Secrets to breaking a Michael Phelps record – Caeleb Dressel | Top Performers

Secrets to breaking a Michael Phelps record – Caeleb Dressel | Top Performers

There are some, it seems,
who were simply born to swim. Caeleb Dressel’s love
of the water brought him from Green Cove Springs,
Florida, to his first Olympics
in Rio de Janeiro. Caeleb Dressel, this is
his very first Olympic race. He is so good off the blocks. Already off to
a brilliant start. I held it together pretty
well on the podium, as soon as I saw my family,
we got off, I absolutely just started
bawling. But it’s such a special moment
and Michael just told us, take it all in. The epitome of swimming
is a gold medal at the Olympics. There’s nothing like it and
there’s no greater feeling than standing on the podium. One year later,
Dressel’s prowess in the pool earned him seven gold medals at
the 2017 World Championships, tying a record set
by a swimming legend. It’s Caeleb Dressel now as they
come down to the final ten. Caeleb Dressel at the wall
gets it done! And how about Caeleb Dressel,
can we see it again? The MVP of that relay. And looking toward Tokyo,
a love for the sport pushes him to keep
fine-tuning his technique in pursuit of
even more success. I put a lot of energy and
passion into understanding the movement of the body,
especially in the water because that’s what I do,
that’s my thing. When you’re young,
things just happen back to back to back. But now you’ve got to dissect
each race and learn from each race and each meet and
don’t be afraid to look outside the pool for motivation. Some of that motivation
comes from a blue bandana Dressel keeps close
before he swims, a reminder of Claire McCool, his role model and
high school math teacher. The bandana was given to
me by Big Mike McCool who was Ms McCool’s husband. She taught me at
Clay High School, not just in school or geometry, she was really a
life mentor to me and she passed away
from cancer, so I take it to
every swim meet, it sits on my dresser
every night. It really just goes
everywhere with me. So to have her kind of
behind the blocks with me, I really truly believe that
she’s in that bandana and it just helps me
know that there’s so much more to life than just swimming.


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  • Jason Mcmechon says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord God of all! God bless you all! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!

  • "Dressels love for the water brought him to his first Olympics in Rio de Jainero"
    No, it is his perfect build from swimming. Almost everyone loves the water. Some people have the perfect body for swimming. If you train very hard, you then become the best. If you only love the water and train very hard, you dont become the best. You need to have the best body type for each discpline.

  • Yong Geun Song says:

    ㅑ ㅜㅐ샤i noticed the difference, he comes up out of the water more (by that i mean like more 90 degree up) than michael phelps

  • He swam almost everything at the 2019 World Championships and he won almost everything he swam. He is amazing

  • Unknown pleasures says:

    I said 3 years ago that this guy will be the next ….(not the next Phelps )but probably better !! Impressive !

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