Shenanigans – Cleaning Out. Breaking In.

Shenanigans – Cleaning Out. Breaking In.

Michael: So this is the Achievement Hunter office if you’ve seen- as you’ve seen many times- I just came off from Off Topic and it was 2 hours and 20 minutes long so I have a lot of beer in me, but this plan was from yesterday. Gavin’s got all this shit right here, right? Like this is all his shit. Which even this is consolidated. Like this, I packed all this shit in a bag for him because some fan gave him Christmas presents that’s he’s never fucking opened yet. So I packed it in a bag for him, but we’re sick and tired of looking at all this shit This fucking stupid nose. He wanted to be this for Halloween, didn’t use it and then just left it there so now we have a giant nose in our office. So we decided let’s just dump all his shit into his office next door. The only problem with that is he locks it all the time. So we’ll just break in. [♪ Dramatic music starts and continues to play ♪] Michael: This is proof of concept, we need to know that we can break in. When we actually have the energy to fuck his office up. Jack: I mean it’s a thin door right? Kdin: It’s very thin.
Jack: We can just kick a hole right through it. Michael: We could kick it in, it’d be really funny. That’s what we escalate to if we can’t get it open. Jack: What we should do is do that thing where actually take uh, y’know, drywall and just wall up his whole door. Like, it’s gone. Michael: Listen, if it makes some money they’ll- they’ll buy a new door, and if it doesn’t make any money then he won’t have a door. Ryan: It’s not movin’. Kdin: No? Not havin’ it?
Ryan: Not moving, just bending the card. Jack: Alright, well, we’ll get some more stuff. Michael: Hey you! [Kicking the door] [Soft laughter] Michael: This can’t be hard to open. This piece of shit?
Kdin: No. Michael: I’mma… I’mma check Amazon and see how fast I can get a lockpick. Ryan: Locks are hard. Thieves must have really boring lives. [Disgruntled irritated noises] This is the second lock I’ve ever picked. The first one being the clear lock that came with this kit. Kdin: [Laughing]
Ryan: It’s over there somewhere. Alright, so you can see though like, all the pins are down. This is the theory as I understand it. So, now that pin has popped up. This one goes- there it is. Kdin: Look at that. Ryan: It also did not come with instructions so I’m totally just feeling this out. You know in all the movies where it’s just like ‘I got this’ and then they just whip out the tool kit and then you just kick the door open? We’re real close to that. Matt: What if he booby-trapped the other side of the door? Trevor: He’s just sitting in there?
Matt: Yeah. Kdin: Surprise! I’m not on vacation at all!
Matt: [Faking a british accent] ‘What? What are you doing?’ Kdin: ‘Wot?’
Matt: ‘You’re not supposed to be in here.’ It’s like ‘I’ve been livin’ here.’ The best solution, or like the best outcome for this is that we’re fucking with this lock, and we never open it and then he can’t open it after that with the key. Trevor: Alright, so I couldn’t get it Matt.
Matt: Okay, let me give it a little bit… Kdin: Put it in the L-spot.
Matt: In the L-spot, and this is the wedge thing? Trevor: That’s the tension rod-
Kdin: Yeah, the other way, that’s it, put it- [♪ Dramatic music cuts off ♪] Trevor: Wait a minute. Did I fucking unlock that?
Matt: [Laughing] No, that was all me. Trevor: You used the tension rod!
Matt: You absolutely unlocked it. Trevor: Alright, let’s go get Ryan. [♪ An amiable tune starts up ♪] Lindsay: Want help?
Michael: Sure, grab some shit and throw it in his office. Kdin: Pick it up and go Lindsay. Michael: I have his ‘How To Speak British’ book. Lindsay: Nice.
Michael: Dude, he’s gonna love this. Just make sure you fucking- you’re not rough with his shit. Lindsay: No I’m good, I’m gentle. Michael: I was gonna kick the door but it was already open. [A sigh of relief] There we go. There we go. Kdin: Just throw it everywhere. There you go. Perfect. Just- just throw it. Just toss it. Literally just toss it. Yeah you’re good. Michael: Here I’ll leave his uh, his presents right here. Lindsay: How fortunate for you, Gavin.
Michael: Shenanigans! He never plays PS4, that can go in there. He’s got a bag of cookies, we got… a Gavin Free bottle of Coke. Um, I- this is the ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug that I bought him. ‘Best Boss Ever.’ This is here is the photo that a fan sent to Gavin with the request that he sign it and send it back to them. He did not do that but has kept it on his desk and just- for himself, and so now he displays it in every video. So thanks fan, he stole your photo and your frame, but it’s a really nice frame. Um yeah, he’s big on those coffee cups. He leaves those all over the place. Lindsay: I will say, if we’re gonna do this we should clean this area I think. Just clean it a little bit. Kdin: Oh yeah, there you go. Michael: At least fuckin’… y’know… Kdin: At least spread it around, yeah.
Michael: Smear it at least. She got it like- this is actually good ’cause it sanitizes the cup. Kdin: It’s a little dirty, yeah. Michael: Aw, look at that. That’s great. Also, I just threw away all those wrappers he has on his desk. Y’know, you need those wrappers. Gavin… Oh cool, hope you didn’t need that fuckin’ expense report. ‘Cause you don’t need it now! [Laughter] Michael: … I should probably clean that up. [More laughter] Michael: This is how you use a paper towel properly. Kdin: I mean, that’s max absorbency right? Michael: Just dab- oh wow it really leaked across the whole back of his desk. Oh dude, what am I doing now? I got files opening. Gavin-! The problem is if he wasn’t so messy this wouldn’t happen. What’d he do? Spill soda all over his desk?! Fucking idiot. Do you think this will be sticky? Kdin: Oh it will be. Michael: Piece of shit.
Ryan: Gives me flashbacks to college. Michael: Oh, whoa, what if he wants to join the beta? Guys! Beta! Rainbow Six Siege Beta, hello! He needs the shades, shades are good. The cum shirt needs to stay. That’s… That’s like pivotal Gavin right there. This is Gavin when he’s out of the office. I just look at this shirt. We really need to make this shirt. Some water. Take this out. Kdin: I mean, that’s just gonna clean up the carpet. Michael: It’s honestly, that’s why I’m doing it, because he had Dr. Pepper everywhere. I don’t know if you saw it before, but there was like- It’s like he just took Dr. Pepper and went like this on his desk ’cause it was all over the place. Kdin: Unprofessional.
Michael: Fucking savage animal idiot. Ryan: Just leave one little… Michael: Ohhh, that’s nice! Ryan: There- there we go.
Kdin: That’s thoughtful, Ryan. Michael: Give him a sweet treat. Jeremy’s sleepin’! Jeremy: [A relaxed sigh] Goodnight, moon. ‘Sup? Michael: He didn’t even have to do anything. This is like every other time we move offices and Gavin doesn’t show up. Kdin: This is lookin’ good! Michael: It’s full that’s the thing that’s nice. Like, it really ties the room together. He’s got one shoe right there. Y’know, that… Kdin: That’s half a cent. That won’t fit him at all because he’s a smaller shoe size than me but, he could wear it if he wants. Kdin: I mean, he could probably get both feet in it.
Michael: He could live in it. Y’know, that old bitch lived in a shoe. Kdin: It’s true.
Michael: Gavin could do it. Shenanigans! [Faking a British accent]I’m waiting, Gavin, waiting to give you your Tower of… of Pimps. The gold block. But your desk sucks and it’s stupid like your face, Gavin. Ryan: I don’t think I like this idea at all. Lindsay: Oh god, watch out Michael. Kdin: Ryan you’re-
Ryan: Watch out Michael?! [Laughter]
Ryan: Fuck no. Michael: Yeah, she’s gonna kill your ass. Ryan: ‘There’s no justice for me, or my daughter.’ I think that’s a really dramatic change. Michael: This looks great. Like, that nose has been pissing me off since October. Alright let’s check his office. Kdin: Let’s get that last box.
Ryan: Final tally. Oh yeah, yeah. Michael: Ugh, heavy. Ryan: I think we did a good deed today. Kdin: We brightened this room. Michael: We cleaned our office and like, moved him into his office. Ryan: It wasn’t homey before. Now, it feels like Gavin’s work space. Michael: It’s homey as fuck.
Kdin: It’s lived in. Ryan: It looked too professional.
Kdin: Yeah. Michael: How fucking full of himself is he? I mean, he’s hanging this in here. Ryan: Well, it’s better than looking at us. Michael: And then he covered Dan’s face. Fuck. Jesus. [Soft laughter] I think it looks great. You’re welcome, Gavin. Michael: Jack. Jack. So we had these- we had these sent to us, right?
Jack: Oh yeah. Michael: From… I think it was like for Christmas, at the end of the year last year, but we waited so we could open ’em on AHWU. And this is from Chelsea, the girl who made the lovely duck mask. That Ryan wore in uh, the mini-golf. The really creepy weirdo mask from the game that he wore. So, she also made these and basically it’s like ‘Bluhh, I have great handwriting, look at me, these are for you, can you open ’em up on camera?’ Jack: This says ‘For Jack.’ Ryan.
Michael: So there’s one for each of us besides Lil’ J. Jack: You don’t have to be on camera but here, you can hold yours off camera. Michael: Yep, everyone can hold theirs. Ryan, you can got yours. Jack: Oh, Geoff’s not here right now.
Michael: Geoff’s not here, we’ll save his. Jack you got yours. ‘Sup Gavin. So we’re opening ours on camera, hang on. Jack: Aw look at that! Michael: It’s our sheep.
Jack: A little Tostada. Michael: She said- she said uh,
Jack: Oh, it’s even labeled. Michael: She said you can either stand them up on two legs or sit them. Gavin: [Fake crying]
Michael: And they’ll like sit. Jack: Look at that, they’ll squat. They’ll totally squat. That’s adorable.
Michael: Gav. Gav. Gav. Fun fact though. You- you did get one too. It’s in your office. Gavin: In my other office? Michael: Mhm.
Gavin: Oh… Yeah. Is it like… on fire or something? Michael: You should get it.
Gavin: Oh, alright then. Michael: You should get it. You gotta get that… gotta get that sheep. Gotta get that sheep. Michael: I think uh… I think it’s just sitting on your desk. Gavin: Oh. Is my desk still there? Michael: Why wouldn’t it be? Michael: Didn’t notice maybe… office was a little cleaner? Gavin: Ohhhh… I didn’t even notice the nose wasn’t in the other room. Ohhh… Michael: Right there though. There it is. Gavin: Eyyy! There’s a lot of stuff in here. There’s even like old coffee. [Snickering] Gavin: There’s mold! That’s a lot of shit… Michael: Yeah no, it was really funny. So uh, on Thursday I ordered a set of lock picks to break into your office to fill it with all of your own shit. Gavin: Ohh… Oh is this all mine? Michael: Yeah. That’s all your stuff. That’s all the stuff sitting near your desk. Shenanigans. In AHWU, but we’ll take it out of AHWU. Shenanigans. Michael: Oh that’s a bomb, that’s a bomb, that’s a bomb.
Gavin: Wha-? OH! Michael: Oh my god, Gavin.
Gavin: No! It’s getting massive! Michael: Whooooaaa!
Gavin: Hold on! Hold on! Michael: Shit! It’s still comin’.
Gavin: That was scary. Michael: The whole planet’s gonna explode! Gavin: How do we get away from this? It’s too big!
Michael: I don’t know I’m just flying! Look at the map! Gavin: Ruuun! Ruuuun!
Michael: It’s taking up the whole fucking map!


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