Shane Dawson REACTS To Tana’s Wedding + Ryland Wants Small Ceremony! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

Shane Dawson REACTS To Tana’s Wedding + Ryland Wants Small Ceremony! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

I I can’t with this visor! Oh hi, oh come on in. Are you excited? No. I will say I will be very relaxed and I’ll make you comfortable. This feels like a grinder date! I wanna explore. Like do you want to go the the- the glam room? Yeah yeah Is that cheeto!? Oh my god you scared me, oh yes that’s cheeto! Cheeto I was here yesterday don’t act like you don’t know me No, I was screaming too loud I got aggressive Cheeto, come on don’t be afraid of the cameras come on Come on the controversies over you can come down There we go. He’s been in hiding Okay to the glamor room. So this is the room where I beat my face. There’s a rumor that Ryland does that But no, I beat my own Okay. Wait. Okay, this is Let me make sure that I don’t have any Things I shouldn’t be showing Is there anything else that can’t be seen? No, I think everything is allowed. All right First of all, I love this setup so much. Welcome to my therapy space. This is where I come at 3:00 a.m And Ryland worries about me. This lighting is everything by the way. Yeah I asked I asked um for something that would make me look different. Oh They delivered. This was it. Um, okay, so I have some more rumors from the internet. Wait, what is that the Evian spray? Oh, this is a Jeffrey Star Starberry mist. Oh, yes, does it make you glow? Oh, it smells so good. Okay Is it true that you’re a lizard person? whoa. And you post relatable content to get to the smart humans that the other lizard people can’t get to Interesting. Well entering the beauty community. I have encountered a lot of snakes. Okay. Lizard people though, not so much. No I wish I was a lizard. Let me look at your eyes Woah I don’t think he’s a lizard person. If you guys haven’t seen those videos Like people think Justin Bieber and quite a few celebrities are and their, like their eyes like glaze over. It’s like this weird… I think they’re just over it I don’t think they’re lizard people as much as they are just like I need to go. ‘I need to get out of here’ Um, okay. Who do you think starts some of these rumors? Obviously some of your obsessed fans start crazy rumours but like Have you ever encountered like one particular person who like starts rumors about you? First of all, I don’t call them fans I call them my family. Yes. Yes. I don’t think I have obsessed fans. I don’t know. I’ve never been that. Yeah. I feel like- I don’t know I’m not like attractive and young. I don’t- Wait Shane- What- back in uh Was it? 2016 we were In another part of California, there were like literally swarms of people coming over to you. What? At the parade. Oh my god, we were in a parade together! I’ve never encountered this before we were at this- in the Downy Christmas parade and Shane was just standing there with Ryland and I- like out of nowhere they were Like I’ve never seen that before. Well, it’s Downy and people in Downy- I’m from a- close area. Yeah. Yeah And people and Downy are just like ‘Oh, somebody else is here’, you know. To piggyback off that question Do you- like is it true? You actually get anxiety going outside. Is that related to that or is it something else? Yes Oh, no, I am very self-conscious. I have a lot of issues. I don’t like leaving my house because it’s not about like ‘Im so famous’ it’s not that at all I feel like people are looking at my body and judging me which is crazy cuz nobody cares but in my head like ‘oh I look fat’ So I just like don’t like leaving I also have social anxiety and it’s getting really bad the older I get. But you said Jeffrey’s helping? He’s like me. For sure for for sure. I think that he’s- and people in my life now that I’m surrounded by are helping to just kind of like reminding me that like I should just embrace the body I have and the person I am and not feel like I don’t know. I’m just trying to like embrace I think you’re making progress, you know, very proud. Excuse me while I check myself really fast In this mirror, okay Just like I’m moving around the room. Oh Oh If you haven’t read ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ check it out it’s about people who use other people- oh wow. And it’s very very dark and I used to read it when I was like five and it is really- it has held up So it’s like if you give them off the cookie like they keep coming back Yes Oh cuz Jeffrey tweeted the other day saying something about deleting contacts on his phone and you replied to that like How do you deal with people who you know are just using you or only are friends with you for a particular reason? It’s hard. It’s gotten harder as I’ve gotten older But I think my problem is the way you blew that out. I am done I am done My problem is I like helping people I am like a magnet to people who want to just take a straw and stick it in my neck and suck the life out of me and then leave so I’ve been trying to Just guard my neck a little bit. Yeah Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t even remember the question because I just fell down a really dark hole It was just about people using- I guess I understand what you’re saying I mean, I don’t think I have anything to offer anyone that sounds dark. whoa……. okay I guess what I mean is…. let’s light a candle for you um I am very guarded when it comes to the people. I let in my life so I’ve always been that way like when I first meet you I Will be closed off and very socially awkward and then as you get to know me then I become more comfortable Oh, yeah. I thought you didn’t like me That’s how it is like literally everybody thinks that when they first meet me because I I Judge and assess like your character. It’s like a whole process but I really like you But no I completely understand I think a trick I’ve learned is if you go to- if you get a text from somebody and you- your stomach drops. Mhmm Or you get like Oh God anxiety. That’s that person. You need to cut them out. It’s a red flag yes, and then if you look at the text conversation and it is always them hitting you up needing something even if it’s a little Yeah Even if it is advice about a little thing if you really go back and they never ask how you are or it’s always like those are people too where now there’s like a list of like 15 people who I just don’t respond to their text Yeah And the crazy thing is you would think that they’d be mad at me But when I see them in person they don’t care because they know they’re like well at some point, you know I’m gonna keep hitting him up because maybe you’ll say yes. Yeah, but I know I’m using him so It’s dark.It’s why I don’t leave the house. You should get out more Okay, so in the future and this is me trying to do signs, um, you know, if and when AJ proposes Would you come to the wedding if we invited you? Would you leave the house to come? Yes, but where is it? Well, I don’t know yet cuz I’m not engaged. So. If it’s if it’s within uburring distance, oh my god, I’ll be there Okay. If it’s a plane situation, I will send you the nicest DM and then I will even you know Some Amazon wishlist. I’ll do something nice. Yeah, okay, you know since we’ve been talking about all this wedding stuff, you know Tana Recently got married Is it true that you gave tana advice to not get married? but Me giving tana advice. Um No, I I don’t think I saw her. No, I did see her once Before the wedding but it was like months before. I don’t know I mean Tana, okay, you know those people who you’re like I love them. They’re like family I you know, whatever but like there’s certain things where you just like you’re just like you just like don’t look at it That’s one of them but and I also like… Jake is really sweet. I don’t know it’s weird I haven’t really fully delved into the whole thing. I didn’t watch the wedding. I heard the livestream didn’t work. I don’t know I don’t like that they charged. So yeah But everybody doesn’t mind. Yeah. So what was that like a bit or is that like a PR stunt like oh we’re gonna charge? But I don’t really know. Um, but yeah, have they even seen each other There’s a lot of questions, but I also don’t care about the answers. Yeah, and so I’m 31 Because obviously Tana and Jake, you did series about. So when they are both involved. Oh Was that weird for you at all? Or as you said you just didn’t really. It just made sense. Yeah It’s you know, I was like, oh yeah I was surprised that didn’t happen sooner. But they are is it have they pretended like it’s real? Today there was a story that Jake was out to lunch with Erika Costell and Tana Saw it and she found out via social media and she responded She’s liking all these tweets where people were saying like, oh she fell in love with them and she’s really hurt. So yeah The whole thing. I think Tana is very funny. And I think she should focus on being funny I think Jake is good with business and I think he also Needs to focus on videos, you know, and I think Erika Costello is a goat Queen and she just needs to you know Live her goat dreams. Is it true that you don’t care what people think about you? No That’s my problem Mm. I’ve gotten better at it. I I Get like I always think everybody hates me and everyone is mad at me so that’s my problem And I always think everybody thinks that I look ugly and fat that’s another problem. Which I’ve been trying to tell you you don’t Your initial response to in our little game exchange I didn’t like the way you put yourself down So and I said I responded immediately to say that’s not true. But um where’s Ryland? I think he’s probably doing yoga or he’s drinking a green juice or wait a minute. Do I hear him walking in? Oh my god What a surprise and you’re mic ed up already Come join us Ryland. Okay. All right, welcome welcome to Roompatrolcelebtakeover. I used to host Well not celeb take over. I really wanted to make sure you were here today because this used to be your show Well, like you said Room patrol so like full circle moment. Um, how are you by the way? I’m good. Can I see the ring, please? I have lots of wedding questions my first one Is it true that you guys don’t love each other? Oh! And this is all for clout. Whoa-ohh a hundred percent It’s yeah, it’s clouty it’s clouty and it’s um. No we wouldn’t be living together or having animals together for clout I don’t even know what clout that would be No I love your relationship so much because When you weren’t around he said that you like allow him to be himself and be comfortable Which I was like you were always just yourself and comftable at clever, but I just love that you can bring that out of him So that’s just a little sign Is it true that you’re getting married on your fourth anniversary in March of 2020? HUH well, we haven’t even figured it out. I mean well do you wanna answer? No well, no, it’s just been a crazy year Especially for him. He’s been working on essentially a full year long project and then my brother also got married this year So we probably won’t even start planning until the end of this year Who’s gonna do the majority of the planning do you think it’ll be a collaborative effort or is gonna be like one takes the lead? I think they’ll be like two sections like There’s you know, we want to do it like a typical, you know private, you know wedding type of vibe That’s a little more chill, but then I really want to do a carnival yeah. So I’ll probably plan the carnival like I’ll book JoJo Siwa I’ll book, you know, I mean I’ll book all them and then you and I’ll get the zipper. Do know the zipper? Um, so yeah like I’lldeal with that and then he can deal with like the actual wedding yeah, I’ll probably do that Even though it’s the early stages Since I know you don’t like to leave do you think it’s going to be on the property? The wedding? Yeah Absolutely, yes, yes, it will be the actual Ceremony will be pretty small. And just like I mean, yeah It’ll be pretty small and probably here and then it’s definitely $50 livestream With no sound. But then we’ll throw a carnival and everyone’s invited. Um so Don’t say veryone. Well, not everyone but everyone that we know I didn’t even mean that about like fans or family. Yeah Um, I meant that more like oh, there’s so many youtubers who I haven’t written back. Well, how do you narrow down the guest list? We haven’t even started tackling that we don’t even have a date. We don’t even know when we’re getting married We’re not in a rush I mean our life feels like we’re already married Like even when we got engaged my mum was like I already kind of feel like you guys are married like she was excited But she’s like I kind of feel like you guys are already married. Yeah, we do all the things that married people do already There’s so many like legal things like aren’t there like things we have to sign? prenups Should we do that right now? On camera? Yes I have the documents So when you announced your engagement like you were legit trending worldwide like what which is weird to me because Obviously Shane, you know Like your Shane, but Ryland like I knew you from Clever and then like Ryland trending as well It was it’s pretty weird. I mean it’s a weird world and it’s a weird journey I’ve gone on Especially since I’ve left clever, but it’s been stressful and very rewarding and not the engagement part Yeah, but just the whole internet part and then I mean that was pretty weird, but it was fun I mean I’m glad that they’re excited for us and they can share that with us and I felt like and I think we felt like that we owed it to everyone I mean they’ve watched our whole relationship unfold so it was cool for Me it was like a very big sign from the universe Because that that had been planned for a long time a lot of people- there’s a rumor- that I only proposed to get out of A controversy because I was trending on Twitter the day before for a stupid thing whatever but no, of course not that’s crazy. But When I was trending, you know the weekend or the day before it was Awful and I always get anxiety and it always ruined my whole whatever and then when I propose and all that stuff happened and then him Trending like number one cuz I don’t really care about stuff like that But seeing his name and then it was like the day before it was like Shane Dawson’s over And like my cat all these dumb things and then the next day it was like Ryland and it was almost like and I cried and it was like this moment of like oh, That’s what matters like that this person It was like God in the universe being like yeah, that’s he’s what matters don’t with all the drama and next time a scandal happens Whatever. I don’t care, it’s like now I have him and so who cares? Yeah. And the whole engagement was done Perfect. Like my family was here. It was like it was really Love it Do you know who’s going to uh, like you’re gonna change your names? Last names or is it gonna stay Ryland Adams, Shane Dawson Well, or are you going to hyphenate it? Dawson’s not even I don’t know. Your real names Yaw yeah Yeah, and I don’t think I’m a Ryland Yaw and your names not even Ryland. Oh, no, it’s Ryan. Yeah, I forgot. Yeah you both You both have stage names! I mean maybe legally we will do something but as far as like outwardly Probably not. Yeah. I don’t know how that works with guys do you?. How do you choose who gets who’s name? I don’t even know. That’s the whole conversation where I’ve done not fight but when we talk about you need to talk about children and it’s like well, how’s that gonna work because Then it’s like if we do hyphonate it who goes first. Is it Ennis Gibson or is it Gibson Ennis? It is like it’s a whole thing Maybe the new thing is like oh, I I don’t even have a name like maybe kids will just be their first name That’s it. But no, there’s too many In the class there’s gonna be Five Tyler’s and nobody can decipher. Well, then they have to battle it out. See who’s best. No, I don’t know I don’t think We I don’t think we’ll ever get caught up in little details like that cuz I just don’t think it matters that much to us specifically. Yeah. You know and as far as Kids is a different bridge to cross. Yeah, as long as the kids are happy and they’re not you know, I don’t know I dont really care. I love these little ripples betwwen you guys. Our dogs do have his fake last name. Yes. Yes. He says of course So that means our kids will probably have his fake last name too, but then it’s a fake last name So is it true that because Tana commented on your engagement post that she’s going to be the flower girl? Oh She first of all what well she’s been getting better at not being late. I was gonna say she’d show up like at the honeymoon with the bucket of flowers So if she can get there on time then sure yeah, yeah. She’ll be with like really close family I mean maybe she could do it at like the actual carnival like she can put on a show. Stop it she is family I don’t have that much family so for me I know it sounds sad and weird and toxic but for me a lot of these like like Trish and Tana and Jeffrey like there’s certain youtubers who like I Don’t know they feel like family to me That sounds so sad. No it’s not sad you create your family’s its not always blood Do you think that you uno or honey or cheeto? One of them would be like the ring bearer? That’ll be so cute with a little tuxedo. Cheeto would be like jumping around and scratching everyone Uno and Honey, can’t stay focused if there’s people that they don’t know around. Just think about it Well we want to do because I can’t wear rings they scare me Yeah. Cuz like I feel like my fingers are gonna fall off. So and I’ve tried a different range doesn’t work so I was thinking if somebody could tattoo a ring on my finger like at the wedding right like it’s like I do and then Somebody’s like bZZZT so that I think that’s what we’re gonna do. Okay, so If we do the tattoo like are we just thinking like a band? tattoo Oh or do you want to do like a Full diamond shape. Wait and I get don’t people get like piercings that are like internal like I could get like a diamond Poking out of my finger. Stop it that would be so cool. That’s what I wanna do. If it was like a belly button Diamond on each side actually No, that’s bad because I like to pick so like I have little wounds everywhere So I would start picking it out and then it would be bad so nevermind. Okay? Well, that changed really fast Ryland So I’m very impressed with, we’re in the glamour room which if you haven’t watched the video, you designed this room um and The room underneath the stairs Is it true that you’re going to do a whole makeover series I mean of our own house probably I love that I can Justify it being my job to make over a room. So that’s been really fun for me And I’ve never like never even dabbled in designing until I did this little panic room Yep. So now I’ve had a lot of fun doing this room and I keep thinking what other rooms I can tackle but I also think it’s like I like the whole process of mapping it out and seeing it through so I think I want to Do our patio out there, but I don’t think I’ll ever do it as like a show show You would have become like the next like mr. Cade or something I mean if somebody wants to produce it it’s like too much work to like get it all together and do it so quickly and stuff like that if somebody wanted like my Sister and I to do a show like that. I’m available but… Hows the garden going? It hasn’t started He got mad at me the other day because he got me this really cute garden kit That says like Ryland’s garden and stuff. And then summer are just escaped me. My brother got married, all of these things were happening We were traveling a lot and then I felt like I missed the opportunity now, it’s already almost fall again, and I flopped Well.. I mean.. there’s still time. Yeah. Yeah I’m pissed I was told I was gonna have Tomatoes and guacamole and- We were gonna carve our own pumpkins. No, you know what I have now, I’ve Gophers Who shit everywhere on everything, I have rats. I have just- not in the house thankfully Something died in my house I can smell something coming from the walls I’ll figure it out later. But yeah, the garden is not real. Yeah but it’s going to be real that’s it’s one of my endeavors. Okay. I’ll be looking out for it. Have you seen Billy Porter’s dress? With the tuxedo. Would you ever do that for your wedding? Probably not. Or is that too extra? I think like I like being extra in like videos and stuff, but I think for the actual wedding I’ll probably just wear like what well, I don’t even know if he’ll end up wearing a suit we’ve gotta like cross all these different bridges. I know you said a white tuxedo maybe but I saw a few people also saying like ‘Do half tux half dress’ but I dont know- I dont know- I dont know if I’m that bold To remember like my wedding day- like uh- like that forever, yeah Its your life. Not that I think it’s a problem. Look at the wedding photos kids That’d be interesting I don’t know like oh, yeah. I haven’t really thought about like do we dress up or do we just wear what we normally wear well, the thing that we are really adamant about is having the whole experience feel like a party that’s not stressful for anyone like I Want people to be getting drinks at the ceremony I want it to be like fun from the moment people step in to when they go home. I know you guys obviously love each other and I can see this like I see your relationship and your connection Like realtalk marriage is a serious thing I’m just saying that to everybody to the camera now. Marriage is a serious thing. Tana! Jake are you listening With marriage comes like legit fear is there anything I know I know what it’s like you’re in a long relationship and it feels like you are married but is there anything that? you’re scared of When it comes like actually being husband and husband that feels different or is it just like I’m ready for this chapter in my life No, I don’t think so. I mean, yeah, I Mean my my fear is that I will die. I. And then leave him? Am not staying in this house alone no way. You cannot die. I’ll haunt it My fear is more of that kind of stuff Like I don’t know but I’m also like Oh, am I gonna like ever conquer all of my issues? I’m working on that but like as far as like I don’t want that to affect like to him y’know but like actual marriage like no, I mean It’s been so easy. I know that sounds like we’re lying, but it really has been like very easy I dont know, like when we fight which happens. Yeah, but we’ve learned a lot too about like I’m a cancer He’s a Taurus It just works because I am really sensitive and sad and then he’ll give me the silent treatment And then I’ll be sad and then like we’ll come back together and our fights usually lasts like a couple hours Maybe like he leaves a room and I get sad, I mean we figured that out Yeah, he knows I’m overly sensitive and I know he’s stubborn It’s like we’ve kind of figured out he knows I don’t like to leave the house Have you ever had a fight where like you’ve walked out completely and left the house? one time it was like yeah a couple years ago, but I actually left and I was like ‘I dont know if I’m coming back!’ That was the only time ever but then I also came back 15 minutes later Where did you go during the 15 minutes? I drove to Fryman Canyon (?) and sat in the parking lot while I talked to him on the phone and then drove my butt right back home What was the fight about? we were trying to figure this out the other day because we were like, What’s been our biggest fight. I don’t really remember what it was? I think I was just not sleeping and editing it was because he did and that was a big learning curve for us too as as he’s Evolved the content that he’s making over the years. It’s also become very consuming of him and he’ll edit like he was saying for 12/15 hours at a time sometimes he’ll go to bed after I’ve already woken up at 9:00 a.m And so it was it was a little give-and-take for a while. We were learning how to sometimes still are learning how to just make everything work with working a lot yeah I think what I love the most is how much you guys truly support each other and It’s honestly like one of those things where especially some people who are in the same Doing the same thing. I know couples who Aren’t always the most supportive and there’s jealousy there’s things like that So just seeing how you guys lift each other up just it’s a beautiful thing honestly, I just have to say that uh So I guess I really want to see Uno now Wait are they literally right here? just let him in hold on Honey’s like I’m over you Don’t kill the camera people Don’t kill the crew don’t kill the crew Well, I’m really excited for you guys and I’m so glad you like let me come into your home that robe is done Oh, the robe is completely done. Um, you have so many exciting things coming up and I can’t wait for the series I can’t wait for everybody to see everything that you have in store you are doing some great things and there’s so many people who are inspired by you and look up to you and Literally you make people’s day so Regardless of what the haters say or people who like have things to say about you on the internet that have never met you like Realtalk, it doesn’t matter because you know who you are Like yeah, let Ryland keep letting you be you That’s the best I would see Ryland. Can I be me? What? Yes Oh I guess we’ll we’ll wrap it up there. Okay. Thank you so much for watching Come in, Ryland. Oh, hi, honey Now you want to say hi because you didn’t say hi to anything Um, thanks so much for watching Rumour Patrols Celeb takeover with Shane and Ryland. Thanks for again Like letting me come here, and I don’t know. It’s just really fun and you guys are great and I’m just excited for everything to come Thanks for coming over. Yeah, thanks for making you trek. Also. I’ve seen things when the camera wasn’t rolling Thank you guys can’t talk about it, but I Know, you know way more than most people. Yeah. Yes. No there there’s some great things coming down the horizon But yeah, thanks for watching guys. Bye But guys wait before you go click right over here to watch another episode of rumor patrol and you should probably subscribe, right Yeah, you should subscribe leave a comment who’s house. Should you go to next? Oh, yeah


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