Seniors vs Juniors || School Diaries Ep 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Seniors vs Juniors || School Diaries Ep 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

‘Link in description to watch
Kailasapuram exclusively on Zee5.’ Hell with these kiddos!
– We’re deadmeat. – What is the matter? Cut it, girl, you know nothing.
– I’m nervous. We can’t help it, can we? Yes?
– Sir, you know what these two were upto? What did they do?
– They were ragging us, sir. – Cut it! Sir, they were.. Don’t you dare raise your voice.
Harika, tell me what happened. I only asked Jones’s help to remove
my chocolate’s wrap and they’re making a huge fuss. Sir, she is lying! She..
– Shut up! Do you guys even think this a school?
How dare you grow beards while still in school? Are you guys trying to be the goons of the school?
– Sir, please hear us.. – Get out of here. Sir, please..
– I said get out! I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense. Try putting in this effort
in the exams. What happened? – Nothing.
– Jones, what happened? – Nothing really. Guys, what happened?
– These shameless people lied bluntly. Don’t you dare call us shameless people! Kiddos, there is still a lot of time left.
We’ll see to it you pay for it. Yeah, sure, we’ll see to it too. I’m scared. I’m deadmeat
if my parents get to know this. This is all because of Teddy and Anil.
I asked them cool off but they didn’t. This is what happens when you hang with such people.
– What has happened? This is what happens when you skip school often.
Even I’m deadmeat if my parents get to know. Stop it! Don’t panic her even further.
– Shut up. I blame you for all this. Why? I only gave you a chocolate?
– Giving me a chocolate inside the school caused trouble. You look cute when you are upset,
but you look like crap when you yell! So, I should smile while yelling? We shouldn’t have let them go so easily.
– What happened? Screw that short stuff!
– Whom are you talking about? Because she is that short and little,
people believe whatever she says. They should pay for this.
Juniors can no way mess with us seniors. Dealing with juniors boys isn’t a problem.
But we can do nothing to those junior girls. Don’t worry. We too are seniors.
We can handle those girls. Cool. Now let’s go to the cafeteria. I’ll go visit the washroom.
– The PT is too strict? Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. There she goes. – What do we do?
– We’ll lock her in. The PT hates anyone coming late. I forgot my water bottle.
I’ll be right back. Students, form a line.
Keep one arm distance from each other. Sandra, where is Harika?
– I don’t know. Arushi, where is Harika? She is still in the washroom, I guess.
– What is the matter? – Harika isn’t here yet. Arushi! – Present, sir!
– Jones! – Present, sir! Naviketh! – Present, sir!
– Harika! – Present, sir! She escaped this morning.
Let’s see how she’ll escape now. Here they are.
– This is my bicycle. – Then take it. Take it but I don’t want your bicycle
to bump into mine. Sorry, my bicycle can’t hear you speak. Cut this bullshit!
– We’re seniors and we know all. Do as we order. If you know all, answer this question.
– Ask me. If you don’t, you’ve to give back my cycle.
– Alright. Will it hurt you if I hit you with this tin?
– Yes, it will. No, it won’t hurt you,
if I hit you with soft drink. Do you realise how irritating you are?
Why did you get him here? I heard you all are ragging Harika.
– Are you hurt we aren’t ragging you? Alright, I rather not meddle.
This seems like a all girls situation. Carry on. Let’s go.
We’ll deal with them later. What has happened? You aren’t answering my calls
nor are you talking to me at school or at tuition? Why should I?
You left me all alone with those seniors around. You are those seniors’ target, Ms Short Stuff.
– Don’t you dare call me that again. Let me ask you a question.
– Go ahead. – What starts with red and ends with green? Starts with red and ends with green? Traffic signal?
– No. I give up. What is it?
– It is what ever you are eating. This is a water melon.
– Exactly. Are you sure this is the bag?
– I’m sure. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Good morning, students.
– Good morning, sir! Sit according to the seating arrangement.
A senior should sit next to a junior. Take out your hall tickets.
– Sir, our hall tickets aren’t on us. Seniors have put our hall tickets somewhere safe.
-What do you mean? – How did they know? How would I know?
– We seniors look after our juniors so well. So, we put their hall tickets safe with us.
– Return it to them. Distribute it. Thank you.
– You are welcome. Listen up, my classmates
stole all your hall tickets. Thank you for informing but why did you?
– Just do as I say. Thank you! I guess the door
got locked accidentally. You are welcome
and no, my classmates locked the door. Be careful!
Don’t let anyone know I helped you. How I wish my juniors
were having the same paper as I am. Cover the question paper with your answer sheets.
– Cover the answer sheet with question paper you mean. Bro, show me your answers.
– Oh, cut it! Don’t look around. Just look into your papers.
– Sandra, pass it on. You are trying to cheat in the exam?
Whose answer sheet is this? Who is roll number 57?
I guessed it. Get out you two. Sir, she dropped that sheet, so I picked it up..
– I don’t believe the crap you cook up. With that beard and all,
you look like a ruffian who always cheats. And you! You are bright student.
But you are also dumb enough to help him cheat. You get out! Wait up, Jones!
Students, I’ve an announcement to make. The notification for polls to elect
the next school prefects will be out tomorrow. Interested students may submit their names.
Jones, I’ll make sure you don’t get to contest. Sir, please.. Greetings, people! Seniors and juniors
never used to get along in my school too. I hope you liked this video.
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