99 thoughts on “Sean Spicer reacts to Trump, Republicans freezing Twitter ad buys”

  • Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer laughed it up on NBC’s “Today” Thursday morning after host Savannah Guthrie rattled off three obvious lies he pushed as a spokesperson for the President.

    “Do you regret sticking your neck out for some of his more outlandish claims that were proven to be false?” Guthrie asked. “I’m thinking about, for example, the inauguration crowd size, the three to five million fraudulent votes during the election, having tapes of Comey in the Oval Office. I mean, those are three examples of things that are now known not to be true.”

  • Spencer lies about the most obvious things. “We know that 420,000 people used the D.C. public transit yesterday, which actually compares to 317,000 who used it for President Obama’s last inaugural.”

    CNN and The Washington Post confirmed Metro ridership with the agency. The full day of Trump’s inauguration prompted 570,557 trips in the system. Obama’s first inauguration drew 1.1 million trips, and Obama’s second inauguration drew 782,000 trips.

  • SPICER'S LIES. “This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. Both in person and around the globe.”

    The aforementioned crowd size estimates, aerial photographs, and Metro ridership reveal Spicer’s claim of “in person” to be false. As for “around the globe” numbers, Spicer didn’t offer specifics.

    TV ratings agency Neislen said 30.6 million U.S. viewers turned in for Trump’s inaugural—a figure higher than audiences for President George W. Bush and President George H.W. Bush, but lower than Obama’s 38 million viewers in 2009, and than President Ronald Reagan’s 42 million viewers in 1981. Perhaps Spicer has evidence more foreigners tuned in for Trump, but he hasn’t revealed it.

  • And what Juaquin Castro ACTUALLY did was to raise awareness, support and profits for those businesses!!! Even the governor went to the one restaurant along with masses of Trump supporters. Maybe Castro wants to bid on a job so he can be on Trump's payroll because every time he opens his mouth or puts something in print, our President gets MASSIVE support increases! You go Castro!!!!! (Take that in ALL possible ways, lol)

    If the left actually wanted to defeat Trump – they would shut up about him and start talking real solutions to real problems that real people can relate to.

  • President Trump DELETE your Twitter account…all your millions of followers will follow your example. SEE HOW FAST TWITTER close their business!!!

  • How can a reasonable person not be suspicious of a bias media? If reversed. I would be just as suspicious. I cannot support in
    the slightest way being manipulated by any person or group of people that we know are inherently flawed to begin with.

  • 믿어달아하지않겠습니다못믿는분들에게내가무었을어떻게하겠습니까?아는사람들이있고진실은언젠가규명이확실하게드러났다내가어떻게되든상관마라

  • Republican congressmen need to go after these tech companies for being monopolies. They need to be broken up and sold off and make sure the ones who buy them have NO ties to the companies.

  • TrueLife-Solutions says:

    STOP the blocking….it can cost us the Trump presidency…I don'e see him taking action on this and we MUST!!!

  • Why don't we close down some of these companies like Twitter, Facebook, You tube who refuse to treat all people alike.
    Either everybody or nobody. Using threats should not allow by anyone.

  • Bible says they’re double minded, double minded people are unstable and all their ways. That’s what the Bible says!!!

  • Twitter is getting out of hand. What happened to the anti monopoly laws? or do they not apply to the internet? Time to break Twitter into little companies or will the Democrats defend Twitter?

  • Brandon Walling says:

    Why can't Republicans start a company besides Google that is a right wing company to alternative to Google and better there's plenty of rich candidates that fit that are Republican let's start that and we could start boycotting Google to all Patriot loving Americans please boycott Google and the rest of social media and Trump needs to fine them for there blankly bias: there is a such thing as a fairness doctrine

  • Brandon Walling says:

    This what bothers me if it was a conservative that doxxed a bunch of donors they would want them to be arrested what a double standard in America and let me tell you something American people see right through it and y'all just keep it up and watch your stock Google fall because you want to play bias and you want to pull sides instead of being fair and balanced I hope you all plunge to zero

  • Scott O,Donahoe says:

    The Dem,s took an oath to protect America when they got voted in to protect America against foreign and domestic terror . Why do they still hold office ?

  • It’s hilarious that he said “we’ve been trying to pretend it was a theory for a while, but it’s real” I’m sorry what? Who has been thinking it was theoretical – no one with a brain who uses social media for a day or more thought it was theoretical. Maybe now that the Republicans have realized it’s not “in theory” anymore they can get off their collective asses and do something to take away the platforms protected status before this issue actually makes a dramatic impact in our democracy and system of fair elections.

  • I agree but I WANT NO LEGISLATION. Somebody with money please start a "PeopleTube" that is unbiased, at least in your own mind. That's all it takes. I will subscribe as soon as I hear about it.

  • The left fights dirty because they have nothing to offer the country. Free education, free healthcare, open borders may sound good to some, but we will ALL be paying the price for it.

  • The whole Democrat party and their supporters have gone way over the line! These monsters want complete control at any cost and they always have. Trump is a threat to the Deep State actors.

  • Donoso Demaistre says:

    Just have 30 House Republicans constantly talking about "break Twitter up" and see how quickly Twitter stocks take a dive. Teach these bastards a lesson.

  • How can anyone support Trump after admitting on tape that he sexually harasses women and gets away with it because of his star level?

  • Here are some INDISPUTABLE
    republican socialist truths, trillions of your tax dollars to the rich &
    corporations for their tax give away, trillions of your tax dollars to bail out
    corporate American wall street banks, billions of your tax dollars to subsidize
    the fossil fuel & chemical industries, billions to possibly trillions of
    your tax dollars to subsidize "Private" for profit prisons, millions
    of your tax dollars to help Trump enrich his corrupt family at his resorts,
    hotels & golf courses. Trillions of your tax dollars that go to military
    contractors & not actually to the men & women serving. Now tell me
    again how you can't afford to help the tax payer with less costly social
    programs? I dare you to argue these truths that you the tax payer socialize for
    the rich!

  • Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in 2020. Let's end advertising spending on overpriced prescription drugs and misleading "ask your doctor" ads. Let's end deductibles and co-payments, people in Europe don't even know what deductibles are and if you tell them they look at you like you are an idiot. And of course they are right.

  • AND Trump is going to break them up so there IS that additional reason to stop anyone supporting him. YOU KEEP GOING TRUMP! There are more and more people who consider themselves left wing liberal, or did, who actually agree with you!!

  • they have made me open for different account every time I say build a wall I'm behind president and other thing political they make me open another account blocked me I'm mad about

  • the internet and the MSM needs to be policed and if they cant be trusted to police themselves the government must set up a fully non political independent internet and media watchdog and it must have teeth to stop bad actors pushing fake news.

  • Barbara Bradley says:

    Democrats are getting more and more corrupt. Instead of telling the American people what they are going to do for USA. Sure, they talk about free health care and free college, but people could die before they get in to see a Dr. and the people who have money are going to leave the country which will help that countries economy. and companies will leave again. and there will be no job's and no people to pay for these young peoples future. I am glad I am an old woman. I feel sorry for the people in their 30's and 40's who will have to put up with what is coming up the road with these young kids who are being easy fooled by the far left. They have no ideal.

  • Sean, your view sounds like exactly how Trump operates. Oh, sorry Sean, your speaking on Fox – Fake News, Deep state, crowd counts, abusing people that don’t hold your views, aiding and abetting hate speech etc. How silly am I.

  • No, I don't think they're worried at all about what the right is doing. They're threatened that they won't get to be dictators over a one-world government.

  • It is OUTRAGEOUS that when you reister to vote with a particular party, all your personal information can be found on the Internet: Name ,Age, Address, Political affiliation. So if you are a donor you can be threatened and attacked. This information should never be on the Internet.

  • Hey Sean, bet the asylum feels better on the outside looking in,eh? Btw, Chump IS their agenda. No-one sits in the WH but for their choice. Run America into the ground then buy up all failed businesses for pennies on the dollar. They have a proven failed loudmouth to fiddle while the US burns then farmers have to sell up, go work for the Monsanto corp, planting seed in land they once owned. Yup, Chump is right on schedule with the dismantle. But anyway, how's you? Wife and kids? Good…


  • Hide unflattering studies meanwhile Eviscerating USDA and EPA and calls it progress. You guys are destroying this planet.

  • Haven't heard much about his executive order Banning censorship on public platforms from the left lately…..why is that?? 😈😈😈

  • Another scandal from Dems/deep state/Clintons ,will they get away with it.We all know he was murdered by deep state and will get away with it.Only some idiots called Dems believe that it's suicide. Dems/Clintons/deep state all responsible.Bill Clinton was 27 times on Epstein 'island.The cameras jn prison,cell stopped working suddenly,just at the time of the so called "suicide".SCARY.

  • Barry Sheridan says:

    Maybe I'll write a book about Donald Trump and all my comments I made online it's a good idea everybody else is making money on him

  • Private business BLOCKING 1st Amendment – Champion – Rights; In America? Private or not, That's Wrong!
    Twitter should Pay for Republican's Ads elsewhere. BILLBOARDS are Good, Sides of SEMIS, Sides of TRAINS.
    Trains would be Great! Would give those waiting at RR Xing Something to do > Read –> 'Wake Up'. lol ; }

  • American Nacirema says:

    Twitter and the rest of social media need to be held legally accountable for their part in the violence they advocate against conservatives and oppression of US citizens in general.

  • Nathan Brockway says:

    Love it, got rid of social media a long time ago. Republicans/conservatives should abandon all of these repulsive social platforms.

  • Yeah. These companies are corrupt.
    They need regulation. Google and Facebook should face anti trust action.
    Facebook pushing their own crypto is terrifying.

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