25 thoughts on “Sean Hannity 7/22/19 | Sean Hannity Fox News July 22, 2019”

  • The last 3 minutes when Sean was talking about the Shit-squad… someone cut it all up and injected commercials so we couldn't hear. Hmmm. What a mystery…

  • Hannity: "Republicans have an amazing opportunity to seak answers on some very issues and questions". Of course, the Republicans will blow a golden opportunity just like they always do.

  • Why is the left getting extreme? Because liberals constantly try to outdo one another. Since conservatives are not going more extreme toward right, the net result is our culture shifting left-and a raging CULTURE WAR!

  • Jesus ,aoc!i really can't look at this bitch anymore.
    She sounds like a frickin moron no matter what comes out of her mouth.

  • The Hater Slayer says:

    Fox news has become so blatantly propagandized one really has to wonder what the ultimate goal is.
    “In my view, Fox has
    degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration. When prime-time hosts–who have never served our country in any capacity–dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller–all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of ‘deep-state’ machinations– I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove.”
    RALPH PETERS (Retired Fox News Host)

  • Mike Matthews says:


  • Jacqueline Campbell says:

    All the wasted by the Democratic party that could have gone to something useful id shameful. Is it any wonder voters are leaving the party? Me for one. They are liars.

  • Tlaib "until, I impeach this president" what arrogance of a single socialist puppet. These radicals trying to destroy our government from the inside WILL NOT WORK!

  • Are nadless and shift completely ignorant to think that WE the People can't read. I read the report (IN FULL minus minimal redactions) There is NO evidence of obstruction, simply circumstantial excerpts, open for (far stretched) interpretation. We can't wait for 2020 to VOTE OUT ALL of these dishonest, radical, anti-American, socialists.

  • Nancy's didn't do her job well as all ! She let four woman's squad's playing dangerous for this country is very bad ! 😅😒

  • Democrats is making China great 💪 ! But making America country is dangerous ! Democrats is friends with the enemy !😭🙃

  • Cheryl Tomaselli says:

    If these deranged sore loser lunatics traitors impeach our wonderful President god help them all, they better get locked up. we the people had it with all their crap with this dumb hoax that never existed. they better think twice before they impeach our President trump they better lose their house. and senate.we are sick of this injustice lock them all up in handcuffs take the house away from these demonrats corrupt criminals and make them pay every penny back of our money the Marxist media full of crap psycho media is cheering the Waco clown full of shit pencil neck full of filthy shit Schiff on and the fat ass demented liar the humpty dumpy full of crap Nadler the clown the lying piece of shit impeach the clown. now arrest them we demand the arrest of these demons. if they impeach this President and put their killary in. they hsold not be getting away with all this lying fake demonrat bs shit. lock them up there better be republican senators ques. him, and not just demorats liars hang Nadler the loser make him feel the noose around his fat neck and arrest the full of shit Schiff and make him pay in gitmo. we the people are not going to take their shit anymore this hate has got to stop the sore losers on the left are the criminals not our President Nadler colluded with the Russians not President Trump lock his fat ass up now. they will impeach our President now lock them up now. we are all pissed, if they impeach our President they will have blood on the str. and it will be their blood.

  • Sharen Ghormley says:

    I see where Warren is trying to pass a law to cancel student debts.
    That looks more like trying to buy the votes of people who have student loans
    what do you think Mr Hannity?

  • Doran Maxwell says:

    Pencil neck lying shiff…. fat lecheous nadler trying to pick up women on American tax payer paid vacations to the beaches

  • I was just checking out the Propaganda wing MSNBC and CNN and they are both changing their tune. They are lowering the expectations for this hearing. They are also telling half Truths about Mueller asking the DOJ for guideline. If this is even half as much fun as I think it will be the dems will go down in flames and the Republicans will come out shining

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