SEAT Media Control – SEAT Ateca 2019

SEAT Media Control – SEAT Ateca 2019

The SEAT Media Control App enables exchanges of information
between the infotainment system and the device. It allows remote control of some functions
in Radio mode, Media mode and Navigation mode. To use it, the following requirements must be met: • Having a tablet or a mobile phone • The “SEAT Media Control” App installed on the device • WLAN connection between the system and the device This app enables remote control
of the radio and multimedia playback. Additional options may be available
depending on the system and the country, such as the exchanging of navigation destinations, social network content or vehicle data, among others. The infotainment system can be used
as a WLAN hotspot for connecting up to 8 devices. To configure it, select the
SETTINGS option in the main menu. The WLAN option in the
infotainment system must be activated. It is also necessary to activate
the WLAN option on the device; this process will vary depending on the type and model. The MOBILE HOTSPOT function
must be selected to assign the mobile device. The network key provided by the
system must be entered into the mobile device and confirmed in order to establish the connection. To complete the connection, it may be
necessary to enter other data into the mobile device. The infotainment system can use the Wi-Fi
hotspot of an external device to connect to the internet. Once the Wi-Fi hotspot is activated on the device
(this process will vary depending on the type and model), select the INTERNET ACCESS SETTINGS
option to make the necessary adjustments. Activate the WLAN option and press the FIND button. A list of devices available for connection is displayed. Select the one you want to use, enter the password and,
if necessary, confirm the connection from the device. Go to the main menu and select
the “SEAT Media Control” function. Open the app in your device. You can remotely control the
multimedia playback of up to 2 devices.


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