Seungri Case : Do  Media-Trials Steals Presumption Of Innocence ??

Seungri Case : Do Media-Trials Steals Presumption Of Innocence ??

Previous video uploaded was about how Seungri is not the face of any scandal Yet he was everywhere in 2019 news headlines Funny part is police after months of investigation said that There is no drug and rape incident found in burning Sun Club Literally, it’s almost got clean of previous allegations Now we think if it’s never happened then from where Kim Sang Kyo the Whistleblower of burning Sun Club case come up with these accusations It was revealed later that the allegations are from a book “Made in Gangnam” written back in 2016 on Gangnam’s nightclub Note the burning Sun Club opened in February 2018. One thing we all agree on is that such allegations can be blamed on any nightclub This is the dark side of club culture and it’s government’s duty to ensure safety everywhere every time The point is after five six months of investigations Korea police concluded that there’s no hard evidence found to prove drug and rape allegation on burning Sun Club Enough of burning Sun Let’s move to the reason I made this video Let’s see how media can be so manipulative for ratings and views Allegations that came and faded away Some because of no evidence found and some because they were just gossips Watch the video till the end you gonna be really shock I can bed that 1st – Drug Allegation With burning Sun drug issue getting attention and Seungri being a YG artist gave media an opportunity to accuse him of drug use In his first voluntary investigation He also took drug test and that was voluntarily too because media heavily reporting Seungri use drugs In few days primary result came negative Means Seungri didn’t has drug presence in his body Then weeks later second-round test result came negative too Means Seungri for past 2-3 years never used drugs But media then again accused Seungri of drug use bringing an old incident from past They said allegedly that Seungri in the Vietnam party took balloon drug That is nothing but laughing gas- nitrous oxide That aside Even if he had done that he didn’t did any illegal thing because at that time Inhaling laughing gas was legal in South Korea and highly common in variety shows Then once again media accused Seungri saying Witness ‘A’ said Seungri had taken cocaine But when his lawyer demanded face-to-face interrogation with witness Police clearly said there is no such witness ever So drug allegation never proved But media got what they wanted high rating shows clicks and views 2nd – Song lyrics can be evidence? Since it was a competition to bring a new allegation on Seungri in 2019 One media analyzed all the BIGBANG songs and In one of GD’s solo song there is mention of Seungri Putting that song lyrics as evidence they accused Seungri to be a bad guy It’s absurdly funny 3rd – Seungri is a land mafia ? 3rd – Seungri is a land mafia ? What? One kpop news translating account went so far and accused Seungri of selling lands illegally to some foreigner They got what they wanted lots of retweets and likes Evil, isn’t it? 4th (my favorite) – Halloween costume allegation Seungri in 2014 had a police uniform as his Halloween costume He even posted it on IG but in 2019 media bring that IG post back and accused Seungri of police collusion But when police investigated him He provided the receipts of purchase of the cloth and then Police confirm it from the Halloween rental shop that it’s bought from there You all enjoying Halloween festival Be aware of what your Halloween costume going to bring you in future 5th – Slip of tongue SBS reporter Kang who accused Seungri of prostitution claimed at first that he arranged prostitutes for a female investor Then she changed the recreated chats and claimed it was for a Taiwanese male investor Then again the third time she changed the accusation and claimed it was arranged for a Japanese businessmen Mr. A Because she was using chats that are in Excel forms Means no one exactly knows who is talking to who? Plus media was in hurry to report something exclusive As a journalist she should have first confirmed all the chats and what she is going to report But everyone is in hurry to hit the iron when it’s still hot 6th – Can a celebrity selfie used as evidence? well Media accused Seungri to be a drug dealer using a selfie Yes a selfie as an evidence Seungri as any other celebrity is known for being very friendly with his fans He never says no to a fan selfie So there is this selfie he took with a foreigner women who was allegedly accused of drug selling and because of the selfie media presented Seungri as a drug dealer too My God I can’t imagine to be Seungri and got accused because of a selfie I took with a stranger in past 7th – Are you too conservative for a pool party ? Seungri is known for throwing extravagant party that earns him the name Seungsby like Gatsby On December 9th 2017 Seungri rented an entire resort on the island of Palawan for weeks for his birthday party On December 9th 2017 Seungri rented an entire resort on the island of Palawan for weeks for his birthday party He invited all his international guy and lady friends The videos and pictures of party is everywhere They all enjoying the beach Dancing and singing and drinking and eating around a pool So the same reporter Kang said in her interview she saw pictures and videos of this event and felt that something’s wrong She delivered her feeling on national TV news channel and put allegation of prostitution in Seungri’s 2017 birthday party in 2019 You know hit the iron when it’s still hot Police later after investigation declared that there is no prostitution happened in the Palawan party 8th – Competition to report something exclusive You know it’s dangerous when it’s not the truth media focus on delivering but the views and ratings When Seungri was attending an investigation and was still under police station one media out of nowhere reported Seungri denied submitting his phone But later after investigation ended he came outside and when media asked him he said he submitted his phone Media, why are you in so hurry? 9th – When you are really a hot topic One media accused YGof arranging prostitutes for a foreign investor and said an ex-YG artists was also with him It didn’t even taken seconds for other media and public to assume it was Seungri But weeks later the same media revealed it was PSY with YG in that party and not Seungri 10th – That is some hypocrisy right there It was never a person came forward to accuse Seungri It was always media so as trend goes on media accused Seungri of gambling in Las Vegas along with YG Investigation is going on Funny part is South Korea earns a lot from its casino businesses where everyone is welcome to gamble but not Koreans It’s illegal for a Korean to play gambling both in and outside the country Media even reported FBI helping the Korean police That just Move on to the last It’s not about media play It’s something I find really interesting to share I educated myself really deep on Seungri’s side of all cases and it was too much to not forget So I made this video The most interesting thing I found was Kim sang kyo – the whistleblower of burning Sun scandal is an old friend of kkt chats that is ‘kpop sex scandal’ main face Jung Joon-young Shocked ? I was too Back in 2017-18 Kim Sang-Kyo was art director of an MV named ‘403 drug restaurant’ starring Jung Joon-young He shared it through many IG posts and tagging JJY in all There’s more Kim Sang-kyo who later came to be a liar and a sexual assaulter himself is also friend with burning sun CEO Lee Moon-Ho and other staffs Lee moonho followed him on instagram and Burning sun official IG page also likes his posts You want to know something more? You know Han Seo-Hee the girl who facilitate drugs to k-pop idols and later exposed them herself and literally everyone praises a drug dealer that she showed kpop reality? Man! she is the one selling it at the first place So this Han Seo-hee girl is also a friend of Kim Sang-kyo Some says they went on holidays together Seriously this Kim Sang-kyo guy looks really shady I hope you are as shocked as I was when I found out these information Did you realize there are so many sides in a case and we are only feeding on what media is serving us Honestly So many sides of the same case In the end Let me ask you again Are you judging him on what he did ? Or you are judging him on the things media told you he did?


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  • Me too. I"m shocked. Seungri is a high Profile celebrity compared to Jjy and Dt Island member. Kmedia have a high ratings under Seungri scandal. 👏👏👏 Wow this video was awesome. We cannot let them go. Make viral again this that Seungri reputation even single zip will clear. Attention: VIP's outhere, share again this video and make Swungri's name clear. That Reporter, you have an award to ruined people's live. How can you take an award without any hesitation. Did you sleep well beside your award. Good job Miss Reporter. Well done. Vip's make this video trending today. Wow rwally wow. Im shockedddddd.😠😠😠Seungri, You are not alone. Some VIP'S STILL BELIEVED ON YOU AND SUPPORT UNTIL D END. FIGHTING.

  • Palupi Sri Anggriani says:

    I'll wait till media ask for apology from us vip for making us having a heartbreak and of course our precious Seungri :')

  • Dj Seungri My Darling says:

    The only thing media will do is wash their hands on this. They will never apologize to Seungri. At least many don't believe all the lies they have told us. Putting him always as the main figure of the scandals when doesn't even was involved. I'm really hurt for all the things Seungri has been facing. So unfair.

  • after they're trying to pull Seungri down, now they tried to pull Daesung down too. knetz such a crap, pointing guns as their want to anyone they're targeting. Seungri and Daesung should sues them, bad intention news need to be shuts.

  • Clarisse Guiblain says:

    Thank you so much for making this follow up video! It's really important to explain/separate the allegations from the facts. To let people know what has been proven to be truth and what are the lies. VIPs are so grateful for your efforts in making the truth known.🙏☺️💪💛❤️

  • There seems to be a few people that need to be banned from computers, social media, cameras, microphones, and celebrities…They need to be forced to take some critical thinking classes and…sued…

  • I've never doubted Seungri since day one. Never wavered. Been a fan since 2015, short and never met him personally but that's enough to know him. He is friggin innocent. Public gotta stop the hates

  • Shanaika Joestar says:

    Kmedia has twisted the truth for clout and blown it out of proportion using an A list celebrity like SR and pinning all the crimes of others on him ,making him seem like the mastermind

  • //sorry for eng
    Aoyama(japan investor) was with his wife on SR's party, but media blamed him for take prostitution. Its so disgusting. Aoyama said he would sue with korean media. Media is just a trash

  • Yg udah benci karena kemakan media ttp aja bakal benci, pas ada media yg minta maaf tentang chat editan aja, hater malah bilang
    "Wah Medianya diancem!"
    "Wah dibayar berapa tuh media ma pihak seungri"
    Pasti gitu yg udah benci mah walau tidak terbukti bersalah ttp aja benci
    Pembenci mah begitu emang. G ngerti lagi deh.
    Tp ttp aja harus di reveals juga hasil investigasi Dari pihak seungri biar g berat sebelah.

  • HE IS INNOCENT, and haters will pushed that he paid the policement (IF he did, then the issue will not continue this long and will shut down the issue in an instant)

    HATERS will always find way to hate, obviously because they're haters. LOL. Let them be pressed.


  • I love that you keep coming with the truth.. hats off to you and thank you always .. this video just leveled up from the previous one. Beautiful..

  • Also, the Japanese businessman A is Seungri’s close friend. He was with his wife during that event which supposedly had prostitution. He threatened to sue the TV news program that reported that false claim and even wanted to be investigated. But the police never did.

  • Aside from being a sexual harasser, Kim Sang Kyo has been revealed to be a manipulative liar by the same YouTubers who jumped on the Seungri hate bandwagon. They said KSK is vengeful and using his family ties to deal with the people who crossed him. And now he’s saying he’s involved in a political issue.

  • A GDragon stan VIP88 says:

    Really i'm so thankful to you for doing this.
    The whole SK Netizens and media needs to apologize to Seungri.

  • This whole situation is like one of these conspiracy theories where the fun side of it is replaced with the greed of human nature. In all honesty, I wholeheartedly agree with the video in that the media will reuse and recycle old, unrelated information from the past and somehow contort it into 'valid enough evidence' to write articles with. There's a limit to how much you can bluff, and I do hope that Seungri will call the media out for defamation and file a libel lawsuit for all the untruths that they have told.

  • A GDragon stan VIP88 says:

    Every time I see that Female reporter,the main person who did the worst all becuz she just felt? I feel so disgusted by SK. I will never ever step on that country.
    I hope Seungri sue all those people

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