Schiff: Kupperman’s Failure To Appear Could Warrant Contempt Proceeding | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


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  • And the Witch Hunt continues. Fake impeachment, fake congressional vote, and President Trump will be exonerated from all charges despite lying worm face Pinocchio Schitt's lies.

  • Schiff is a F ing loser ….
    Lying loser …. I thought he had tons of evidence on collusion? 2 years he said he did ……liar .

  • very boring films says:

    the white house is acting above the constitution, and this mentality the right wings have adopted will only result in more strife throughout the country.

  • That's right, but Republicans aren't concerned with the Constitution or with the laws they swore to uphold when they conned the Americans into those seats in the first place.
    Unfortunately, American politics has become an open sewer that feeds on corruption, money, power,and greed, trump and his corrupt cronies, along with his ride or die republican minions can have the dictatorship they all seem to crave, I'm sure Putin will open his borders and allow them in, but this country is our America, Land of the FREE, and home of the BRAVE.
    You know with a real constitution!!!!!

  • By the way, these are two good men, keeping their wits about them and standing strong against an Anti American GOP and President. They (Republicans) show zero respect for the law.

  • Kathleen Austin says:

    I wish a Judge would define presidential immunity. Should be sources and methods for national security only. NOT conversations or witness to breaking the LAW!!! Please!!!

  • Schiff I am tired of you and the democrats weakness. Everday citizens are fined and or locked up for not going to Jury duty. But yet when your "fellow colleagues" dont show for a supopena not one of them has ever been fined or Jailed yet – its time to hold them in contempt or its time for you to step down. There is no debate at this point

  • Reading through the comments there's a lot of Trump supporters who don't have a clue of what's reality because they're only believing Trump's propaganda

  • I don't understand why they don't refer to it as "The investigation into the oranges of the Muller investigation".
    After all… that was what was ordered.

  • We need to see some action now. This tactics of Trump administration is not democratic. Let the constitution speak loud and clear – 3 CO-EQUAL BRANCHES- With each one having their defined rights and obligations. Impeachment is congresses right and oversight is it's obligation. The Trump one man show , is not new- it's a spin off from Putin.

  • I just now realized something very OBVIOUS in this video: …. A lack of Rudy Giulianni !! What, happened Rudy? You seem might quiet nowadays – haven't seen you on TV anywhere. AHHHH HAHAHAHAHA
    Throw away the key.
    Throw away the key.
    Throw away the key.

  • Merlin D. Wizzard says:

    If we fail to appear, we go straight to jail. What's with this two tier justice system? One set of laws for the ruled and a separate law for the rulers. That doesn't sound right. If laws don't matter anymore, someone should make an announcement.

  • Peaches Williams says:

    A judge has to rule on the witnesses law suit. If the judge says he has to appear and he still doesn't show, then he may be arrested.

  • If this is what we have to look forward to from the Republican party, how can anyone justify any vote for a Republican? It is like voting for the mafia or the worst dictators around the world.

  • Contempt charges eminating from a bozo show set of proceedings? Bahahahahahaha. Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler are taking their charade WAY too seriously. Take the vote or STFU.

  • donnie henderson says:

    MS NBC, American people are not dumb. This man has lied in front of us for the past three years and we know he is a criminal con artist. More and more that I watch MS NBC the more I am convinced they are paid by foreign Countries to cause problems in America.

  • Charlito Guzman says:

    It truly amazes me how this White House refuses to hand over documents subpoenaed by Congress but then claims Donald Trump is not getting a fair Dew process. Nobody should be above the law and if you committed crimes against the United States while in office you should be held accountable. Plain and Simple.

  • Its about time you guys start doing something when witnesses does not appear. Just saying its unfortunate is not enough.

  • "I double dare you Congress! You have no teeth!"  That's what Don the Con is saying to Congress.  He has instructed his administration to stonewall the impeachment process because he clearly believes he's beyond the law of the land.  Threats and subpoenas mean nothing if there's no consequence and 45 knows that.  He is saying the Constitution and the Congress are paper tigers.  The saddest part of this stand against the Democrats is this will stain the Republicans too because it shows a flaw in the Constitution if they supports a demigod.  The world is watching and Russia is snickering.

  • Anyone ignoring a subpoena is automatically arrested. Why not these individuals? Why? How? Trump the traitor promise them pardons? Is there an answer?

  • Darien Kirkpatrick says:

    America, what's really sad is; republicans think they actually work for trump an not for us the people. It's time for those that want to get it to go.

  • Patrick Armstrong says:

    Well Schiff can just go spit in the wind for all his talk will do.
    We all saw how Barr handled the last Contempt of Congress… he refused to prosecute.
    Congress is powerless to enforce their "contempt" charges, resolutions, and even laws.
    The president has ALL the power, because he controls ALL of the departments of government, including the DOJ which enforces laws, CIA and FBI.
    Even SCOTUS can not compel a president to obey court orders – It requires the DOJ to enforce court orders.
    The only way the U.S. can remove a tyrant is armed revolt or the Joint Chiefs of staff step in with the military and take control. Arrest Chump and all of his henchmen and restore power back to congress and the people.
    All of which is unlikely.

  • Adam Schiff, should be locked up for good! Military tribunals should be in place for theses traitorous power hungry politicians..

  • F.F.S. – could, may, might – words of inaction. Dems are just as farcical as the Repubs. America will drown in it's own dysfunction.

  • The Republican Party has lost all respect and credibility. God bless Mr. Schiff and Mr. Mueller for putting honor and country above politics. They stand for justice, unlike many in this administration.

  • Drama trump to the media/his base: "this impeachment is fake, fake, fake!!! It's a hoax, a witch hunt."

    Meanwhile behind the scene, running scared, whimpering screaming and crying…

    Drama trump: "no one is to turn over anything, nor can you testify. You all know the mob oath that you took to protect me at all costs."

  • These guys are testing the Dems on how far they will go with their threats…these guys think their above the Law or these rules don't pertain to them…

  • Hillary testified for 10 hours. Looks like she has more balls than Pompeo and Rudy combined! I guess that’s what happens when you actually have nothing to hide, 🤔😆😆

  • OMG meaningless bs….blah blah blah. You have nothing!
    You want it to drag on!!!! To keep the President in the Shadow of a basisless impeachment…….

  • So, one question here: What if they just show up and don't answer any questions? Or just say they're having a hard time recalling or understanding the question or some other dodge every time? What can they really do?

  • Florida Crypto R says:

    Hopefully the articles of Impeachment are drafted up this month. I encourage Congress to take their time to make sure everything is covered before the articles are out in the open of course but hopefully soon Congress can move forward in the next step of the Impeachment soon enough however .

  • These skirtings and shying away are only more signals of their known guilt.
    They're like dogs slinging behind the sofa to evade their master's ire.

  • Oh lying schiff is back on stage haha you guys are idiots if you believe anything that comes out of this guy's mouth. They wouldn't let him testify cause nobody would here it but you and out of 9hrs. You would only leak 2 min of it that help your narrative. Everyone knows your lying and because of you dems won't win an election for next 8 years minimum mark my words on that.

  • Why don't they send those cowards to prison? I know people that have been arrested for less and had to spend time in prison. Does this mean anyone can do whatever they want and laws do not apply to anyone going forward?

  • Martin Beberman says:

    Enough civility. Show them how deplorable our side can be. Adam is a good language model. He speaks well. He knows the difference between imply and infer.

  • These is a terrible gang, this are the mobs from the democratic party.
    They know their guns run out of bullits.> Trump is pushing them futher into the grave. They mess with the wrong guy.. Trumps aBadass but they"ve underestimated him.

  • Thank you Chairman Schiff for the tireless and sometimes thankless work that you and your colleagues do. Thank you for staying focused and moving forward. With public servants like you in our government, just for today…I have hope.

  • Blanca Hutchinson says:

    I'd like to know where the Real Judges are?You know,the ones that believe in the Rule of law,and Respect for Subpeona's by the Congress.Wherr are the Judges that will Not allow them to Appeal and Appeal, disrespecting even the Judges Ruling?.

  • Any Republican who stromed the committee's hearing, Along with anybody who took part and continues to take part in the UK scandal have no work ethics nor repest the United States Constitution. Charges should come forth. They should be removed, never aloud to contune or permitted to hold a job during their life time for a town offical, the state and federal government.

  • Yes
    Along with every oath breaker in office
    Those beasts that "stormed" into skiff with electronic devices
    If pardoned let the IRS put Trump under the prison

  • Adam Schiff is a security risk. No one should appear before his committee and take the chance that he might leak classified material. He's to dangerous to have on a committee.

  • If these Trump lapdog was held in contempt guess which government department have to take up the charge? The DOJ of course and Barr will not press any charge on his fellow Trump lapdogs. It is better for the Democrat to keep moving on and charge them with obstructing Impeachment inquiry.

  • Steve Lindstedt says:

    Schiff, Pelosi…..USE your congressional powers!….Enough verbal quibbling. A lame statement to the press does nothing…

  • Blanca Hutchinson says:

    Enough is Enough,it looks as though The Judges ,either,have No Authority over the Laws n Decisions of Courts Proof of Criminality.Wow,how low have the Justice Department Gone.

  • Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening! Enough of this disgusting debacle and foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! He's embarrassed our allies and our Veterans! Impeach that traitor! Impeach!

  • Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They were the the party of law and order for generations.

    Now with Donny Koresh making the kool-aid the republicans are just a party of obstructionist d-bags. The turd in the punch bowl party.

  • Puttentane Same says:

    Hmmm…help Crook #45 obstruct justice some more…. or testify in a Constitutionally-mandated impeachment hearing. 'What to do! What to do!', whimpered another spineless Trumpling.

  • There is no recourse if you agree to the subpoena, and you will be charged if you ignore the subpoena. So anyone who fails to appear is obstructing, plain and simple.

  • We warned them. This is exactly the kind of thing we said would happen by voting in a (won't show his taxes) bone spurs president. These are the kind of things going low leads to.

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