Second Hand Sibling || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Second Hand Sibling || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Divya, your sister and brother-in-law
will be here. Get up. Why does she keep coming here
all the time even after getting married? Oh, stop it! Get up and wash your face
while I’ll go make the breakfast. Where is your husband?
– He said he’ll join me in some 2 days. You ruined my sleep.
– You slept like a dog enough already. By when will you be here? Nice. What is my son-in-law saying?
– He said he’ll be here tomorrow. I bought this for you.
– Thanks a lot, dad. – I’ll leave for office now. A new chain? What am I getting?
– What do you want a chain for? You can take your sister’s old chain if you want.
– Nonsense! I always get the stuff my sister discards. Divya.. – Yes, sister?
– Will you do my homework? I’ve to attend dance classes. Why will I do your home work?
– Will you if I give you a chocolate? – Sure! Where is the other half
of the chocolate? Divya, can I use your pen-pencil?
– No, this is mine! – You know something? I’m the only child of our parents.
You’ve been adopted. It is my turn to watch TV. – No, it is my turn!
– I’ve bought you new clothes for your birthday tomorrow. And new clothes for me?
– You can have your sister’s old dresses. So, what all do you need for the new academic year.
– I need books.. – Wait, you tell me first. I need a new uniform, bag, textbooks, shoes, geometry box..
– Wait. Do you have your old uniform with you? Yes, dad, I do.
– Give it to her. Do you have your geometry box? Yes, I do. It is as good as new.
– Give it to her. I’ll buy you a new one. Syllabus hasn’t changed much, so she can have my old books.
– That’s great! Do you have your old school bag?
– I do, just that it is a little torn. – I’ll buy you a new one. They always have been doing this to me.
– You were saying something? I was just saying my sister is the best. Won’t you let me have anything new?
You could’ve lied to dad you didn’t have any of those. No, I.. – You might aswell give me your old shoes.
– Shravya, give her your old shoes too. See, dad loves you more.
He can even read your mind. You always said you wanted a bike
to go to college, right? So, this bike is yours. Does that mean I’ll now get her old cycle?
– Absolutely. Shravya, I need some wheat flour.
Go get it from the market. ‘They always give me some errands.
I’ll make this dumb girl go instead.’ Divya.. – I’m not going.
– Come on, go this one time. I went to the market just yesterday.
– So, did I. – I’ve to study now. – And I’ve to watch TV. Go now or else I’ll complain to mom.
– Are you threatening me? Go today and I’ll go to the market tomorrow.
– I won’t. So, deal with it. Stop it, you both! Both of you are lazy.
I know what to do with you both. I’ve made up my mind to send one of our daughters
to hostel, only then there will be peace at home. Your dad will be here soon.
– Nevermind, mom, I’ll go get it. – That’s better. Listen, I’m going out
and will be back by evening. Behave until then. Sure, now get going.
– Tell me if she is upto any mischief. I’ll skin her alive. I’m hungry.
You do the dishes while I’ll prepare rice. I’ll chop the vegetables while you cook the food.
– Sure, we’ll do, but let’s exchange the tasks. That’s impossible.
– Then that’s that. – Like I care. I’ll have bread. And I’ll have fruits.
– Get lost. – Get lost. Hear me out..
– Don’t you talk. Don’t you remember? A suitor for you,
and his family, will be visiting us. Get ready. For her Voni function, you invited the whole town,
but for my Voni function, you hardly invited anyone. I’m assuming you won’t invite anyone for my wedding too.
– Shut up and get ready. I’m not happy here. I’ll lead happy life
once I leave you all behind after getting married. So, do you like the suitor?
– Well, he is better looking than your husband. You’re lucky. Back when I rejected
this guy’s marriage proposal, he was too weird looking. But now, he is looking much better.
– Even the suitor is a discarded one? Mom! Don’t believe her. When this guy came
to meet your sister, he liked you instead. No, she didn’t reject him
but he rejected her. Since it is your betrothal, I bought you a gift.
– You even started gifting people? What do I do with this?
– It is my son’s. He outgrew this dress. So, you can give it to your kids
when you have them. Even my kids will have discarded stuff? Hi! This is what happens between sisters.
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