Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends with More Damning Evidence: A Closer Look

Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends with More Damning Evidence: A Closer Look

-Last night 10 candidates faced off in
the fifth Democratic debate. From the beginning
of the debate, substantive policy issues
were at the forefront, and I’m just [bleep] with you. We’re gonna talk
about impeachment. [ Laughter ] For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] It’s been an explosive week of
testimony in Washington, and if you’d like an example of
just how shocking and crazy things have been, I’d like to
direct you to C-SPAN, the network of empty chairs
and sleeping congressmen. C-SPAN is normally a source of
calm and consistency, but the tone was
a little different today when they were taking calls
on impeachment and someone from Florida
called in after someone from Alabama
and said this. -Howdy. I just want to apologize
first and foremost for all the morons
on the calls earlier, especially from Alabama
and all that. Secondly I just want to say
impeach the [bleep]. Have a great day. [ Laughter ] -Thanks, Monty, in Florida. That’s it for phone calls
right now. -Oh, my God. Impeachment has been so crazy, C-SPAN is turning
into “Howard Stern.” [ Laughter ] So that’s just a little glimpse in how crazy Washington’s
been this week. Now, the actual
impeachment hearings have been nothing short
of jaw-dropping, with one bombshell
after another. The testimony this week
has directly tied virtually every senior official
in Trump’s inner circle to a corrupt quid pro quo
in which the President used hundreds of millions of dollars
in taxpayer money appropriated by Congress
to solicit a bribe from a foreign country to help
him in the 2020 election. That’s it. That’s the major takeaway I wish
everyone would remember. In fact, if I knew
how to cross-stitch, I’d get that sewn onto a pillow
and sell it in the NBC store. [ Laughter ] Although the merch in
the C-SPAN store is much better. [ Laughter ] Now, remember,
before these hearings, the only line of defense
Trump and his allies had, the line they kept repeating
over and over and over again was that there was
no quid pro quo with Ukraine. -There’s no quid pro quo,
no demand, no pressure, no threat. -There’s no quid pro quo. -There was no quid pro quo. -There is no quid pro quo.
-There is no quid pro quo. -There was no quid pro quo.
-There was no quid pro quo. -There was no quid pro quo. -But listen to this.
There is no pro quo. -In a way, that’s Trump’s
best defense. “How could I be
guilty of something if I can’t even remember
how to say it?” [ Laughter ] So there you go. Trump says there was
no pro quo, which sounds like something a
tourist would say in Europe when one of those dudes comes into
the restaurant, selling flowers. “Scuzi? No, no pro quo.” [ Laughter ] But yesterday that talking point
was completely blown up when Trump’s hand-picked
ambassador to the European Union,
Gordon Sondland, a businessman who donated
a million dollars to Trump’s inaugural committee
and who was a central player in the Ukraine scheme said there
was, in fact, a quid pro quo. -Was there a quid pro quo? As I testified previously with regard to the requested
White House call and the White House meeting,
the answer is yes. -Man, not only did he answer
the key question, he asked it himself. Gordon Sondland was so
determined to bring down Trump, he didn’t even need anyone else
in the room with him. He could’ve just
interviewed himself. “Mr. Sondland, was there
a quid pro quo? Yes, Mr. Sondland, there was. And that’s the T.” [ Laughter and applause ] So there it is. He settled it definitively
once and for all — there was, in fact,
a quid pro quo. What could Trump’s defense
possibly be? “I never said there was
no quid pro quo. I said there was…” -No pro quo. -“Totally different.” So everyone in the White House
knew what was going on. In fact, Sondland
named tons of people, from Trump
to Vice President Mike Pence, all the way down the chain. -President Trump,
Vice President Pence, Secretary Perry,
Ambassador Volker, Secretary Pompeo,
Ambassador Bolton, Chief of Staff Mulvaney,
Rudy Giuliani. -My God, it’s like
he was reading from a phone book of criminals. I guess in this case, it would
be called the very white pages. [ Laughter ] So everyone knew
what was happening, or as Sondland put it
in his testimony yesterday… -Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret. -Of course, this administration
has no secrets because every time
they do something secret, Rudy Giuliani runs to
the nearest TV camera, confesses to everything,
and gives us the evidence. -Did our State Department ask
you to go on a mission for them? -They did. -So you did ask Ukraine
to look into Joe Biden. -Of course I did. And you know who I did it
at the request of? The State Department.
It’s all here, right here. -He literally confessed
to all of it then showed us the evidence. Rudy already held his own
impeachment inquiry by himself. He’s like a guy who sees the
cops at his door and breaks down before they ask him a question. “Fine, I robbed a bank. Here’s the gun I used,
and here’s the cash.” “Sir, I am just here
to check the meter.” [ Laughter ] So, in many ways,
we already knew the core facts at the heart of the case, but this week’s testimony
has made it clear as day, yes, there was way quid pro quo, yes, it was ordered by
the President, yes, everyone else
knew about it, and, yes, it was designed
specifically to help Trump win the 2020 election, which is important because
the other line of defense Republicans have used was that
Trump was concerned about corruption in Ukraine
in general. In fact, Rudy Giuliani, who is reportedly
under criminal investigation, repeated that argument yesterday
in an interview with Glenn Beck, but I don’t think it came out
quite the way Rudy intended it. -It’s rumored they’re
investigating me for bribery. I’d like to know who I bribed. I don’t bribe people. I’ve been doing this for
50 years in my life. I’ve never had a complaint. I think people understand that I have a very, very great
passion for corruption. [ Laughter ] -No, that didn’t — that didn’t come out the way
he wanted it to. You made it
sound like corruption is one of your hobbies. That’s how someone would
describe themselves in their Tinder bio. “I have a great passion for
swimming, horseback riding, corruption, and pulling the skin all the way back
behind my head.” You got to be careful
how you phrase stuff, man. Rudy saying he has a great
passion for corruption would be like O.J. saying, “Man, I’d kill for
a ham sandwich right now.” [ Laughter ] Two people? [ Laughter and applause ] But obviously this was not about
corruption in general. This was about helping
Trump specifically. Yesterday, for example, Sondland
admitted in an exchange with Congressman
Sean Patrick Maloney that the investigations were
explicitly designed to benefit Trump, although it took some
coaxing to get it out of him. -Who would have benefited
from an investigation of the President’s
political opponents? -I don’t want to characterize who would’ve
and who would not have. -I know you don’t want to, sir. That’s my question. Would you answer it for me? -Restate your question. -Who would benefit
from an investigation of the President’s
political opponent? -Well, presumably the person
who asked for the investigation. -Who is that? -If the President asked for the
investigation, it would be he. -Well, it’s not a hypothetical,
is it, sir? Who would benefit from
an investigation of the Bidens? -There are two
different questions. -I’m just asking one. Who would benefit from
an investigation of the Bidens? -I assume President Trump
would benefit. -There we have it, see. [ Applause ] -Trump. The answer was Trump. That exchange was excruciating. It was like watching someone
else open a pickle jar, and when they
finally got it open, the only pickle inside was
one with weird hair on it. [ Laughter ] So, you heard Sondland
very clearly there. This was all orchestrated
to hurt Trump’s political rivals and help the President win. And today we got more testimony
to confirm that fact from a state Department official
named David Holmes. Holmes was with Sondland
in Ukraine when Sondland called Trump to
talk about the scheme and Holmes overheard
that conversation. Now, you’ll recall that
yesterday Sondland confirmed the account
that Holmes had given, an account Holmes
repeated today. -I heard Ambassador Sondland
greet the President and explain he was calling
from Kiev. I heard President Trump then
clarify that Ambassador Sondland was in Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland replied,
yes, he was in Ukraine, and went on to state
that President Zelensky “loves your ass.” I then heard
President Trump ask, “So, he’s going to do
the investigation?” Ambassador Sondland replied that
“he’s going to do it.” -He also testified that you
confirmed to President Trump that you were in Ukraine
at the time and that President Zelensky
“loves your ass.” Do you recall saying that? -Yeah, it sounds like
something I would say. [ Laughter ] -That is the face of a man who
has no [bleep] left to give. [ Laughter and applause ] “Yeah, man.” [ Cheers and applause ] “Oh, yeah. That sounds
like Gordon Sondland. About to crack open a brewski.
It’s party time.” [ Laughter ] So Holmes overheard
Trump ask Sondland about the investigations,
and just in case it wasn’t absolutely clear
what they were talking about when Sondland got off the phone
with Trump, Holmes asked him to clarify and Sondland confessed
to everything on the spot. -After the call ended,
Ambassador Sondland remarked that the President
was in a bad mood, as Ambassador Sondland stated
was often the case early in the morning. I then took the opportunity
to ask Ambassador Sondland for his candid impression of the
President’s views on Ukraine. In particular, I asked
Ambassador Sondland if it was true that
the President did not give a expletive about Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland agreed
that the President did not give an expletive
about Ukraine. -Hey, man, you don’t got to
bleep yourself. You could just say it. We’re way past bleeping. A porn star went on TV and talked about
the President’s [bleep] and people dropping F-bombs
on C-SPAN. We are through
the looking glass, baby. [ Laughter ] But then Holmes continued
and said that Sondland made it clear to him
that all Trump cared about was investigating his political
rival, Joe Biden. -Ambassador Sondland agreed
that the President did not give an expletive
about Ukraine. I asked why not. Ambassador Sondland stated
that the President only cares about big stuff. I noted there was big stuff
going on in Ukraine, like a war with Russia. And Ambassador Sondland replied
that he meant big stuff that benefits the President, like the Biden investigation
that Mr. Giuliani was pushing. I briefed the call in detail to
the deputy commission, went away for a week, come back, I referred to the call,
and everyone is nodding. Of course that’s
what’s going on. Of course the President is pressing for
a Biden investigation before he’ll do these things
the Ukrainians the want. There was nodding agreement. Everyone by that point agreed. It was obvious what
the President was pressing for. -It was obvious
this is about the Bidens. Sondland said it himself. In fact, I got Rudy on FaceTime
right now. Rudy, did you ask Ukraine
to investigate the Bidens? -Of course I did.
-Thank you. [ Laughter ] And if you’re wondering
how Holmes could’ve overheard Trump speaking on
Sondland’s phone, Holmes even did
a physical re-enactment to show just how loud
Trump was yelling. -When the President came on,
he sort of winced and held the phone away
from his ear like this, and he did that for the first
couple of exchanges. That’s how I was able
to hear it. -I definitely believe
that’s how it happened. That’s just how old people
talk in a phone. They think every phone is like
a ham radio during World War II. “Hello, is anyone out there?! Are you receiving this message?! Does he love my ass?!” [ Laughter and applause ] So Rudy was
at the center of this, and everything he was doing,
he did at the express direction of the President. Everyone knew what was going on, even if they weren’t happy
about it. In fact, Sondland made that
clear in his testimony yesterday and again today Holmes and former national security
official Fiona Hill made it clear, using
several colorful metaphors. -President Trump directed us to
“talk with Rudy.” Mr. Giuliani’s requests
were a quid pro quo. Mr. Giuliani was expressing
the desires of the President
of the United States. -Ambassador Bolton
had looked pained, basically indicated
with body language that there was nothing much that
we could do about it. And he then, in the course of
that discussion, said that Rudy Giuliani
was a hand grenade that was going to
blow everyone up. -Someone wondered aloud why
Mr. Giuliani was so active in the media with respect
to Ukraine. My recollection is that
Ambassador Sondland stated, “Damn it, Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved,
he goes and effs everything up.” -I love that they were all mad
at Rudy for going on TV and blabbing about their scheme. They’re like guys planning
a bank heist going, “Alright, it’s a perfect plan. There’s no way we’ll get caught. Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no,
where’s Rudy? Where’s Rudy?
Oh, no, no, no.” [ Laughter ] So Holmes shared
his recollections of what he overheard
on the phone call with Trump. Trump was on the other end, but
he was speaking loudly enough that Holmes could hear him,
an account that Sondland himself confirmed yesterday, but still, Trump and his allies
remain unconvinced. Trump, for example, insisted
this morning that overhearing someone on a phone call
was impossible and he would know
because he’s tried. -President Trump not buying it
on Twitter, explaining, “I’ve been watching people making phone calls
my entire life. My hearing is
and has been great. Never have I been watching
a person making a call which was not on speaker phone and been able to hear or
understand the conversation. I even tried, but to no avail.” -You are a weird, weird man. [ Laughter ] What do you mean
you’ve been watching people make calls your entire life? What do you mean? I’m willing to bet the only
reason it didn’t work is because when he listens to
phone calls, Trump stands right behind you and makes no attempt
to hide himself. “Oh, excuse me, sir.
Do you mind going away?” “No, I can’t go away because I’m
listening to your phone call.” Here’s what we learned
this week. There was a corrupt quid pro quo in which the President
of the United States solicited a bribe
from a foreign country to interfere in
the 2020 election, and everyone knew about it. We have the testimony.
We have the evidence. That’s it.
It’s an open-and-shut case. The Republicans have no defense. So all they can do is lie
and attack the witnesses. I don’t know what
they’ll do next, but as for the Democrats, it
sure looks like they’re gonna… -Impeach the [bleep] -This has been “A Closer Look.”


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