Sesame Street: Twilight Breaking Cookie (Twilight Parody)

Sesame Street: Twilight Breaking Cookie (Twilight Parody)

following preview has been rated SC for self-control. SHORTBREADWARD: [CHOMPING] ANNOUNCER: Coming
soon, the sequel you’ve been hungering for,
Twilight, Breaking Cookie. Shortbreadward was a yumpire
with a cookie thirst– SHORTBREADWARD: [CHOMPING] ANNOUNCER: –he
couldn’t control. And Belly was the
girl who loved him. I love you, Shortbreadward. SHORTBREADWARD: Cookie thirst. [CHOMPING] Cookie thirst. [CHOMPING] ANNOUNCER: Bakob
was wolf who loved Belly and who also
loved to bake cookies. He was baking when
he got the news. BAKOB: [HOWLING] Is it true, Belly? Are you going to
marry Shortbreadward? BELLY: I love him. BAKOB: But he’s a yumpire. He has the cookie thirst. He can’t control himself. He’ll eat all your cookies. BELLY: I love him. BAKOB: Why don’t you marry me? I baked these
cookies just for you. SHORTBREADWARD: Cookies! Oh! [CHOMPING] BAKOB: [HOWLING] Those cookies were for Belly! SHORTBREADWARD: Oh, me so sorry. But me have cookie thirst. Me no can control meself. Me have to have cookies. They delicious, by the way. Cookie thirst! [GRUNTING] BAKOB: You should learn
to control yourself. SHORTBREADWARD: But how? BAKOB: You need a strategy. You need to stop. Do something to take
your mind of cookies. SHORTBREADWARD: OK. Like what? BAKOB: Well, how
about some exercise? You can run around
or ride your bike. SHORTBREADWARD:
Oh, you know what? You right, Bakob. Me try that. Me do it for Belly. BELLY: I love you,
Shortbreadward. BAKOB: Here, Belly. I made you some more cookies
to replace the ones that– SHORTBREADWARD: Cookies! Ah! Stop! Me try exercise strategy. Come on, Belly. Let’s go for a fly. I think me might love cookies. It a yumpire thing. BELLY: I love you,
Shortbreadward. ANNOUNCER: Unfortunately,
Shortbreadward couldn’t fly forever. SHORTBREADWARD: Cookies! [CHOMPING] Stop! What me doing? Me need another
exercise strategy, like running around
or riding me bike or– Hi-ya! Wow! [SPLASH] BELLY: Shortbreadward,
are you OK? SHORTBREADWARD: Oh, yeah. Me love jumping down waterfalls. It a yumpire thing, yeah. And it help me not even
think about eating cookies! [CHOMPING] Oh! Cookie thirst a powerful thing. BAKOB: He’ll Never
change, Belly. If you marry that yumpire,
you’ll never get any cookies. What kind of life is that? BELLY: That’s it,
Shortbreadward. If you want to marry
me, you’re going to have to control yourself. It’s me or my cookies. SHORTBREADWARD: Me do
want to marry you, Belly. Me can control me cookie thirst. Me know me can. ANNOUNCER: And so Shortbreadward
used all his powers of self-control for the hardest
yumpire challenge of all. BAKOB: Chocolate chip
cookies with extra chips. SHORTBREADWARD: Extra chips? ANNOUNCER: It was
all Shortbreadward could do to stop himself
from eating the cookies. He gave himself a
good talking to. SHORTBREADWARD:
Hey, that good idea. New strategy. Me stop, and me talk
meself through this. OK. Me love cookies, but
me love Belly more. Yeah. Me love cookies, but
me love Belly more. Me love cookies, but
me love Belly more. Me did it. Oh boy! Oh boy! Me control meself, and
me know eat cookies, not even dinky crumb. Belly, will you marry me? BELLY: Yes, Shortbreadward. I will marry you. I love you, Shortbreadward. BAKOB: [HOWLING] ANNOUNCER: And so Belly and
Shortbreadward were married. BAKOB: I baked you a
cookie wedding cake. SHORTBREADWARD: Me could
take it or leave it. BELLY: [GASPING] SHORTBREADWARD:
Belly, what wrong? BELLY: I love– SHORTBREADWARD: Yes? BELLY: Cookies! [CHOMPING] BAKOB: She’s turned. Now she’s a yumpire,
just like you. SHORTBREADWARD: Belly,
you have to learn to control you cookie thirst. ANNOUNCER: See Twilight,
Breaking Cookie, coming soon to a
cookie-plex cinema near you. DARTH BAKER: I find your
lack of control disturbing. LUKE: Darth Baker! COOKIE MONSTER: What we do now? LUKE: I don’t know. We’re all out of mentors. Ah, if only my father were here. DARTH BAKER: Luke,
I am your father. LUKE: What? COOKIE MONSTER:
Interesting twist.


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