Scarlett Johansson on the NEW ‘Black Widow’ Movie | MTV News

Scarlett Johansson on the NEW ‘Black Widow’ Movie | MTV News

– Only in the MCU can you jump
to your death, and then you get your solo movie right?
– Yeah, you know, it’s crazy how time works,
right, it’s an illusion. – Okay, so talk to me, when you finally get this opportunity,
get your own solo movie, what did you say to Kate and
Kevin, like what did you want, in a Black Widow movie,
after all this time, you’ve had time to think about it. – Yeah, I had time to think about it. You know, I, it’s funny, I
talked to Kevin about this, and I was like, I, of course
I was like, few things, I was like, I want, obviously,
one, I want the film, to, you know, be, do really well,
and for people to enjoy it, and all of that, and have
for it, to have success. It’s like, two, I wanted to
be fulfilling for fans of, Marvel, for fans of the character, and I, the third thing was that I, I was like, I want to play a char–, I
wanna be the same person, that I’ve been, throughout these 10 years. I don’t want it to feel like, you know, just because this characters
a stand alone, it doesn’t, it’s not grounded in like
the history that we already know of the character. So I wanted, I wanted it to
feel, like I wanted you to feel like there’s, that the characters carrying the weight, of all we know. So that’s, that’s what I hope, that’s what I think we’re currently doing. – Okay, we think we’re
half way through it. Genre wise, is their
something that you guys are aspiring to, trying to
emulate, are we in the spy-thriller kind of
thing, like, what’s, how’s it this different, genre wise, you think, from what we’ve seen before. – It’s pretty gritty,
but it’s also surprising, there’s, it’s kind of,
it’s a weird kind of, it’s kind of in its own genre I think, but I mean some of the
movies that we talked about, you know we talked about ‘The Fugative’, we talked about ‘Logan’, we talked about ‘Terminator 2’. – Okay, these are good reference points. – Of course, what do you
think we’re gonna bring you? – The bad stuff.
– Crap?


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