should add some salt to it. This seems like a fine place
to cook from. I’m out of frame.
– Move backwards then. It is all dark here.
– Come here and bend a little. I look so short.
I don’t want any selfies. You don’t look short,
you are short. What are you guys watching? Am I some sort of arm rest? We’ll be late for the movie.
Let’s rush. Tall people have longer strides
and so they walk quick. How do they expect me
to keep pace with them? Wait for me. My heels have arrived!
– Are you sure about wearing those? Hereon, none would say I’m short.
– You sure about wearing those till evening? You won’t be comfortable in those.
– I don’t give a damn about comfort. I’m so vexed up with everyone
commenting on my height. Are you sure?
– I’m sure. Infact, I’m finding these comfortable. I feel like I’m looking at the world
from a new perspective. Wait up. You still are shorter than me. Gau, my feet are hurting so bad.
– Served you right. If I wear heels ever again,
punch me in the face. I warned you, didn’t I?
– Are these 1 feet tall heels? 1 feet? I think they are 5 ft tall.
They are as tall as me. Screw you both. Are even your friends
this irritating? I’ve got extra pair of flip-flops
in my car. I’ve been carrying these
more than wearing these. I’m sorry, but kids aren’t allowed.
– What? I’m 25.
– Please produce a proof of the same. I just realised I’ve got no IDs on me.
I left them at my place. Go get them from your place then.
I’ll be waiting. Please understand. All my friends are in.
– You’ve any soft copy of your ID? Too bad, my phone’s battery just died. I’ll charge it up, if you let me in.
I can show you my soft copy then. Isn’t it too convenient
that even your phone’s battery died? I am 25! Why would I lie
about being older than what I am? She and I work
for the same company. She’s 25. She’s my colleague.
– We both are of the same age group. I need to follow some rules here, ma’am.
– Check my ID if you wish too. I can’t let her in
on your ID. If you let me in, I can charge my phone
and produce you the soft copy. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in.
– All my friends are inside. It isn’t happening, ma’am.
Please leave. Let’s leave. Do you plan
to ditch me here? Why are all mirrors
placed so high? I can’t even see my shirt in the mirror.
– My shirt looks fine, right? Yes, it is fine. Tall people can see until their waists.
But I can’t even see below my neck. Have these.
Eat and work. Just look at him, Jahnu. He is 6 years younger than you.
But he is way taller than you. People may think you’re younger than him.
– You speak like he is as tall as Prabhas. Maybe he should replace Prabhas
in Bahubali 3. You speak like he is 6ft 4inches.
– I always asked you to eat veggies. But like always,
you never paid any heed. And that’s why
you ended up being so short. But he grew up tall
and intelligent. Unlike you. Wonder how I can
get this short girl married. Get lost! Who is short like you in your family?
Your mom or your dad? Why do you ask? So as to ask
my parents if their parents were short? Didn’t you ever use
Yoko Height as a child? You should’ve used them.
You might have grown in height a little. Didn’t you ever play Basketball?
Atleast, start playing now. It won’t make
much difference now though. Get a pull up rod fixed in your room. Try hanging from that.
Maybe you’d grow a little. What is your shoe size again?
2 or 3? You shop
from kids section, don’t you? You are short, right?
Why don’t you wear heels? I don’t like wearing heels. You know what..
– I should start playing basketball? No. You should’ve had Complan
as a child. Do you have any problem
with me being short? Don’t worry, Jahnavi.
Short people are usually smart. Don’t worry, Jahnavi.
Short people are usually smart. Don’t worry, Jahnavi.
Guys like smart girls. ‘One thing I hate to hear the most
is that short people are usually smart.’ So these are the problems
I face everyday. If at all we meet anywhere,
don’t ever comment on my height. I’m only 5ft tall. I was asked to make a video like this
by many. I hope you enjoyed it. I case you did, give it a like.
Comment and let me know your suggestions. By the way, are you watching
‘Memu’ web series on Viu? 4 episodes are out already. Manoj, Chicago Subbarao, Jalsa Rayudu
and I are a part of that series. So, download the Viu app
and watch it. Do let me know
if you enjoyed that aswell?


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