Selling Brexit Britain around the world – BBC News

Selling Brexit Britain around the world – BBC News

Even though I detect quite a lot of interest, certainly in parts of the press, in trying to stop Brexit my judgement is this is a failing cause. There will be dramas but the course is set and on the 29th March 2019 we will leave the European Union. Every six months,
selected ambassadors
gather at the
Foreign Office in London If you can’t make a reality of
Global Britain in a place like Pakistan where can you make it? Brexit had almost zero
impacts on the relationship a little bit of err… querying, “why would a friend
want to do this to itself?” A little bit of worrying about
losing a friend in the EU, but actually, frankly,
the extent to which Brexit impacts upon a
relationship with Pakistan is entirely down to us, I suppose, and how we use that. China is thinking about Brexit so, for all your ruling
out a second referendum, there was a piece in one
of the Chinese papers today which discussed exactly that, ‘was Britain going to have a second referendum?’ So this, the Brexit debate, is very, very live in China, and the world
has changed around us because the China-US relationship has, of course, become much more prominent. Vijay, tell us about Brazil. They don’t understand Brexit, they think it’s an opportunity and they think it’s an opportunity for trade because they think, bluntly, that we’ll be
so desperate for a trade deal that we’ll sign-up to a trade
deal on their terms which means agricultural opilization it means chicken, pork and beef. This is a major task and we are embracing that task. It’s the most important thing that the Foreign Office has had to do, in my career, since the end of the Cold War. The UK has now been
part of the EU for 45 years. In that time, we’ve grown used to doing more and more things with our European neighbours. That’s going to stop on the
29th March next year, we will no longer be in the room when EU member states
are deciding big issues. So we’re going to be doing
this work by ourselves. It will mean we will be working harder. The key characteristic of a civil servant is that she or he works for the government
of the day within the law and if you can’t do that, you
can’t be a British civil servant. So I have no problem, I don’t
feel in the least compromised, even though it’s not always what,
personally, I would do. I mean, my personal feelings
are beside the point. I am doing the work of
the government, within the law, to the best of my ability.


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  • Trade with the UK, we renege on trade deals.
    Trade with the UK but no deals better than you have with the EU or you have to give even better deal to the EU.

  • Progressive Demagogue says:

    It was good to see the BBC called out for their absolute remain bias in parliament today. Nobody should believe anything they say. They even wanted to try and pin the yellow vest movement on Russia. The BBC are nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for their paymasters. THE GLOBALISTS.

  • Robbie Craughwell says:

    Had the European union abandoned the Delivery of migrants to every sovereign nation without consultation or thought for the safety and impact it would have on maintaining the heritage of the host nation! There would be no Brexit! Own goal to the EU.

  • NorthernLeigonare says:

    This was reassuring to say the least. At least the BBC isn't making this a huge drama like a lot of other news outlets.

    Sure it will be difficult for us like the chap said, but that's what it will be like to work on your own. I know a lot about working on my own for sure! xD.

    As much as I would have probably voted to stay. This does give me more confidence that at least some people within the government are actually getting on with it and seeing this through.

    We voted to leave and that's what we shall do.

  • Repulse theMonkey says:

    The way the BBC continue to show bias against Brexit is a national disgrace. I can no longer stand to look at the BBC website, because I cannot trust what is being reported.

  • In the end, Sir Simon went as far out on a limb as he could to heavily imply that he personally doesn't believe in Brexit.

    He might as well have quoted his brilliant predecessor Sir Humphrey Appleby: "almost every government policy is nonsense… but frightfully well carried out".

  • Selling brexit britain around the world sounds a hell of a lot better than selling britain to the eu…..also the background music tells you how its framed…

  • Whatever the BBC is telling you, you can believe it is garbage. They are no longer a news agency but a propaganda purveyor of disinformation. Should now be called the PPD

  • Garreth O'Callaghan says:

    Pakistan, Brazil, China…look up the Abilene Paradox..(Everyone agrees to go, where no one wants to go) Appropriate?

  • BBC news at 6 pm full of usual doom and gloom bias propaganda troops on stand by firms Leaving for Europe load of utter bullshit as usual . Never go to any firms that are glad to stay without corrupted EU ???

  • California Dreamin' says:

    Well Sir Simon McDonald how do you feel about ANNULLING THE REFERENDUM because by any measure it was not conducted " within the Law", and you work for a Government which knows that, and is not prepared to "uphold the Law"
    This short video makes me feel angry and embarrassed ….what a waste of talent !!

  • The Metrolibs both Tory and Labour NEVER got over losing the referendum to the working class. I and EVERYONE I know hates the BBC, and calls it Building Britains Caliphate.

  • I don't get it for what they are facing today is just "KARMA". How they looted ruined, destroyed other countries and dividing them within.
    "As you sow, So shall you Reap."

  • The BBC isn't worth a quirt of 'Pee-pee'. The bias is obvious, insulting and pointless. Scrap the licence fee. Make every member of staff redundant. Stop broadcasting, then reform as a viable business. Globilism means cheaper slaves. The BBC needs to learn the harshest lesson of all.

  • got an idea
    hold a referendum
    to see if you should hold a referendum
    o and do it online one day after it's announced
    that way the russkies won't have much time to interfere……
    yours sincerely

  • Don't forget to get us out the UN slush fund scam and anything thing else this treasonous government have signed us up to behind our backs ..REMEMBER TRUTH ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO COME OUT.

  • The Biased Broadcasting Company want us to remain. Well we coming out to trade with you and make your life better God Bless you All

  • 2018 £8 an hour average .
    1 bottle of southern comfort 70 cl .
    1 pack of 20 sterling cigs .
    1 50 gram of baccy .
    1 bottle of diet coke .
    £47.59 p

    Petrol £6 a gallon !

    1989 £9 per hour average
    All of the above for £15 and change from a £20 for 3 or 4 pints in the local pub .

    Petrol 60p a gallon

    Wtf is goin on .

  • As you sow, So shall you Reap is time to pay for your crimes UK!! this brexit will be the endl of UK…and its need to be to much blood on that flag

  • BBC is trying so hard to Keep Calm and Carry On. They published an opinion piece when the pound was down to the dollar about a slowing economy in the US in the Top3 stories.

    A “shambolic” government is given an overproduced 3 minute skit featuring career diplomats giving pre written statements to a minister.

    Really BBC? The British People like their news soothing?

  • I’m amazed our “right honourable friends” manage to leave their homes each morning. Just leave! and close the bloody door behind you.

  • A BBC report spoke of ministers summoned to No 10 just as the film showed a cat approaching the door and being let in, So now we know at least one cabinet minister is a cat This film on the Foreign Office shows a black cat has the run of the place, It is immensely reassuring to know the UK is in safe hands,,,or paws, Will the BBC please interview the cats so they can tell us what the bloody hell is going on,,,and what they will do

  • Plot twist: Brexit will actually happen, UK avoids paying EU membership, and governments within the EU undercut and do black market deals for trade ?

  • The foreign office has had 2 years to prepare for this and these clowns are talking like it's day one. What a bunch of clueless inept fools.

  • The foreign office needs to step up to the mark and do better and stop talking about the EU and act in the interest of the UK

  • My company is doing more than the foreign office and it not them doing the work it is British Companies like mine and I dont see them helping me get contracts in Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, USA etc they are a complete waste of money sack them all and save their salaries they have no idea of business

  • DanielMartins 04 says:

    (BRAZIL) toma no teu cu vcs sao todos tendenciosos vem aqui entra no morro do rio viva num pais aonde os bandidos roba faz o caralho a quatro e nao acontece porra nem uma convite bbc venha pro brasil

  • This man's career consisted of sitting on his ass listening to foreigners telling him what to do he's upset because now he has to actually work and earn his money.

  • Once we’ve sent 350 million a week x 52 x 45 years how much is that ….?

    How do we pay for anything ?

    No wonder we’re a trillion in debt to privately owned banks

    We can’t afford the Eu

  • Wow bbc actually showed us something the whole of the uk has been waiting for, that was a shocker. Wonder if it's because the e.u has acted like a angry hiena. They keep Sending threats. Even the raminers have got to admit they are deluded old senile globalists by now surely. We need more of this, America, Mexico, chilli, China, india, Brazil, Australia, Canada, shall I keep going.. The resilience of the British will prevail over the fascist globalist euro. They tried to mock and tell us we will be nothing. Go set our own trade. Take our country, look after are own people, take in people who are genuine migrants after a better life. Oh and prove to Europe – Franco Germany. We could do it and they should of not been so arrogant! After all this time Teresa may is still groveling to drunker and barnier. Just walk away from the swine balls and don't pay a penny.!! Start our own satellite with Nasa space agency on giblrater next!

  • Iwona Raczkowska says:

    Nawet jeżeli Wielka Brytania sukcesywnie opuściła by Unię Europejską to i tak Unia Europejska zrobi wszystko żeby wykończyć Wielką Brytanię

  • All going well, there should be a few new trade deals successfully negotiated within the next decade or so. The EU-Canada + deal only took 7 years to finalise.

  • I really think the Brexiteers are making a tactical mistake. They can say "we won, it's over" as much as they like, but it isn't over. If the public turn against Brexit then it either won't happen or it will be reversed 5-10 years down the line and be pointless in any case.

    Yet instead of trying to secure public consent around Brexit and minimise the short-term damage to take the heat out the issue, most Brexiteers are pushing for the hardest Brexit possible and attacking "Remoaners" at every opportunity. Brexit has already lost its majority (it's something like 53-47 for Remain if you average out the latest polls), there's a whopping demographic advantage for Remain given how much of the Brexit vote relies on older people, and a chaotic no deal Brexit would only push even more people into Remain.

    Why doesn't anyone understand this on the leave side? Nobody is going to give a stuff about what people voted for in 2016 if they lose their job, the pound tanks, and all the rest of it. It's like watching a bunch of people celebrating on top of an active volcano while the lava builds up.

  • I find it a little odd that people from countries who wouldn't now countenance joining the EU if they could (whether or not they are nearby is beside the point; Brazil is a good example) because of the sovereignty you must give up. This is despite the purported economic benefits; are saying how foolish the UK is. If we have been wise for 45 years and are now idiotic then those countries must have been foolish for their entire existence as they wouldn't give up so much even if they could.
    There are nations outside the EU which are not integrated into a trade bloc (see Australia)who have actually done a better job of growing their economy so I personally think the impact of the EU as a positive is overblown. I do think that leaving the bloc will cause disruption in the short term but I think in the long run it will have little impact – other factors such as investment, education, (now) trade policy etc will have a larger impact; it could be a bad impact but it is entirely independent of the EU. Looking at examples the EU was never a guarantor (see Greece and Italy) of a functioning economy and in some cases could have been part of the problem particularly due to the monetary union.

  • The EU leaders statements of the top 30+% (Sweden) are old and will soon die off with a low replacement because of a low fertility rate; will have a dire consequence to their economy. Economically speaking, the EU's position is most incorrect. What is really happening is that 30+% continuous debt of non-productive population is removed from the state coffers. The net effect will be more treasury dollars available to a smaller younger population.

    By replacing the old with illiterate young foreigners, the net effect will be the same tax load applied to the younger population as the senior population dies off. Knowing this, the national economy will not expand as the debt to profit ratio of the national treasury will remain the same.

    What can be surmised from all of this? The bureaucrats are economically incompetent or they are taking a stance for electors to support their position in national elections by elder replacement in the position of social debt (maintain the status quo). A novel concept not tried before to maintain party power in state organs.

    The abuse of power of government bureaucrats. By applying pressure to the news media and general population to tote their line (via an irrelevant statement of decrying racism) is a definitive example of a police state and abuse of power. In-other-words, don't call me out on this matter or I will get you fired. Knowing all of this, the bureaucrats statements and implying the world will end if we do not do this; are most incorrect and an intentional lie.

    A liar never goes down with-out sending a punch to your nose. I will leave it up to the brave and stalwart journalist to explain the above to the general population. Just think of making a name for yourself by unmasking the greatest political hoax to hit Europe in our life time. If you do not unmask the political hoax, you and your family will directly suffer the imposed consequences.

  • These lot only thinks of themselves and sod the next man , they are the ones who hire cheap labour and leave the Brits jobless shame no one will miss this lot and don't worry they won't leave if they do the EU will make sure they pay heavy tax which in UK they avoided the crooks .

  • Alignment Six Trading says:

    Note the comment made : “U.K. will not be in the room when member states make big decisions”…he did not say what is told to the public “a handful of ppl behind closed doors running the EU and telling the U.K. and rest of Europe what to do” 90+% of rules made by the EU was either made by U.K. or voted on by them. Interesting!

  • This classified government document dated April 1971 remained secret until it was released under the 30 year rule. It proves Heath's government knew the 1972 EEC Treaty would lead to the loss of sovereignty, and was therefore treason. They had a stunningly accurate picture of the EU, which never was the EEC (an Economic Community), expecting Britain to be abolished after the turn of the century.

    The authors, all civil servants or ministers, are very pro EU, their intent is clearly to conceal the loss of sovereignty. But they understood perfectly it would all be abolished.

    In public Heath's government all lied the treaty would not affect our sovereignty. This includes Douglas Hurd, still an active senior Conservative, who is also both a liar and a traitor, a point we put to him at the Conservative Conference in Blackpool. He assured us his connections in the legal profession would ensure he was never convicted.

    Here are just a few of the damning sentences:

    Parliament controlled

    11. Membership of the Communities will involve us in extensive limitations upon our freedom of action.

    For the first time. Parliament is binding its successors.

    Increasing loss of sovereignty

    The loss of external sovereignty will however increase as the Community develops, according to the intention of the preamble to the Treaty of Rome "to establish the foundations of an even closer union among the European peoples ".

    Small threats to sovereignty, like Burgess, Blunt and Maclean's selling secrets to the Russians, attract 30 year jail sentences. The penalty for actually loosing even small parts of it until 1998 was "to hang by the neck until dead."

    King Charles 1st was executed for treason that was, by comparison, relatively minor.

    Lord Haw Haw (“Germany Calling” – William Joyce) was hanged for treason on 3rd January 1946. His efforts on behalf of Germany were tiny by comparison with Edward Heath’s.

  • Taking back control!!!!! ???Little Britain is here!!!! Ye but no but ye but no but!!!! The World is pissing itself in more ways than one??

  • Say no to Gina Miller, say no to Sadiq Khan, say no to Alastair Campbell, say no to Tony Blair. SAY NO TO REMAIN.

    The indoctrination carried out by left-wing zealots at University campuses (virtually all of the media) all over the country is horrible. The young people are taught to have no mind of their own, young men to think and behave as if they were women and to not have pride or backbone on anything. It's all in order to for elite to soften the people up so they can rule over them at will. Say no to EU.

    A country without sovereignty is not a nation. The UK is a state of the EU as it is stands, not an independent, sovereign nation. I laugh my head off reading those GDP rankings. A country like the UK should not appear in them unless they are an independent nation-state.

  • omg , leaving the EU is not only because the X Billion trade deficit … I think it is more abut the rights of citizen, Look at the EU … on what kind of dictorship they are really driven. Totally political union and that is impossible because most of the citizen of the 27 member states wont agree with that. So leaving the EU means leaving their ironic idialogic idea of globalization

  • I write to try to get the use of a schizophrenia weapon that's used on me for years on Northern rail and previously British rail.No other reason to get the rape stopped so the legal stuff can start.To steal a life by inflicting schizophrenia manufactured and hypnotic suggesting bombardment.Its taking place on Northern It includes the NHS and family and the television industry and I've wanted it stopped for years.Being made to hear things is torture I just want court action now.This is written and others in the hope it would be stopped.

  • Maybe UK will become poorer, certainly it becomes less important like Norway or Ukraine, but both doesn`t really matter. What they get is more independance from EU and more dependance on US and others, and this is what the majority (with some fake-news support from Putin, UKIP and Murdoch) wanted. Good luck, UK, life goes on.

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