100 thoughts on “Sen. Paul: I think the Bidens are corrupt”

  • Timothy Guttormson says:

    With all due respect, rand Paul, you THINK the Bidens are corrupt? THEY NEED TO BE OFFICIALLY INVESTIGATED SO THE PUBLIC CAN SEE THE TRUTH.

  • That’s an easy fix. Trumps witnesses get to testify first. If they aren’t allowed then the dems don’t get any either

  • The swamp is not only corrupt Democrat's there are plenty of corrupt Republican's as well. That's why it has been so hard and slow for Trump to drain the swamp.

  • If Biden was elected- it would be a REAL impeachment for REAL crimes!  Pelosi and her corrupt Dems have been spitting in the face of the American working class since 2016.

  • I think you can safely assume that any Republicans that would vote against a witness linked to the Ukraine corruption has probably been on the take of the nearly $10 billion in stolen money being reported on, that went through the laundry services… probably more.

  • james markarian says:

    No crime of this magnitude is with out previous crimes leading up to it. They get bigger as they get away with it and its not just the Bidens. Look at the Joe Biden's career and what programs he worked on and the influence he built over the years to get to a point that he could not recognize a blatant conflict of interest in his immediate family or threatening to with withhold funds he had no legal authority to do (as VP). It is this purge of all corrupt US politicians that is over due in recent American history, lets take some serious time and do this correctly. We need this as a country in order to move on with grace/ wisdom – big lessons and this citizen is not opposed to prison terms. Justice is the end game for any government.

  • I wouldn’t word it as just Hunters experience….it needs to be worded as “investigating corruption of money laundering to the DNC. (Which is what happened). The fact that Hunter Biden was apart of that, is an unfortunate coincidence”. But that’s just me.

  • I shudder to think Joe Biden as President. He has big balls to be still in the race with this corruption charge hanging over him. He knows the Burisma deal was corrupt, Hunter Biden knows it was corrupt, investogators know, The previous administration knew, the newly elected Ukrainian President knows and so does Poroshenko.

  • if there is an issue with the Bidens, investigate by all means, no one is telling the Republicans not to…however, that does not vindicate the "president" for his transgressions

  • Biden is a crook of the worst magnitude…using his position to gain wealth from the taxpayer and his son using his father's position to further his money grab….just appalling…I hope they see justice some day….

  • 𝗠𝗰𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗹𝗹 & 𝗺𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗦𝗲𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗥𝗲𝗽𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗻𝘀' 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗷𝘂𝗿𝘆 : 𝘀𝘄𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲 𝗼𝗮𝘁𝗵 𝘁𝗼 𝗯𝗲 𝗜𝗠𝗣𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗜𝗔𝗟🦊

  • Sklawz Einstein says:

    THINK?? Biden is a touchy feely pedophile. They own mansions in southern Delaware near to where i live and the police were there for some strange reasons and all kinds of rumors and stories were flying around.

  • The Republican’ts never had any balls and I don’t expect they will here! The DummacRats have their testicles in a lock box! They have tick turds like the feckless Pierre Delecto, Stuttering Collins, and Lousy Murkowski as suck-ups to the Pravda Media. All the Dims will get by with their crimes as usual as our Centaurs sell us out once again, as soon as they get off their groveling knees. They just want to be loved by the Fake Snooze. Turncoats are in their DNA. They don’t know how to be in power! They’ve learned nothing from the Greatest President ever! Most of the Clueless Repukes are just part of the Deep State Swamp 🐀 🐊!! Starting with Jeff Sessions who started all of this Sh!t Show!!!

  • All 3 senators running for presidency SHOULD RECUSE themselves from sitting through this trial and voting, since THERE IS CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST , therefore IT IS IMPARTIALITY.
    The President is their opponent and what they are doing now, it’s exactly they are accusing the President of doing.
    To Senators:
    Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar

    Get Out Of This Trial !
    You Have No Right To Be There !!!


  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 RAND paul ran on term limits. 2 four year runs then out. He has been in 2 terms. Time to live up to your word Rand Paul. Vote Rinos out.

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    Trump wrote bribery checks for porn stars while sitting in the Oval. (A direct violation of the Constitution.) He swindled fifty million out of hapless wretches with his phony university, settled out of court for twenty five, and pocketed the remainder.He violates the "phony emoluments clause" every day with his hotels. Then he and his cadre engineer a Mafia-style shakedown on Zelensky, for which he deserves to die in prison. And now we have Fraud Guarantee, (interesting name), which is supposed to be an insurance company but is clearly yet another laundry for Putin's cash. But Trump is crusading against corruption. 🙄 I'm so thrilled.

  • The American government as a whole, has a LOWER approval rating than Gaddaffi did when the Libyan people sent him home to the virgins. 👁

  • There we go again they want to investigate the Biden’s. There goes are tax money. They tried with Hillary for years and couldn’t find anything now they want to do the same with the Biden’s. All they want to blow smoke until the elections so they can continue sucking money and continue the corruption and the country suffersThe Blue eagle is landing to bring justice and fight corruption. Vote Blue.

  • OMG these two are being taken advantage of by the Democrats . They are not victims. They are liars and morons. Please don't pay attention to this absolute BS.

  • I still think that Rand Paul would make an excellent President……..but not before 2024 when President Trump leaves office.

  • lol.. like this is news? Of course, when everything came out where there is no way to hide anymore, now these clowns are agreeing?

  • Thomas Archambault says:

    I find it just disgustingly frustrating how corrupt the Biden’s, Clinton’s and THE ENTIRE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION are.

  • Trump controls Barr. They control one the world's greatest spy agencies and the still have nothing to indict the Bidens? What in the heck is wrong with them!

  • Big Bear Hungry says:

    Sure they are yet no one is doing anything about it. Just another government cover up.Hillary lied and she's still not in jail. Obama sent money out and received money back and gone missing. Just another government cover up

  • All the Trumps are known to be corrupt that's there thing. They are charity scamming scumbags that hate the poor ie trumps cultist base.

  • People need to educate themselves on what did and is happening on Venisulla. America is heading the same way if they allow trump to go much further. Fight for the rights your forefathers created for your freedom. I don't want to have to tell my grandkids how America gave it because of ignorance and helped a dictator and his buddy's get rich off American sweat

  • Sen. Paul, I think you showed us your true colors last week with the way you voted. There's a old saying,
    " you ARE like your friends "
    TRUMP 2020, no matter what you say.

  • I watched a documentary about Ukraine and the Orange Revolution. Remember that? Where that one guy was poisoned… Anyway, just watching that makes me think that Ukraine is very corrupt (and I'm 1/2 Ukrainian!).

    However, consider this. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Biden and his son are indeed dirty, corrupt and guilty. Should the US and more importantly Trump simply ignore that fact since Biden is running for president?

  • Where is Hunter ?
    He was on Burisma's board with no prior energy experience and without speaking the language. I hope there will be investigations on the Bidens !

  • The president bolstered his legal team Friday with attorneys Alan
    Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr, who helped Epstein evade prison time in a
    now infamously lenient plea deal with Palm Beach prosecutors. Epstein
    originally faced multiple charges of soliciting and trafficking underage
    girls, but escaped with just 13 months of house arrest in a deal that
    caused Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to resign under pressure last year.

  • IMPEACHED PRESIDENT did hold aide and he is guilty!!!! He thinks our tax payer dollars are his personal bank ACCOUNT!!! THE IMPEACHED PRESIDENT IS CORRUPT AS THE MAFIA!! REMOVE HIM!!! OH YEA…. CANT FIND ANYTHING ON THE BIDENS EITHER THEY WERE CLEARED!!! Make up more crap Hannity!! Your incompetent with your news "FAKE NEWS"!!

  • What’s truly perverse here is that if Trump did nothing wrong, then no one could speak to that more forcefully than the witnesses Democrats want to hear from, and who Trump and McConnell desperately do not. If withholding the aid was correct on the merits, why not hear from those directly involved in that decision?
    The answer is that Trump and McConnell know Trump did engage in profoundly corrupt, impeachable conduct. Trump used the power of his office — and the conditioning of official acts, including withholding hundreds of millions in appropriated military aid from a vulnerable ally — to strong-arm that ally into manufacturing disinformation to corrupt the 2020 election on his behalf.

  • Hi to all Pro Trumpers! we all can help our President Donald J. Trump by open on YoyTube fake media

    like cnn and others and click on thumb down to show them that WE DISAGREE with them!!!!!!

    Share this message with your friends,have a nice day

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Just like Dumbo Chump, Paul has ZERO evidence to back up his phony, B.S. claims.

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Mr Parnas claims to have been on a mission in Ukraine to dig dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden since 2018, meeting with top officials on the president’s behalf. On Wednesday claimed Mr Trump “was aware of all my movements”. Impeach the criminal POTUS.

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    “It was like being in a cult. When they say organized crime – I don’t think Trump is like organized crime, I think he’s like a cult leader,”
    Mr Parnas claimed to MSNBC on Thursday night. Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    Perry's guilty and should also be investigated. Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in an interview that aired Thursday night that former Energy Secretary Rick Perry was directed by Rudy Giuliani to tell Ukraine its U.S. aid was contingent on the country announcing investigations of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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