100 thoughts on “Schiff stands by ‘head on a pike’ remark amid GOP furor”

  • Dear Dan, We The American People are all paying for this. Democrats don't want their swamp drained. They won"t get filthy rich without corruption, which is why they want us to pay for voting TRUMP. I will do it again! TRUMP 2020!

  • they are in that because they accept an illegally intervened call and accept complicit witnesses who intervened the call: they accept the illegal tale of gossip. The whole trial is illegal and corrupt, all the listeners are criminals (they become complices, I am surprised that even a judge is involved in such corruption)

    están en eso porque aceptan una llamada intervenida ilegalmente y aceptan testigos cómplices que intervinieron la llamada: aceptan la historia ilegal de chismosos.

  • What is the outrage bout the "head on a pike" remark that trump made. Why are they blaming Schiff? I heard trump say it .

  • This guy on the left of the three in the group…He is not reasoning…All this is an invention of the left…to get President Trump out of the way in this coming election…It is as clear as water…

  • The Impeachment Inquiry clearly shows the huge difference between Lefty-liberals in the Democrat Party and law-abiding Republicans. The 'lefties' are not capable of disciplining themselves, to engage in lawful legal reasoning under the US Constitution. The Democrats are lazy, emotional, irresponsible and dangerous. The USA is in danger of tolerating the extremely low and dangerous standards of Marxist-Socialist perspectives. It would mean the end of the USA. Impeaching a sitting President for political reasons is extremely dangerous.

  • The demos attempt at subverting The Constitution is what is really on trial. If the dummies are successful, we are all in trouble.

  • On The Move Network says:

    It’s hard to contemplate how anyone would want someone on the ballot, much less run for President, who has patently caused so much strife and controversy amongst the American people in such a short span of time that we all should be lawyers. At no greater time has the American people been on the edge of racial warfare since the MLK movement and tense about yet another world war.

    At no other time in history has a President been able to instantly “tweet” his own opinions on the world-wide internet without any pre-screening, editing, or review, essentially creating an unrestrained instant war button for the President – with the American people at his disposal.

    The questions the American people must ask should not involve the biases of “republican” and “democrat” rhetoric but whether this ability of the president should be permissible and whether his known behavior can be deemed “serious” as properly presented by way of written charges via the United States House of Representatives.

    Since both the democrat and republican parties, in their pleadings and arguments, have essentially publicly requested the people of the United States’ vote on this matter, a finding by the American people at large that Trump’s actions during and prior to his election as President reasonably demonstrates a degree of seriousness that poses a threat to the political structure of the American society such that impeachment is warranted to prevent such future threats. To that degree, the House’s resolution is reasonable.

    To be clear, the House has submitted a case substantially stronger than the one charged against former U.S. President Andrew Johnson in that the issue with Johnson was that he allegedly usurped his presidential authority in removing certain cabinet members without consulting Congress. In that case, he barely escaped removal of office by a mere one vote. Palmer, K. (2000). Constitutional Amendments 1789 to Present. Michigan: Gale Group. (p. 547)

  • 82nd Airborne Ft. Bragg says:

    It comes down to this, the % of Americans are tired of the crying Dems. Its really very simple, The Dems lost in 2016 and will again in 2020. Love are country or leave Democrats. You don't deserve the protection of the United States.

  • I can rewrite history…I can load up and change all kinds of lives. Is that what we need to do? Pretty soon Americans will make history on their own. Dems better get armed or hide….. it's going to happen. Unfortunately…it sucks… but the only way to get the situation settled…is war….we need to end certain people's lives. It's how and why war works… It's a sad thing…but it's inevitable.

  • Ened Allensworth says:

    Sick and tired of Adam Schiff holding the country hostage while he runs this farce. He is looking and acting more deranged. Such a liar

  • If the House cannot compel the White House to produce documents without a court order from the Supreme Court, can the Senate compel the WH to produce documents? We still have the co-equal branches of government and the WH doesn’t report to either house of Congress.

  • Fake furor. All the things trump says and does yet it is this comment (that reflects their blind devotion) upsets them? I hardly think they are that delicate when they know Trump demands loyalty. One has to embrace corruption and depravity to embrace trump. They are one and the same.

  • Is it like schiff killed the President . They will send schiff back to school with no Recess ". schiff may be a little up set about Recess for the other kids loved to watch him hopping on the jungle Jim . kids would laugh . wile some dem's would stand and stare at it like they are day dreaming . .

  • I know this guy wants to talk loud and fast to the three hosts who are with him all the way.
    Two people know the truth of what was said between Trump and Bolton. One of them is willing to testify under oath before Congress and the other one doesn’t want him to.
    Victims: integrity of American elections, Marie Yovanovich, dead Ukrainian soldiers, national defense posture, State department, leadership position of the United States
    Crime committed: violation of Impoundment Act
    No one has come forth to legally challenge the testimonies that have been given under oath. These people have been called liars (often by folks on this channel) but no one has moved to hit them for perjury.
    Executive Privilege has also not been legally asserted, though it’s been mentioned a lot on TV, because an assertion of Executive Privilege means you have to disclose what you have to prove you are not covering it up for nefarious or criminal purposes.

  • There are consequences for failing to overthrow the government no heads pn pikes anymore just shot treason is treason …. who is above the law?

  • American Patriot says:

    The Constitution is not the victim a American citizen is not the victim of any crime ! The president is a victim of a political hit job by the Democrats plain and simple !

  • Everything they accuse other people of, is what they themselves are guilty of doing. Straight out of communist playbook. This is a coup, plain and simple. So I’m guessing it will be Schiff with his head on a pike for his miserable failures.

  • This lunatic can say anything because the putrid media in this country won’t hold him accountable. Joe Biden sold out his office to Ukraine and China yet the filth at CNN calls it “disproved allegations.” Do they not care that Biden is clearly compromised? As troubling as Biden’s Ukraine corruption is the real concern is his China corruption. God help us if that man is elected.

  • The "head on a pike" line was probably what the DNC was telling the 31 swing state Democrats in the House was going to happen if they DIDN'T vote for impeachment. Schiff always seems to blame the Republicans for what the Democrats are really doing.

  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo. says:

    President Donald Trump's impeachment means the same as Barack Obama's Nobel peace prize.
    Absolutely nothing.

  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo. says:

    When a prosecutor has evidence if guilt they work the evidence.
    Schiff has done nothing but talk about his feelings, and not trusting the population to vote as they want

  • American are the victims of The President being a Good man so we have to Put Trump in Jail for being Good..Schiff on the other hand needs to be put in Jail..with Water and GMO Corn regime.

  • This whole impeachment has nothing to do with our president, the Democrats are impeaching Americans. The Democrats wants to punish us. The ones who voted for Trump.

  • Who’s the victim? YOU and the rest of everybody living in the US! You really don’t get it? Its not always about just one person who sucked the presidents d***. Although that would have been the case if he had left his friend Epstein alive long enough to testify.

  • Richard Tompkins says:

    The problem with All this regular Americans working class Americans are not seeing this because the main media is not reporting it as it should be and that is what is splitting United States in half. I’m all for freedom of the press but there has be and over site over the press and not to be done by the government . because what the press is doing right now is they have their own agenda the press cannot be doing this, somewhere along the line the press think it can write history the way they want With their own agenda this needs to be stopped .

  • What evidence other than all whiteness testify against him and nobody denying his guilt, audio and video recordings and trump even admitting himself in tv that he did it while refusing to testify himself could you possibly ask for?
    Ever thought about why trump is so scared to testify himself? Because he can’t take the risk to lie under oath.. and if he can’t lie he has nothing to say.

  • Stupid Schiff is an idiot .The defense team for Trump shows in all ways president Trump did nothinf wrong and the dems knew and kept trying to weasel the law. Anyone who votes for Schiff or Pelosi r fools because they are liars.

  • It would only drag the nation through more unnecessary undue digress,expenses,and lies!Get back to running the nation,which they are being paid for.Or,you are fired!…🤣😂😅🙏.Let the President Do his job.He has already proven he can do it without the radical left. Amen.

  • Lisa is smoking hot! Anyways, yeah. Lol.
    Anyway, the Schiff and the Democrats are scared that the American people may interfere with the upcoming Presidential election. Lol. Period.

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