7 thoughts on “Scheme Talkback Part 1”

  • Dolescroungers band. Anything bar work. It's not the government's business to provide you with a job. Their job is to run the country. If you can't get a job, it is because you have no marketable skills. What do you think is best? To do something about it or to write a song about the problem? No one likes your crap song, except for other losers. Your time has now gone and your band is a forgotten irrelevance.

  • scotlandsbatman says:

    The fact that they were "anti" drugs, is totally ironic. Half of them, if not all, were convicted junkies and even served time for dealing as did their family members. Certain members and their "sons" were even convicted of drug offences, as was the wife "Rose" Surname started with T. Go figure.

  • scotlandsbatman says:

    I find it quite ironic that these guys were very "anti" drug. I have known most of the guys in this band and their kids. I grew up with them in Auchinlea park playing gigs there and in the "auld hoose" aka "Provanhall House". I have been lucky enough (some might say unlucky enough) to see them rise in their day. I witnessed the hatchet attacked on Deny. I seen the fight, the scars on the guys head and the all out war between Provanhall & Garthamlock. The band were not immune to this.

  • I worked in Maxwell Plums with Gerry Beattie and Davy Torrance, Gail, Micheale and Bernard and Janeen Annmarie Liz Duffy …. and scheme were part of our lives every Wed and Sat. They were great and I would like to thank them for some fantastic memories. They are still all stars in my eyes. MOD

  • Moosh Mackerel says:

    still didnt make much a diffrence for us,the polis would harras us and jail us for nothing cause we would be in a group……we were all young heading for the project in Easterhouse,and that was supposed to get us out of trouble.
    How were we supposed to win when they thought we were off gang fighting?

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