See Bindi Irwin's Stunning Engagement Bling from Chandler Powell

See Bindi Irwin's Stunning Engagement Bling from Chandler Powell

people are always wondering why by wearing gauged married well you can stop wondering now because bindi Irwin is officially off the market it kind of like my soul mate the daughter of the late Steve Irwin turned 21 on Wednesday and took to social media to announce that she and her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell got engaged at the Australia Zoo I'm really grateful to have found you I think I could be with anyone else bindi shared these sweet engagement pics with her 22 year old fiance showing off her stunning new engagement bling she captioned the pics quote on my birthday I said yes and forever to the love of my life Chandler close to six years ago I fell in love with you and every day since has been a whirlwind of adventure and true happiness here's to a lifetime of friendship purpose and unconditional love it's nice because every day is an adventure Chandler also shared the happy news on Instagram posting this cuddled up shot and writing she said yes proposing in her very favorite place in the zoo surrounded by animals seemed like the perfect way to embark on this incredible new chapter in our lives ET was with bindi and her family in may where she gushed over her love saying she thinks her dad would approve now I know you guys have all been spending a lot of time together Chandler's been with you every step of the way what do you think Dad would have thought of that great guy oh I I hope you'd liked him I think he would I mean Taylor's wonderful he's always up for the challenge from jumping on crocodiles to getting his little cocky bow tie on you know he's doing good so I hope dad would love canva and you know we all love him so I don't know what do you think about Mike I think I think he's great I think I think your dad would have tested him yeah morning noon and night and then approved because your dad was kind of like that dad always used to say if you're gonna date a guy he has to cross the kruk pond fast like swim across the crockpot and thankfully Chandler was a wakeboarder so you know what wakeboarding across the crockpot I'm sure he would have passed the best [Applause]


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