45 thoughts on “Search Advertising With Google: Quality Score Explanation by Google Chief Economist”

  • Carlos Rosario says:

    He is an economist! He always pays attention to the budget. And for giving the information the quality is completely enough. except the last few seconds 😉

  • Michel Mitri says:

    While we talking about Quality, Let's talk about the Video Quality.. I would give this #5 meaning it shouldn't be displayed!

  • Georgie.S. Lim says:

    #google #adwords

    Please help on understanding the final figure. The video freeze on the final parts where Cheif Econs Hal Varian – – illustrates how much CPC if advertiser attained max bid with improved QS.
    bid *qs=ar
    4×10= 40

    is the answer as follow:
    24/10= $2.4?

  • Scott Hendison says:

    Yep – at 8:08 the video is corrupted somehow, with a frozen and a repetitive chopping sound. Too bad…

  • Arhon Ankhkara says:

    Very interesting and informative. Too late to correct the glitch at the end I suppose, but perhaps you could patch with a Youtube annotation overlay to put an end to the ultimate cliffhanger;-) Thanks for sharing.

  • Milos Cicmil says:

    8:03 – "Then his ad rank is going to go up to 40", aaand everything freezes until the end of time. So NEVER EVER GET THE AD RANK 40!!! xD

  • Patrick Moraites says:

    Is the CTR metric determined dynamically by past data for that particular term?  Thats the only way I can think of for them to accurately determine what the CTR should be for a given keyword.

  • Mark Andreottis says:

    Great video, but it always stops early, around the 8:11 mark. i have tried it from a number of devices & accounts (business & personal), but it still freezes in the last minute or so.

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  • I don’t really get it.

    I have a content based site, and I wish to make some revenue through my site.

    So basically I have to bid for the pay per click ads through google in order for my ads to appear on other people’s website.

    So when anyone clicks on the ads, I will have to pay according to the pay per click amount for each clicks.

    After clicking on the ads, the user will be directed to my site, whichever page that they land on will be the landing page.

    Am I right to say that?

  • Rakib Hassan says:

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  • Jason Bourne says:

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  • Kiran Shrestha says:

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