Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

Hello and welcome to the
WrestleTalk News – I’m Oli Davis. Press the thumbs up button, give us a subscribe,
and just generally go kick some ass. Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure”
In WWE? Seth Rollins hasn’t had the best time as
of late. Despite beating Brock Lesnar at both WrestleMania 35 and Summerslam – oooh Beast
Slayer. Twice – his Universal Championship runs at the top of WWE this year have been
mired by an awkward storyline pairing him up with his real life fiance Becky Lynch,
and a disastrous feud with Bray Wyatt’s Fiend that still WON’T GO AWAY.
And that’s just the stuff on WWE programming. In the last few months Seth has flipped between
tweeting how much money is in his bank account MONEY! to deleting his Twitter entirely. It’s
not been the most effective way to book a babyface, and, as a result, has even led to
some fans going too far: holding up signs saying ‘Seth Rollins Is Not Cool’.
Good gawd, almighty, they’ve killed him And Seth’s new PR-slayer gimmick took another
step this week, when he answered a Q&A question about one day facing Kenny Omega, by taking
a shot at AEW. “When Kenny’s done playing in the minor
leagues over there, Kenny can come and work at the absolute top professional wrestling
company in the world in front of the most people and make the most money and have the
best matches, which is with me at WrestleMania.” Them’s be fighting words, sure, but it’s
also the kind of bantery language you’d expect in a wrestling war. Especially with
Being the Elite jokingly calling NXT the ‘minor leagues’ in a recent episode. Former WWE
turned AEW commentator Jim Ross, however, has taken great offence to Seth’s comments,
saying he’s “pissed off” on the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, and then
shooting on Rollins himself: “He’s in a great spot, he’s blessed, maybe
someday he’ll be as over as his girlfriend, I don’t know. Nonetheless, I’ve always liked
his work. He’s a solid guy, he’s a solid guy, but saying things like that make him look
bad and for that, I feel badly for him. I just do.”
JR then interestingly went onto how Seth is being perceived backstage due to his behaviour
these last few months: “Since this came out, I talked to two Hall
of Fame guys off the record that were embarrassed about those remarks as well. It doesn’t do
the business any good and one of these cats even said to me that maybe Rollins is breaking
under the pressure because he’s getting a lot of criticism.”
Seth’s position as WWE’s top champion comes with considerable pressure to defend
the brand. He’s the face of the company. But he appears to be taking criticism of it
personally – like when he stared down the ‘Not Cool’ sign guy. Even his Shield brother
Roman Reigns has admitted Seth’s conduct hasn’t had the babyface connection it should,
telling Sports Illustrated: “Seth loves the WWE. That’s why some people
misread some of the things he says or the ways he delivers it, but he does mean well.
He’s a workhorse. Yeah, he’s a little live at the mouth sometimes, but he’s got a heart
of gold, trust me.” I feel you, Big Dawg. We here at WrestleTalk
are also trying to go babyface again. The most important thing, Seth, is that you don’t
crack under pressure. Let’s see how he’s doing on Instagram with his most recent post:
A picture of him dressed for pool time fun with the caption ‘who said #sethrollinsisnotcool’.
Yep, everything looks totally fine there! I tell you what is cool though!
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100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins “Breaking Under Pressure” In WWE? | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019”

  • fernandoleon316 says:

    Seth Rollins is not cool, you know what's cool? Wrestletalk is cool 🙂 (except pete… just kidding pete…. no, really you suck pete)

  • It dosent make since for people to just shit on Rollims he never said anythinf disrespectful. We do live in usa and he has the right to say he mind. Not offensive was said other than him up holding pride in where he work. Competition is competition. See in this world even you guys on wrestle talk get up here say what you want and shit talk the performance or what not but bager someone else doing the same voicing their opinion. Stop with the slander please. It just wreatling and inspite what anyone thinks its site and blogs like these that turn opinions on thing for the worst. Rollins is only beimg hated bc everybody is on AEW DICK. No heat from Y2J when he Marie wwe on live TV. But this is the era of the criticts and sign of hypocrite. Now thats wrestltalk.

  • Seth is a creative and skilled in ring performer (minus his awful selling ability), I think he's a true talent. The problem isn't entirely on his dumb remarks and inability to take criticism, it's that WWE doesn't know how to make a good babyface anymore. When a face manages to get over on their own merit, WWE tries to interfere too much or overexposes the talent to where they become stale.

  • Seth either needs to grow thicker skin when it comes to criticism or he needs to step out of the spotlight. He's in a completely different time now where he's going to constantly be under the microscope by fans and they will let him know it if they don't care for him on social media. His replies seem way too defensive and childish. Fans these days will begin to turn on you when you start to bore them, and that's exactly what is happening with Seth. He senses that, and he is pouting about it.

  • Okay, I'm going to put all of the teenage WrestleTalk AEW fanboys in their place right now… Don't get me wrong, I love this channel, but let's be honest…How far does Ollie and Luke have their heads up AEW's arses right now? For the past six or seven months AEW have been taking cheap shots at WWE and when confronted about it they say that they have been "just joking", but the top guy spits truth about Omega, and yes, Kenny has been playing in the minor leagues, a WWE reject gets offended by it, and Ollie jumps on the support wagon. Let's face it, AEW is the entitled brat of wrestling that will not shut it's mouth no matter what you do to keep them quiet.

    That being said, I agree that Rollins has not exactly held himself as an ambassador of his company and needs to keep his mouth shut and his hands away from his phone from time to time.

    But let's be honest…Who wouldn't want to see a Rollins vs Omega match at WrestleMania?

  • Juanito’s Vlog says:

    Seth Rollins is just an ass kissing tool!

    The dude is not a top guy and is THE REAL FAILED EXPERIMENT!!!!

    At least Roman Reigns generates lots of money for Vince McMahon but Seth Rollins? Dude ain't even in the top 5 merchandise seller's!!!!

    I could tell Rollins is so full of himself thinking HES THE FACE OF WWE!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • I'm sad to see that i don't like Seth at all anymore, the last couple of months and his actions (e.g. "compare bank accounts"), but more heavily the rubbish booking of him made me don't like him anymore eventhough he was one of my favs before that

  • Seth Rollins is a good wrestler and has great talent. Guys stop ruining him, the creative team is the one to blame, not Rollins. Please stop please. Especially since he has Becky lynch who is also one of my favorite female wrestlers along side with asuka

  • WWE sucks now. Writing, booking, production, creative and everything in between is just horrible. It seems all they care about is $$$. Thank God fo AeW or wrestling would be ruined for me

  • Everyone saying that Seth Rollins not cool I heard that Carlito is coming back so I guess I know who face he's spitting in first

  • Yeah where he'll be underutilized and not win any belts or be famous at all because it will just make him job to everybody that's where you make the most money in jobber land of WWE WWE sucks as it is right now

  • Christian Gonzalez says:

    How does Seth comments hurt the business. Both AEW and WWE are “businesses” I have never seeing Nike promoted under amor. What does old Jr want for Seth and WWE to suck AWE dick. This old mans dilusional must be his old age.

  • You know honestly I was never on the Seth Hype Train. Never cared for his voice or his laugh. His promos suck and his blond streak irks me. I honestly believe Balor would've been better as the face of the company. Hell Andrade Cien Almas is right there and Gargano. I don't know. I guess he's HHH's pick.

  • Honestly, kinda makes me respect Roman even more. Sure his comments here and there were cocky, but name one person who thinks he ever cracked under pressure? Dude stayed strong throughout us literally showering him with boos at Wrestlemania.

    He never went around rubbing in the bank balance in other peoples faces like it makes him better, because as we all know more money makes you more of a person, right?

  • The Cheeseburger_666 says:

    At this point, I would rather see Jinder Mahal as Universal Champion over some guy who whines about stuff, how big is bank account is, and thinks he's above everyone on social media

  • AEW and WWE need to stop talking about each other. They all just need to focus on getting good. Except NXT which already is good.

    AEW needs more singles matches, and needs to be able to do tag matches which aren't just acrobatics displays. They need to learn how to tell a story through a match instead of showing how high everyone can flip. WWE needs to get away from silly storylines and pushing guys who don't have the charisma

  • Welp, WWE ruined the Shield 1 by 1. First, they shove Roman Reigns down our throats by having him get put over by literally everyone including the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Then they turn Dean Ambrose into a jackass heel that runs around with a gas mask calling people smelly. Now, they're booking Seth Rollins like THIS and let him run his mouth about it.

  • I'ma just say it and you can come at me if you want I enjoy both WWE and aew but as of now AEW is wayyy better entertaining and it's bringing a somewhat a realistic feeling to wrestling.

  • Not trying to involve politics but Seth Rollins is the literal definition of the leftist millennial and snowflake. Thinks all constructive criticisms is personal and is always feeling attacked. Dude, we're wrestling fans, we sign YOUR paycheck. You signed up for this and stop getting so triggered.

  • Not trying to involve politics but Seth Rollins is the literal definition of the leftist millennial and snowflake. Thinks all constructive criticisms is personal and is always feeling attacked. Dude, we're wrestling fans, we sign YOUR paycheck. You signed up for this and stop getting so triggered.

  • I don't like Seth, but AEW does the same in every show and nobody calls them for it.

    It's just wrestling being wrestling and dumb people on social media, as usual.

  • Here's the thing…. There will be a day… where Rollins isn't in WWE, He will most likely…. Try the NJPW Indy/Coffee shop owner route but He can't hang, the industry has changed since since 09'

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher says:

    Long babyface runs never really worked out in WWE. People get sick of those who WWE want to portray as superheroes. And now, they're going to the John Cena babyface run with Seth. Problem is: he doesn't have Cena's charisma. Even The Rock's championship runs were cut short to give the strap to a heel, every now and then.

    You won't have CM Punks tweeners who can carry the strap for more than a year that much. They really missed a golden opportunity to get some pressure away from Seth by giving the title to Bray, who could've gone long term with the belt for a feud with Aleister Black at Wrestlemania. That, i'd pay for.

  • I'm just annoyed that I can't play as the fiend because that was the only reason I pre-ordered the game game.and now I have to wait until the 28th of October that's not cool🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • I believe AEW has bigger pay for they only wrestle weekly, for some even monthly the only advantage of wwe is medical insurance

  • Black leg Prince says:

    Seth breaking just proves how strong willed Roman is, that dude got booed four times more than Seth for almost 3-5 years and still was a class

  • I personally appreciate how much you guys are listening to the community. I love your willingness to change to make your support stronger. Much love from the states,
    Kissing emoji, Ace

  • El Plebe Uchiha says:

    I think what really sucks is that Rollins would probably be over on AEW or TNA or any other wrestling company that gives wrestlers creative freedom and does not force them work with overly scripted material. (+)

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