100 thoughts on “Schumer throws down impeachment trial proposal”

  • We wanted a few witness called in the house but the Democrats wouldn't allow it. Now the Democrats want the same privilege from the senate. Democrat hypocrites I'll tell you what when all witnesses testify, including Adam Schiff, the whisle blower, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and witnesses from the Ukraine then maybe a fair trial could result until that time No deal cry baby Schummer

  • GHOULARDI Boom Boom says:

    Schumer "get out of town" if you think that you demonrats are going to take control of the Senate majority control of the impeachment hearings? The senate speaker McConnell will handle the job just fine.

  • If Lindsay Graham had his way, the Democrats would be allowed as many so called "witnesses" as they could call, so I'm for anything Lindsay Graham is against!

  • It's taking every democrat they have to try and impeach trump. They are rallying every last one of them and they are still failing 😂😂😂 dems are a joke

  • What's the point of inviting guests if you're going to interrupt them time and time again. You didn't let him finish a single sentence.

  • Deep state chucky!! Shumer pelosi and shiff going down in history alright as the most destructive congress people in history!! And lets not leave gasman swalwell out this guy lmao!! Is a big waste of human skin!!

  • Strategy:. So it's all game for a slice of your mind which if you give in has become rotten, no logic I say they gave no rights so as it goes up the chain they want to call it unfair no case but full of emotion just irritating me that no collusion took place these people who have a distinguished job which means to me an education still discussing the collusion as fact and for me if Trump asked about the Bidens with what I know he's right soooooo why are they still slinging feces by the way have not voted to date I'm 42 do they realize there bring people like me out to vote Trump baby.

  • aw, chucky chucky chucky, you`re a worthless piece of shite. you will be gone next election, along with a lot of your buddies.

  • Really Chuckie!! Who cares what you think? Where were you while the Dems kept stonewalling the Republicans in the House? Ironic much…

  • Wait i thought the Dem's got all they need to impeach the pres?
    Did they not make their case and send it to the house?
    What more do they need?
    Nope, you made your bed, that's what you lay on.

  • Hey, Chucky boy…

    You want a fair process? FINE.

    Klobuchar, Warren, Sanders and Booker will SIT OUT THE TRIAL.

    They have a vested interest in conviction and removal of their POLITICAL RIVAL.

  • Schumer, you piece of garbage, there has been so many "investigations" and spying on Donald Trump…WHAT could he have HIDDEN from your prying eyes? WHAT?! Go back to the rock you crawled out from.

  • Link From Hyrule says:

    These swamp creatures are afraid that President Trump is going to clean the swamp of corruption, that they aren't going to get their yearly multi-millions of dollars because of their corruption, that's why they hate this President and wants to impeach him.

  • I do agree that the House has passed lots of bills that are NOT being taken up in the Senate. The reason, of course, is that NONE of what they have passed are consistent with THIS administration's agenda. Everything they have "passed" is just one more push toward their socialist agenda….The answer is, "NO".

  • dems keep saying they passed all these bills but they aren't telling what they were for and why McConnell blocked them. How about the bill that lets men use the same bathroom your little girls is in or their equality rights that men can play in woman's sports. Their bills tear us apart and completely dismantles our freedoms a little at a time. Their bills suk, that's why. Schumer arrogance in calling out Trump voters was disgusting. McConnell remembers when Harry Reid blocked every bill republicans made then slipped Obama Care in saying they had to vote for it then read it because they gave them NO time to read it. The budget is done the same way. They wait until the last minute to give it to us then extort us holding our military hostage to get it passed.

  • So Hillary Clinton hires an ex MI6 member who had Russian connections, the Russian connections made up the dossier that was proven in court to have been false. Then Biden admitted into live television that he held back 1 billion dollars from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating his son. He used his position as Obama’s Vice President now they are investigating Trump for wanting to investigate the corruption????

  • Considering what the majority did in the house, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority in the Senate takes a major dump on Schumer and the minority.

    Also this pencil neck that is trying to flaunt 400 Bill's fails to mention that the bipartisan Bill's were passed. The remaining ones are not. I hate that he isn't mentioning that fact.

    Now I will agree with the Republicans not getting their strategy straight. Some want to just throw it out and others want a full on trial. I want a full trial, I want to know how and why 8 billion dollars disappeared in Ukraine under Obama's watch.

  • He wants the Republicans to give the Dems in the Senate what the Dems denied the Republicans in the house? is this guy really serious??

  • If Schumer is wanting the process to be fair in any Senate trial, does that mean he is acknowledging it's not a fair process in the U.S. House?

  • What Chuck Schumer how come Adam Schiff never took the stands
    Who really is hiding who and where's your whistleblower
    You are a disgrace to politics Chuck Schumer nothing more and so is Nancy Pelosi
    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you want but in the Senate the Republicans hold the vote what a waste of taxpayers dollars by the Democrats

  • Dems want fairness now and follow precedent and constitutional process. How convenient, why were you not been crying for that when it was in congress? Dems are the party of hypocrisy and deceit, no doubt, it's never been clearer.

  • Schumer… I haven't seen a single reason why we can't have our guys that we prepared to lie to the public to testify so we can get rid of trump because were crying about the 2016 election. What clowns vote the dems out trump 2020

  • One thing that this has all done.. revamped the Ukrainian investigation .. of the investigation they should have had with Biden's son.. with Barisma.. as that now Ukrainians are asking for answers to all of this.. being that they now have the sitting U.S president on their side to do it.. That they didn't with Biden and Obama.. as is the real possibility of the first instance of the actual phone call.. wasn't about Trump.. was quid pro quo with Biden.. he's the one that made a threat with aid.. from his own lips fell the self explanatory effort on his part.. on camera.. gives the Ukrainians fuel for investigation… if he was willing to interfere with their legal system.. then the possibility is that he might interfere with their political system.. would any one in the U.S want to have someone from that part of the world interfering in their legal system.. I don't think so.

  • Hey Chuckie , we're in the Senate now , your not in control. GOP will set the rules . It's a sham and no one should be here anyway.

  • He better not work with shummer because what the house did it's a fair game Dems fight dirty so Senate republican should do the same

  • Chuck Schumer is right. Calling Hunter Biden to testify would only be a distraction. A $7.4 BILLION distraction. According to news that is now being allowed to come out of Ukraine that is no longer being stiffled by the former US Ambassador; the Former President of Ukraine laundered $7.4 BILLION through an investment fund close to the US Democratic Party as government domestic loan bonds and involved the US Franklin Templeton Investments management company. No wonder all the parties involved have been treating us to a dog & pony show: "Look over here not over there!". I believe that Adam Schiff is also tied to two of the companies involved but why should he recuse himself from any investigation he is a fact witness and judge all at the same time?

  • Schumer, u are a hypocrite! We the people, need for the whistleblower to testify first in Congress who started this sham in kangaroo court!

  • He is an idiot. President Trump already turned over the phone call document. Everything the democrats in congress has been a hypritical coup

  • The democrats can not prove there case .Trumpers in LOS Angeles told Adam SCHIFF where to get off calling him a treasonous pathological Liar….SCHIFF will get what he deserves!!!

  • Of those willing to testify under oath, ALL say trump committed crimes. And of those who say trump did NOT commit any crimes; NONE are willing to testify under oath.

  • How about just give them all a blindfold , a cigarette , ask if the have any last words.
    Thats about what the swamp rats wanted to do.
    I cant believe how openly corrupt biased and hateful , the mask is off and your looking into the face of pure leftist strong arm. The only place they could go from here is armed take over, pray to GOD they dont try it next, but if they dont take down Trump they may trying for all i know.
    Which could be a good thing, then arrest warrants for treason couldnt be avoided , and we could make a clean sweep of the deep state swamp rats.

  • Why should the dems get any say in how the senate runs the fake impeachment investigation, they didn’t ask the rep for any input in the house investigation. They were not allowed to say anything without hearing that awful gavel…and shiftless’s you are not recognized.


  • House already held the ILLEGAL DOG AND PONY SHOW MEDIA CIRCUS 'TRIAL' (sic).
    Only SENATE has the power to conduct an impeachment trial … and they can refuse.
    These Democrats LIFERS slept through 8 years of Obama / Biden criminal mischief.

  • Havefunplayguitar says:

    If they try to impeach this President, then maybe the American people will make up some of their own rules. I would say that they shouldn’t try to impeach this President.

  • Hey, Demonrats, the next time you have some BS to spit out, DON'T you just make yourselves look more and more ridiculous and pathetic!!! The American citizens already won't vote for Demonrats, probably ever again, because of the CIRCUS SHOW!!!!!

  • Simon Suppertime says:

    Welcome Jenna Ellis, trump's newest lying lawyer who earned her stripes working for other corrupt and failed republicans. Cant wait to see what crimes she gets indicted for.

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