100 thoughts on “Sen. Ted Cruz reacts to latest in impeachment trial”

  • Xavier Carrillo says:

    didn't he say(Trump) “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters, okay?” or were they fake news, and what did you expect from Cruz a man with no self respect after being humiliated by Trump basically he can do whatever he wants and get away with it, sadly hopefully one day his base reacts and understand that they are being used and that we all are Americans.

  • Acquit the President without evidence and KNOWN witnesses with more evidence pouring out at your own peril in November. Don't think so? Good. Keep thinking that.

  • Within the first minute he lied.
    Trump had been offered to testify but had rejected the opportunity. Its a lie to say he never had a chance to defend himself. Hes purposefully avoiding testifying because he will lie under oath and there's nothing he can do to get out of that.

  • Trump did it! Enough said. Republicans never argue the facts only the process. Everyone fighting for power!! Just let the witnesses talk if you have nothing to hide. If your sooooo innocent you would want every and all witnesses right?

  • Trump’s A FatAss says:

    It’s telling that they don’t have any real defense. They aren’t even defending the president. All they can do is cry about procedure.

  • What a circus. Republican say the democrats haven't proven their case, but the republicans won't let the key players testify. It's amazing that republicans can't see how absolutely asinine and stupid they look. Bring forward all witnesses and all facts. Hell, bring forward the Biden's. Let's get to the bottom of all the BS.

  • A few days ago Trump said he didn't know Lev Parnas and now there is a 90 MINUTE TAPE of Trump talking with Parnas over dinner

  • Notice that when the GOP brings up the Bidens. They never mention that Ivanka and her husband got government jobs thanks to her dad.

  • BS, where's the case? All prosecution in the House, no defense permitted!!!!! Leave it to a bunch of LAWYERS to F up a case that would be thrown out of any LEGIMATE court in the country.

  • Lying knt.
    He wasn't investigating
    Corruption, it was about 2020.
    He was Blackmailing Zelinsky,
    He wanted Zelinsky to announce he was conducting a investigation into the Biddens, an he wanted it Announced over N.T.V. an C.N.N.
    From the W.H.
    When Zelinski visited the U.S.
    Of course, there would be no actual investigation,
    He just wanted that Public Announcement.
    It wasnt about Corruption it was all about 2020
    Parnas Videos Confirm it.

  • Okay I'll bite. Bring Hunter in, but let's also bring everyone else in too. Why are you not talking about Trump blocking Bolton, Mulvaney, and Conway?

  • Isn’t that the Senator who’s Father was in on killing JFK? President Trump brought that to light during his campaign. I’m surprised his still a Senator.

  • Dismiss the impeachment !! All the anti Trumpers will not care about a "not guilty" verdict, this is just a fact and they have already done the work, to later say "its a coverup, we have the evidence, repubs and trump people are biased, we call for a NEW impeachment… etc etc !! Its a farce and its the dimcrats farce, but we are not laughing !


  • Ok, this is weird. The comment section is actually encouraging for the first time on fox! Folks are finally waking up to the TRUMP deception!


  • "they wouldn't let the president defend himself"
    Except for when they very publicly invited to come to defend himself at the impeachment inquiry.

  • Besides scurrying after Trump for three years, what have Democrats done for America? And why is every urban area run by Democrats a flyblown sinkhole? Democrats are lunatics, vapid and empty.

  • Bill Clinton sleep with beautiful woman and is impeachable and Trump sleep with the enemy and is not impeachable? America is mess up!

  • Glad to know we’ll soon have the GOP, Senate, & House so we can finally begin moving forward again. KAG2020 💝🇺🇸

  • The BEST outcome for the country?? You both are working toward anything OTHER than the best outcome for the country. You both are LYING sycophants. Democrats have presented cogent arguments, backed up by sworn testimony. Just ‘fess up – Trump broke the law and you all KNOW it.

  • Jenny Vereschagin says:

    The whole thing is a joke in my opinion. I’m not a Trump fan necessarily (I like some things he’s accomplished, I’m equally embarrassed by some of his actions),but I’m tempted to vote for him in the next election just to send a message to the Democrats “ Stop being ridiculously petty & vindictive & get back to work.” Remember Washington, you all are supposed to be representing the people of this country. Trump was elected because the people are fed up with the workings of Washington. In my opinion, this only makes him more appealing to the masses. We’ll see come election time…..

  • I was flying to D.C. a few years ago on a class trip and while me and other students were in the airport, for some reason Ted Cruz walked over to our gate and starting talking to people; getting photos and such. As we were boarding, I looked into the cabin and he was sitting in the front seat. He shook my hand and I walked to my seat like nothing happened. xD

  • His chronology is way off about burisma. when somebody is saying something and you 100% agree with them, because you're sure they have the knowledge and you don't, it's a good idea to go do some research. Maybe Ted Cruz doesn't know everything. Either he knows the evidence, and he's lying about it, or he just doesn't know. Either is possible.

    Regardless, how difficult is it to understand that doing nefarious back dealing with your personal lawyer, hiring thugs to do your dirty work, not understanding basic chronological facts, getting career diplomats fired, withholding hundreds of millions of dollars of already approved aid without explanation, hiding the record of a conversation with a foreign power until it was loudly complained about by multiple people, and on and on, is NOT IN THE LEAST an ethical, defensible way for my president to behave when attempting to take the moral high ground and root out the supposed corruption of two people?

  • News and politics are all a fake show.
    Everything we see is fake.
    Just imagine our government being like North Korea but with a different strategy

  • The President's team doesn't have to "prove" a thing. That is not how this works. The constant call for the accused to "prove they are innocent" is a mockery of our system. The Democrat's need to prove he is guilty, not the other way around. Call for a vote on Monday and get this thing off the table. There is work that needs to be done and the left needs to get back to doing their jobs. Pursuing your own political agenda because you hate President Trump is not anyone's job.

  • It's your country right-wing America, but who ever said that just because you're the angriest person in the room you must be the only one who has it all figured out? It sure as hell doesn't mean everyone else has to follow you either.

  • Give me a break u Rep trying to get people confuse . And citizens depending on u guys.Trump is more dangerous than El Chapo. Trump is guilty .EL CHAPO for President. 2020

  • Logical Music pro says:

    This should stop now or the next president might have to go through this again . Taking this all the way is very risky knowing trump is actually innocent & there's no crime . So why deal with a none crime as if there is a crime by DJT ?

  • The lobbyists are pressuring these reps in congress. The defense must defend our president based on the presidential duties of office in international affairs. Our president deserves to have executive privileges to act for the republic of the United States and our rights.

  • We don't need to hear witnesses who have relevant first hand knowledge of these accusations, and who have been forbidden to cooperate by the defendant, because the prosecution hasn't presented enough evidence to make their case.

    Tell me how that isn't insane.

  • Krishnan Narayanan says:

    the threat to republican yesterday (24.01.2020)is not as per rumor received by adam !!!! it is a threat given by democrat rogue,liar Adam himself on the floor of SENATE disguising this as hearsay!!!! TAKE HIM TO TASK AND BAN HIM FOR LIFE FROM POLITICS!!!!!!!! PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR 4004 YEARS LIKE AVENNATTI

  • The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump says:


    Daddy —
    Hunter is in a crack house with Schiffy frying their last brain cells LOL

  • the right RocknRoll says:

    The only people gaining out of any of this BS are the lawyers. You do all know that not one democrat are listening to anything the Trump Lawyers are saying. They made their minds up in 2016 to get of Trump! The Bidens won't testify none of them will.

  • It's obvious the R majority senate is already shrink wrapped in the "not guilty." Being a moderate I have all the respect for my democrat and republican friends but close to ZERO respect as to how congress is behaving on either side. These sycophants on the R side with no backbone are going to get theirs big time and sadly it's not going to be the best thing for this country. DJT is going to end up doing something they won't be able to control. It nearly already did happen with DJT threatening the intent to commit war crimes on Iran. When that day soon comes again, it's all these cowards are going to get tossed, the country worse off for it. Or maybe not? Maybe it's time to get a congress that's interested in issues the people actually care about? You never know, it just might work?

  • foremost questions to be asked from House Managers Adam Schiff/Nadler would be : why Adam Schiff fraudulently misrepresented the Ukraine Call Transcript in his opening remarks in the House proceedings thereby misled the American people and the House — play that clip of adam schiff over again, …. secondly why the DEMS House/Adam Schiff has not released the very first testimony of the IG till now wherein whistleblowers intent is covered up ??, then whisltblowers complaint is of second hand information not is/her first hand information how then the IG allowed the complaint, thirdly, Pelosi conduct must be questioned on proceeding without constitutional vote of the House and later why would she withheld the Articles for 33 days or so etc …

  • Wendell Hackley says:

    His legal team and you Republicans are trying to cover up, but videos and recordings making ya'll look. First of all hunter Biden investigation's was over for more than year when Biden withheld aid so stop lying about everything. Your party is going down real soon dummy along with trump's criminal friends.

  • If you'd listen to what these Republicunt tools are saying, objectively you'd realize they have ZERO qualms about the evidence.
    Listen closely to how Lying Ted is phrasing his sentences, how he is HOPING that they can push an argument that will prove Trump's INNOCENCE.
    How he is fallaciously claiming that the Managers didn't prove the case, that there is NO MERIT to their claims. How he WILL STAND TO ACQUIT. He doesnt care about facts, constitutionality, truth, Justice, or objectivity. He has clearly violated the oath he swore.
    To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

    Theodore Roosevelt

  • Rachel Melendez says:

    Hope all these people and fox news get investigated after Trump is impeach or is out !!!!!! Lies !!!!! So sick !
    Wake up or you will end up with no medical care
    or social security ! !!!!!!!!!!

  • "Additional witnesses"
    Umm… Ted-o… there haven't been any witnesses in this trial. Additional? How about initial? There were witnesses interviewed during the inquiry, but not during the trial. Seems misleading to say it that way.

  • That's pretty wierd. I think if someone attacked my wife and family I wouldn't be so game on explaining someone's failings. Call it what it is. Pence is still a Republican, it's not like a Democrat will be president.

  • Trump could have made it a lifelong dream to take down Hillary, but he didnt, he told of the bidens wrong doing and the Democrats tried another way of getting him out of office, there the ones that dead set on get trump out of office, they done and doing wrong, trump for 2020, after this is over I wonder what nancy is going to try and do again against our president, she is the criminal.

  • Sauron Merciful says:

    Why won't the president testify, he is confident he is not covering up despite illegally refusing all subpoenas, which is totally unconstitutional!!!!!

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