Scarlett Johansson Tries to Figure Out ‘Who Dat?!’

Scarlett Johansson Tries to Figure Out ‘Who Dat?!’

We are back with
Scarlett Johansson. Your son, in Jojo Rabbit– that was the first time you’ve
played a mom in a movie too? Yeah, that’s right. I play the mom of this
little boy, Jojo– Don’t– OK. I won’t try to pitch it. Don’t even try. It’s fine. The son in “Jojo Rabbit” has a
very famous imaginary friend. So we’re going to
play a new game. It’s called, “Who Dat?” So you’re going to stand on that
little blue dot right there. Oh, I know who dat. Yeah. OK. That’s not– but I’m
not guessing about– Yeah, you’re not guessing you. What do I have to do? It’s going to be behind you. OK. And I’m going to give you clues. Is someone going to come out? No, we’re not scaring you. I promise you. Trust me. OK, I believe you. All right. There’ll be someone
behind the screen. I’ll give you clues,
and you have to guess. OK. Oh, she’s got a lot of sisters. And they’re– like,
keeping up with the– Kardashian’s? She’s married to Kanye. Oh, Kim. Yes. Oh, (SINGING) if I
could turn back time– (SINGING) If I
could find a way– Cher. Cher. Yeah. He’s in the show “Ballers.” His name used to be The Rock. Dwayne? Yep. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] This guy is charming as can be. He’s gorgeous. He’s probably the most
gorgeous guy in the world, and he’s really funny. It’s Colin! Yes. Yay! (SINGING) Working 9:00 to 5:00– Dolly Parton? Yeah. I was hoping you’d sing. He plays piano, and
he wears big outfits. Elton John? Yes. Oh, she’s going to
perform at the Super Bowl this year, at halftime. Jennifer Lopez. Yep. He was in the selfie
with me for the– he actually took the
selfie, with the Oscars, when I hosted “The Oscars.” Who was it? He was in A Star is Born. Bradley Cooper? Yes. And she’s in the new show, with
Jennifer Aniston, on Apple– “The Morning Show.” Reese? Yes. That’s all. Jojo Rabbit is in
select theaters Friday. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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