Science x Science : Convex Earth The Documentary

Science x Science : Convex Earth The Documentary

for you what is the shape of the earth the earth is round round round Road round yon round roan Brown that's what I've learned until today that's what we learn from childhood because my teachers taught me I learned on school we see on books what I learned because of the images I see most of books show this way from here we don't have a proportion we know what we study in school we learned at school but why have we learned from childhood that the earth is round for science thus porosity of the earth is explained from the following evidences first are the ships which disappear on the horizon we go out to research we went to do experiments to do tests and they pointed just to the opposite we also developed a new law of physics that proves with no doubt another nibel way physically and mathematically the plena city of the waters the second evidence is the projection of the Earth's shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse it's a very weak argument to prove the sphericity of the planet since the Earth's shadow on the moon could be projected by several geometric forms necessarily a sphere the third evidence is the curvature of the horizon observed at high altitudes during our intense research phase we design buildings and launched many atmospheric probes the most recent equipped with iridium tracking high definition cameras gravitational lenses and infrared and ultraviolet filters under the analysis of the results we have collected with these probes we were able to determine that the horizon curvature visible at high altitudes occurs by effects of its own atmosphere and not a shape of the planet the fourth evidence is the possibility of circumnavigation it would be plausible the circumnavigation and a spherical earth but this doesn't prove that the earth is round circumnavigation works on any geographical model the fifth evidence is the trajectory of the constellations this does not prove the Earth's sphericity we started an intense research seven years ago we went on all continents in many countries we have collected accurate data mostly about the stars movement we have identified that their trajectory is different from what science says the interesting thing is when we analyze the information we're able to define a new positioning of the continents and consequently a geographic model different than the globe we know the sixth evidence are the photos of the earth taken from space we studied practically all photos published by the space agencies according with their own reports all images were generated through satellite data processing so there's no real photo of a planet Earth taken from space what makes this argument total irrefutable the seventh evidence is the experiment of Styx performed by Eratosthenes is a map of ancient Egypt I've inserted two sticks or obelisks one up here in Alexandria and one down here in Syene now if at a certain moment each stick casts no shadow no shadow at all that's perfectly easy to understand provided the earth is flat if the shadow at Syene is it a certain length and the shadow at Alexandria is the same length that also makes sense on a flutter but how could it be Eratosthenes asked that at the same instant there was no shadow at Syene and a very substantial shadow at Alexandria the only answer was that the surface of the earth is curved the Eratosthenes experiment was very good for the epoch but he should have considered the difference of time zones due to the large distance between the points like other factors for example the elevation from Silla in conclusion it can be a proof of the continents convexity but not necessarily in evidence of Earth's sphericity academic science has assured for almost three thousand years that the earth is spherical other lines of research suggests that it may have a different form for this reason doc Euler researchers have been looking for the truth about it for seven years in March of 2018 they'll present the results of their research with scientific and definitive proofs of the real shape of the earth and for you what is the shape of the earth in March of 2018 convex Earth the documentary


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