100 thoughts on “Sen. Blackburn: House Democrats only holding vote on impeachment because of backlash”

  • Everybody knows President Trump is INNOCENT. Who cares who the whistle blower is. Pres. EVEN SAID THE TRANSCRIPT PROVES IT- his innocence. Why would ANYONE disbelieve this very honest man. He is, when you really look at him a straight arrow. He is good to the bone! He respects law, he respects others and he wants the best for everyone. Look, let the Dems have their impeachment show. They are always talking about the truth… well, let it ring out! Don't be afraid of the TRUTH! it will set our man free!!!!! The truth will come out! In the end our very innocent president will show the world how much in integrity he actually is! He is honest.. like honest ABE! Who cares about the circus.. he is an innocent, very honest man! His history shows who and how he really is! He is a great man.


  • Epifanio Esmero says:

    Kangaroo court in the USA today??!! This is what "Hate" can do to politicians. But it can't make the "Russia Hoax" Investigation go away. Justice is still moving forward despite the dems circus acts. Too bad. 🙂

  • Just a smear campaign. Can not it be taken to court? The more they attack Trump the more it shows Dems are running scared of losing big next year.


  • We all know this is a diversion, not only regarding the upcoming election, but to take time to cover their tracks on what some of the Democratic members have done to line the pockets of their offspring in Ukraine and elsewhere.

  • If all of these elected officials are doing what they should not and all others are not doing what they could do, why don't they all go home?

  • No it's because the information gathering phase is over. Now this goes on stage for the country to hear the testimony. This is like building a case 101 stop playing dumb fox.

  • I hope Schiff's basement becomes the Dems prison. They can include it in the public tours sell bananas and the public can feed them. Now that would be intertaining.

  • If this current version of the US House of Representatives isn't a poster child for why capitalism sucks, I don't know what is! (I say this facetiously). The House that Nancy Built

  • Absque Religione says:

    – A federal judge ruled that everything the democrats are doing is 100% legal.
    – Trey Gowdy called it correct
    – Even FOX judge Napolitano called it completely legit
    And now you also got the vote that you have been crying for all this time.
    Stop watching FOX. They are lying to you.

  • Ikechukwu Onwuegbuna says:

    Good to hear real feminine tone again. Be human. Truth, honesty and decency is good when you hear it. Protect the president

  • It should be posted , for the record, just what and how the Democratics voted in all legislation. They should be openly held accountable for their negligence.

  • Why do the republicans allow these 4 or 5 democrats mutt, murkoski, collins, alexander and the 2 or 3 other democrats, to remain in the republican party? Why dont they impeach these snakes? Or at least call the S.O.B.s out to the people that were lied to and voted for this trash.

  • Christine Gower says:

    So why did Pelosi storm out of the meeting with a Trump then rush off with Schiff to Syria and Afghanistan? Answer me please.

  • Trump voters are still voting Trump. If the Democrats keep up this sham, they will lose big time in 2020. Stalinist tactics don't go down well with Americans.

  • Dems are holding the vote because the Republicans have been crying about it for weeks even though it is not needed. Now they are having a vote, Republicans don't want it. Congress is Democrats and Republicans and both Dems and Reps can ask questions during the Testimony. These people who come on Fox news are lying. At the very least they are not telling the truth.

  • Wow, how many people "listen / monitor" calls from (any) POTUS? If every president has so many people listening and monitoring calls, why in the world would a POTUS ever take the chance of doing something wrong? I mean, is that common sense… or is it just me? This is REDICULIOUS.

  • The Demo-rats have successfully exonerated trump today that they not Trump are dividing this country and successfully multiplied that ten fold today instead of letting America decide on who they want for president in 2020 This my friends is nothing more than a slander campaign and it has been sense day one.

  • President Trump has Never flaunted the Constitution. Democrats are the ones who Abuse and Flaunt the Constitution and The Rule Of Law. What Scum the Dems are.

  • It's not a Kangaroo court it's a communist court kangaroo's have more rights than there allowing the president to have.

  • We know what the game is, get rid of Trump by any means necessary or weaken him and that's our only chance to win the 2020 election.

  • Vindman tried to make corrections, they weren't made. It was then stashed in a top secret server. These Republicans had no problem when Republicans did the exact same thing during Benghazi. Graham also defended that process at the time.

  • That guy was one of the famous never Trumpers in MSM who's always talking out his a** against Trump, so why would that pinhead show THAT clip of that idiot doing his usual unfounded allegations? What spin!

  • Right off the bat, Sen Blackburn spouts out a whole bunch of lies. The Impeachment resolution gives the minority every single right to question and challenge witnesses, everything they are entitled to.

  • No Collusion, No Quid pro quo, Transcripts, texts, testimonies all confirm he is the most corrupt president ever. IMPEACH NOW

  • The House demo-rats are no different than "playground BULLIES" who shout threats and contrive more lies to scare all the other 5 year-olds!  Everyone knows their childish tactics and tantrums will fail to work, once again. Their ploys of deception have failed.  Glorious sunlight will expose their treason, crimes and treachery.

  • No man shall be by deprived of Life or Liberty without due process of Law….gang member Iarebeing given more rights than the President

  • Treason right in front of our eyes. A firing squad is too good for any of them. Life in prison would be better because they would suffer more.

  • If Democrats were to stop embezzling the taxpayer money we wouldn't have such high taxes and there'd be even more economic prosperity for us average ordinary citizens.


  • I'm looking forward to this and the terrible hearings that make dems look stupid lol.. but their media lackies will make it seem legit to the uniformed

  • Metaphorically speaking -California is burning but Pelosi only cares about millions she lost because of Trump
    no more bribery,no more connections,no information that makes her very,very wealthy
    Biden son,Pelosi son,Kerry stepson,Romney friend like Clintons with Haiti exploit people suffering for personal gain…

  • Roger Quintanilla says:

    The JackAsses will continue to waste the tax payers money with super liar Adamisky Schiff at the helm instead of looking out for the people's business.  California is dying and this JackAss and his no brain co-hurts continue to divide the country on their witch hunt when it is Uncle Joe giving our money to corrupt druggie Hunter and Kerry's nephew.

  • Sigmund Q Freud says:

    The disgusting policies of the left, their pride parades and their deterioration of society has come full circle and they are now stuck with policies the majority of America hates.

  • The gravest threat to America is what the Democrats are doing. There must be some law that they have violated, and that can all be arrested for, and charged with, now that they have put themselves on record with this vote (everyone who voted for this sham line up at the bailiff for your plastic handcuffs and to be escorted to the capitol holding cells…). Their party CANNOT change the laws unilaterally (in secret behind closed doors) on things like this.

  • It was just finally time to get Republicons on record. Remember, 22 Republicon Senators and ALL Republicon zHouse members are up for re-election in 2020. And 20 MORE Republicon Senators are up in 2022.

  • Dems are trying to interfere with the 2020 election by endless fake bad publicity for Trump !! ….That should be illegal !!

  • Asianteer of pro 2nd Amendment Trump 2020 says:

    Demon crap holding the secure fund for National defense and why they are not holding accountable for the treasonous act against the United States of America?

  • mieczyslaw herba says:

    Do not be naive – dems want to have any excuse to impeach Trump, there is nothing common with truth. They are working on chosen republican senators now, trying to bribe them, or blackmail them, or eliminate them in any other illegal way, to overcome republican senators in High House during vote on impeachment. They need only a few of them! Russia, North Korea, China, Iran might help them, because they want to change US politics, and global balance of power. The presidential election for dems: Let's make US weaker!

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