Sharing Too Much Information with the Family (Kardashians Spoof)

Sharing Too Much Information with the Family (Kardashians Spoof)

– Okay, I’ll see you soon. Bye. – Was that your new boy toy? – Yes, he’s coming over to play chess. – Mom, ew! – What? – We don’t wanna hear about
what you do in the bedroom. – What? No, it’s a game! – We don’t wanna hear what
he does to your chest. – He’s not … Have you never heard of chess? – Mom, We don’t want to hear about him playing with your chest! – No that isn’t– – Do you want me to vomit, Kris? – No I don’t– – Keep talking and you’ll see me vomit. – How do you not know– – Just go. – You know what? Fine. – You guys wanna play chess? – I call the black pieces. – Of course you do. (eerie music) (grunts) – [Prudence] Come on,
come on you son of a … – Prudence, are you almost done? – [Prudence] Yeah, yeah, almost. – Are you sure no one will see? – Everyone’s in class, so hopefully not. Prudence, hurry up! – The deed is done. – Do you really think hiding
it there was the best idea? – Zack, where else are we gonna put it? Besides, no one goes into
the janitor’s closet. (growling) – Seriously? – I’m sorry, I sorta skipped breakfast. Nervous about the first day and all. – Okay, well let’s lay
down some ground rules. – No more drinking from humans. – Not even just a quick nibble? – No! – Okay, okay, got it. But what if my cravings get really bad? – Resist it! – I knew you’d be hanging
out with these two losers, skank ball! (dramatic music) – Tiffany, what are you– – Shut up! I’m talking to the demon over here. That’s right, Scar! I know your secret! ♪ Simgm Productions ♪ ♪ Simgm Productions ♪ ♪ Simgm Productions ♪ ♪ Simgm Productions ♪


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