Secretary Ben Carson on efforts to slow the coronavirus pandemic


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  • Rose Marie Leonard says:

    Just think about this: the President ask for money, for CoronaVirus and they want money for abortions, In exchange, this is the Democrat Party, total Communist-Socialist FRAUD, working with Bill Gates, for the NWO depopulation plan.
    Love Dr Ben, we need more of him ❤️. Great show judge!

  • People are dying of a virus and yet the comments on EVERY VIDEO still have people complaining about Trump’s presidency… HOLY HELL, get a grip you spoiled little brats. And before you come at me, I DON’T LIKE ANY LEADERS NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD THEY ARE… Earth doesn’t need leaders, we need each other. It’s selfish individuals that want power, and selfish individuals that beg for them to tell them how to live their lives. Work together in unison and we wouldn’t have any issues… Individualism is the root of all problems and it wouldn’t have any room to cause havoc if everyone banded together. Unfortunately, nobody wants togetherness because they are too poisoned by their own desire to seem more important than the person next to them… It’s absolutely DISGUSTING. This is why I hope the virus eradicates the entirety of this childish species… I’m done with being alone in enlightenment. Do your worst Coronavirus.

  • We have too many lawyers and lawsuits in place that prevent an expedition of these potentially lifesaving medications

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    I hear Ben did very well in the Stock market before it crashed. Must be nice to be a friend of the President. Most of the President’s friends got out while he was busy reassuring the rest of us…

  • Michael Murphy says:

    I don't give a fuk with the FDA says start handing that s*** out right now.. what the f*** you waiting for you know it's not a dangerous drug give it out give it out

  • Plutocratic Goverment says:

    As the kids stay home from school and the parents stay home out of work trying to figure out how to feed the family, while not losing everything they own to bill collectors, including the house and kitchen sink. When you’re out of work waiting in a soup line, begging for socialism and handouts. How many Americans will now go bankrupt because they couldn't afford private health insurance as they go to the hospital from the coronavirus? Bernie Sanders will look really good but even then it will be too late. Trump will push a stimulus bill for big corporations and the hotel industry, bail out the oil and shale companies, the true coronavirus victims and fox media will praise him for it.

  • Peter J. Donnelly says:

    fox and fiends—– trump disbanded the WHO , cut budget for CDC and corona virus research ! then if that wasn't enough he cut the CDC budget when covid-19 became a pandemic ! how do u explain this idiot in the WH doing this ?

  • I’ve heard through the grapevine, malaria prone countries are not getting COVId-19 like the rest of the world. Maybe we need to at least try this drug on the patients that want it.

    Thanks to all those brave men and women on the line – We will eventually bounce back both in the US and here in the UK.
    We the people we look back and reflect on all those people who PROFITEERED Politically and Monetarily – those who used the crisis to advance their own financial and political gains or their media lap dogs sow the seeds of fear and deception – For Your President I upload the words of Theodore Roosevelt

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    As we understand this fight. The targeting of CVD19 by specific antigens remains undone. As the larger attack white cells ( macrophages if memory serves ) spring into action, they need a clue. Entirely.. That guy, protein # whatever. Cured now saving thousands this week. And vaccinated , in 18 months depending on trial fails. You know about trial fails…

  • FAILURE: TRUMP is complete waste of our time. He is a reality show pundit NOT a leader. USA needs responsible leadership ASAP

  • Im sick as crap. My family is all sick as crap. We all have the symptoms of the Corona virus. But guess why there is no cases in my area!?!? Because you cant get tested! Unless you are dying, you will not be seen!

  • Let Ben take more of a lead on this virus—he has more common sense/practical application than rest of task force combined.

  • This mf ben said "nothings wrong go out go to the rallys Coronavirus is nothing." I really feel sorry for the bootlickers

  • Pitbull Romans 5:8 says:

    First 2 months if this thing was spent with Desperate Donny bungling and dysfunctionally denying. He has no real leadership skills.

  • Shirley Holmes says:

    Sorry Ben Carson, by you being a doctor I'm very sure you wish you were, Thou Surgeon General?
    Your Boy saw the Geniusnees in you but did not want the WORLD to see it. How humiliated was you, getting demoted to a houseboy. Something that you never had not to do as a Neurosurgeon, as a Neurosurgeon Dr. you could have hire yourself a houseboy.
    Don't feel so bad we told you your Boy hated your kind. Mr. United States Secretary of housing and Hood development Dr. Ben Carson. He put you in your place Dr. Houseboy, reminding you of the place you came. Sorry but, not Sorry ❣️? for U.

  • The Zombie apocalypse has begun Democrat in collusion with China and the UN to overthrow America and the Constitution to enslave the Globe. Welcome…….

  • The game changing drug cocktail that
    ?rump is touting is related to fatal arrhythmia! Let’s have Trump and Pence
    be the guinea pigs. Meanwhile: North Korea commie lover Trump, offered Kim Jong Un help in fighting coronavirus while he’s botched the response for Americans!

  • When Carson was diddling around inside peoples skulls did he think that perhaps seek the advise of a "businessman" as to the procedures to be used?

  • I heard Dr Fauci saying that the lack of evidence pertained to using Chloroquine based treatments as a prophylactic to prevent getting the virus, not as a treatment for those already infected. Many countries have already been using it effectively for those already infected.

  • So, not a Democrat hoax after all? So the idiot in charge wasted two months calling it one? Look at the stock market now. Look at unemployment now. Failure to lead.

  • You were too slow Ben. The Doctors out of Wuhan Provence warned the World in December 2019 they were in a Pandemic. Based on Previous Viruses out of China, I said in January to start Isolation of travel into the USA from China, a few other Doctors were extremely concerned about Isolation., As an Engineering analysts and Data Analysts it’s always my job to spot the trends of accidents and pinpoint the exact causes and to prevent them in the future. The History of Virus’s out of China is well known, you ignored the Warnings.

  • Without testing people, assume everyone is infected, including yourself. Six to 24 wks before first symptoms. As the virus is spread that entire time.

  • Every prescription you get tells you the side effects. But they all so state the "BENIFITS OUTWEIGH THE RISKS"!

  • William Sanford says:


  • Politicians are lying to Americans while politicians are getting rich by selling stock, that were WARNED ahead of this virus. This was a definite hit on United States from China, they did this because America and are president are tired of being fu**ed by the China economy in trading wars and tariffs. We will get through this, then China needs to be held accountable for its asinine lack of action, being they've known about this since November of 2019.

  • Leanna Hatfield says:

    These democrats aren't gonna be getting sick. Trust me. They already have the cure for themselves in their safes at their million dollar homes. They're the ones who had this virus stolen and put upon us just to attack trumps stock market. They don't care who gets sick or dies. So long as they hurt trump. They are sociopaths.

  • Willfully ignorant Carson is hiding his health status, and Fox employees are potentially in danger of infection. Thoughts and prayers.

  • OLD Beer Buzzard says:

    Dr, Ben Carson, Judge, and all you Faithful Christians. In Prayer with God, Oh how Sweet it is. For so long now, Just Guide my hands. Here again, I got a Message in my Plead and Prayers. I want everyone to know about the word I heard and He wants me to share with the world. All I can say right now is Cold Plunge. My Revelation and Relation with my Lord and God. I have no Questions of the Spirit inside me. Amen If you have that Relation with God, He speaks as loud today as ever in History. So as I Prayed today in my wanting a confirmation this is all man-made. Well, again Doctors and Health Care, CDC and anything helping in this Corona Virus. May just be this Old Buzzard and his Mental problems, as they claim today in so many issues, BUT. Cold Plunge is the Message he gave me to Tell the World in my Last days upon this EARTH. COLD PLUNGE your Patients. This Virus Heats the body up for its survival and a Cold Plunge, Deep Freeze the Body. IT WILL DIE. Charles Wallace 3/22/2020 What do you have to lose, But TESTS. Cold Plunge. I have Faith

  • It's like when a basketball player is interviewed about the game: "Well you know… we're out there just givin' it 110%. Uhh we're playing the best defense that we can right now. Just keepin' the ball movin' and uhhh…. you know we just gotta give it 110%. And uhhhhh…"


  • maninthemiddle55 says:

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “promising development,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that alcohol may help people survive the most severe effects of coronavirus briefings. Noting that millions of Americans have been exposed to the daily briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Fauci said that he had voluntarily submitted to a preliminary trial of the alcohol-based therapy. “What we have found is that a single dosage before the briefing and as much as a double dosage after the briefing do much to alleviate the most acute suffering,” Fauci said.

    The esteemed virologist said that if Americans are able to administer additional doses during the briefings, “Consider yourself lucky.” But, even as Fauci hailed the benefits of the new treatment, he sounded a note of caution. “The effect of this medication is temporary,” he said. “Sadly.” Fauci’s findings are in line with anecdotal reports indicating that Americans have been alleviating symptoms in a similar manner since November, 2016.

  • The C-Pack is used widely for unknown viruses now. Go ahead and use this on those who may be able to tolerate it.

  • Anthony Armstrong says:

    Ozone generators for your car, home and anywhere people gather. Hospital’s,schools etc, Ozone makes air safe from virus, planes , busses!

  • WHO WOKE CARSON UP! Of all the people in America during this horrendous crisis we have a moronlike Trump in command. This lunatic should be removed from office to eleviate that problem at least and replaced by a true leader whether Republican or Democrate it doesn't matter. The fools who laugh or think their funny in this situation are ignorant people and haven't seen the videos coming out of Italy of the wards, corridors, tempory buildings filled with people dying, and full of coffins with bodies waiting to be cremated. This level is coming to America in weeks as it's just begun here, and the smiles on those fools faces will be gone when they see friends or loved ones die from this virus. Your grandparents where asked to go to war…your just being asked to stay at home.

  • "..all the talk about corona virus being so much more deadly doesn't reflect reality." – Jeanine Pirro March 7 2020

    Every Fox host needs to apologise for their original reporting of the corona virus. This arrogant pig of a woman first.

  • Ben is not someone who inspires confidence . He appears to be befuddled and fogged out mentally .
    He was chosen as Trumps token black .. he knows nothing about his own job . Nothing .

  • I have a question for Donald Trump is our military ready in case Russia wants to invade us now that this country economy is going down the drain?

  • Leftists as inept as "you can keep your doctor" Obama? No thanks. You said Trump was xenophobic for closing the borders to Chinese and Europeans. You leftists are unqualified for the job. You are fired!

  • Ret I love you israel Bo says:

    While great efforts are been done, to stop the virus, some don’t care, and they are up on the bitches in California, and Florida, because they don’t want their business of drugs to go down.

  • Juleene Jenkins says:

    I am not a Dr. However, if anti-malaria prescriptions are helping with covid-19, Olive leaf extract is also an anti-malaria natural medicine and works phenomenally on respiratory infections, it cured my pneumonia in 3 days taking 3 capsules 4 times daily for seven days! But talk to your doctor even though a dr would never recommend anything natural but if you have a N.D. or a doctor who has respect and an open mind toward natural medicines they will educate themselves on it. No one wants to look at natural medicines and it could be natural meds that save us from this pandemic!

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