hey let's be guys yes we're here with another scary baby yes they don't purpose or is it just natural for you that's weird I've never even thought about it yeah you start all of your room I thought it was like an intentional intro you like hey what's up you guys yeah like it's my grand you know watch all of his videos everyone yeah please yes so what we're gonna do today is we're going to go to the scariest web sites ever have you ever been to a scary web site I don't know what that means so basically what we're gonna do today okay do you want me to fully try okay we're good you know cuz we're going to be looking at some scary shit today so you're not able to do a scary voice you're gonna be screaming okay okay good so we're gonna be looking at the scariest websites that I found online and some of them we've already today yeah does it tell you what you're gonna die yeah sorry for spoiling it no so some of these we've already done but I want to see how it is for you so we are first gonna go to the death date which we did for me and I said I was gonna die when I'm like 55 I think okay when I was a kid we had Dethklok gorg and like you've entered a lot of actual personal information like this one it looks like it's doing like okay alcohol cigarettes whatever this one was like are you an optimist or a pessimist like how do you react ace it was like actually analyzing you as a human being that sounds like a lot of work if but it fucked me up though what to say you're gonna die I don't remember it was my August 12th on over the year let's find out what if it says it here that would be everything all right so be putting all your information it's 3064 how old would I be 37 15th of September twenty fifty four that's in 37 years six months and 20 days okay can we mute this are you kidding me six like this so that's 53 63 great math 60 63 that's young no you know what fuck whenever I want the 25th birthday like that I had price that's never was like you mean quarter like presently no middle it price if I'm not gonna live that long you know it says you're gonna die from freezing electricity and air you're gonna get locked in a fridge wait freeze isn't one of the other all of the three all of them one thumb Bobby literally dying in a freezer or does I'm gonna get chocolate when we put into a freezer so okay this next website really excited about I like saw one thing this is showing us items that were made out of people this one oh my god these are gloves made out of hands so Ed Gein is a serial killer who is fucking terrifying and he yeah you would cut people up and turn them into objects my god his house what magical Iceland skin trousers would you wear them depends on who's there are are they Liza Co she's that make it work okay this is actually really creepy and I have looked at this before I don't know if you've seen this there is a website where you can just look into people's houses what do you mean this is real this right here is the most popular one and it's literally some ladies living room look how many people watching right now 361,000 like right now sir what do you mean live feed oh my god also me I mean this is adjust you know this is all it is this is what the Internet it has a whole mainstream I think is gonna be it's just that we do not we've literally just watch kids live like look at a vlog its litter just like here's me like eating fees that doctor was a shame that's what this is it's just like she's sitting there also can we just talked about this chair full of BBB this woman is very relatable she's literally she's so if she set up his camera herself so I think what this website is is like hack into people's security cameras so it might be illegal I don't know wait that's scary first of all can we just go down to see where she was 12 hours ago same place same computer Wieters comments there's 8,000 comment oh my god somebody said what happened while I was away well what the fuck beanie babies so wait no this I don't know big matter of a ghost candid cameras she's gonna go on to her she has a very nice living room I love that I think that she knows what she wants to communicate with us again what happened wait she's community she's Susan Helen no that's really freaky I wanna see another one okay that's got you three live webcams people probably come on here because I think they're gonna see some type of cam girl like getting naked and figures and I may just get Helen and her baby baby this one's called 99 rooms so basically I guess you like enter a house and you have to explore all these haunted rooms or something they're haunted I think so but nothing no oh I thought that was the ghost I'm excited wait where we you go in go in okay okay is this supposed to be scary it kind of just looks like a really good Instagram background Oh scary boys this is actually kind of scary okay I'm like getting the gamer channel now I love it I mean to attempt you deep I was this it's just like don't repeat it click it yeah what's that even weightless away I had to be very I could see this terrifying like a child Oh doesn't move a little bit wait is that sanity is there like secret hidden things that get turned on connect it was that it I think this is it is this it wait where do i click nothing's working at the end of the tour wait literally hello I don't know I I do also think if it was like late at night nose doing this alone I would be kind of like creeped out let's be honest for murder came in right now like what would happen ooh I don't like that sound the clicking of the high heels sounds like Mama's home another dude what wait there was a person yeah there's little birds yes there are we know is this a real point probably scarier you can get the satisfy this is kind of really be my anxiety I get it I get squishy like a scary website that's it I actually don't know I don't even know who's saying this you got me yourself ok well ok what is this let's go we got to go okay so this is a website that I used to go to when I was a kid like literally every day after school which is why I'm so fucked out okay it's called Brian calm have you been no okay so basically it's a website that has the most fucked up shit on it I don't know how it's legal but it's really fucked up and it's real it's all real and they'll give you like titles of things and you click on it you'll see very unfortunate kitchen mishap oh my god oh my god Akshay lightning a man struck by lightning that's fine I wanna see that what is that his blood up in the air like doggy style victim struck by lightning 1920s the bottom of his feet were blown off oh yeah whoa it's black and white so it wasn't that's here yeah that was a little better now this one I thought could be kind of scary but also fun scary craigslist ads now I want to like just look at some of these but then we can also go to actual Craigslist these are real I'm fucking it's terrifying okay read this one this one's crazy okay yeah Rita as if you're her hi my name is Bernie and I'm always trying to find someone to date our mom by the way we're dogs not anything with our profits she's a great lady and she gives the best belly rubs but as idli she's hanging could be a bit much I need to find her someone to hang out with and every time give me a break so I can drink out of the toilet she likes explore the city go to the movies laughs hit the earth sales high-quality right Hale sure sounds great she's 41 and this is oddly doesn't really funny ha ha ha please add a picture with your reply that's qdv she did that oh yeah she like beaten Corki she's like it's like I know I needed somebody self apart from the crowd I'm gonna write the it's my dog by the wayside no I would make fun of that but I have an Instagram for my dog now so I can my dog died and today it died at the garage I mean somebody to pick it up and dispose bit having trouble looking 15 Snuggies basically come into a supply of youth and we're gonna retirement home and I got them their doll for sale one dollar what's he wanted toaster three white toaster that I think is haunted fucking me my husband got it when his friend died and I think his friend decided to hang around his friend doesn't really like me and always burns my toast where's the ghost in the toaster the ghost is the toaster I love so she digs our toaster to the liger yeah alright let's do one more thing we're gonna go do leverage do a couple to read it fifty fifty s scary I really want I don't I don't think I understand it how does this work okay so basically they give you two lengths one of them is something like really awesome like grandma's like doing the bottle flip champ challenge is like funny and cute and then another one is really horrifying like somebody get a grant cut off so you click the link you don't know which one is gonna be so this one says cat but it also says man eats horse shit so what do I do so you click that link it'll take you to one or the other okay you got the cat okay so now what so now you just do another one well but I clicked on cat I'm not doing it right no I think you are I think you click the ball I take okay it takes you to one or the other cute dog or man gets branded they both sound good can I crazy no I get man did see you're the kind of guy who plays the 50/50 challenge I never understood that guy would not I get it okay smash your thumb where's that right there oh yeah man who beats pac-man Wars I want to see somebody do they be looking on the other side maybe that's like no I think it's supposed to be a surprise cute dog leads a camera or a degloved bloody penis I get it okay I'm in cute cuttlefish or a guy missing half his face after an acid that sounds a little bit that was a lot from b-movie or seen from P movie yeah pack of wild dogs of our arrival Don or puffy dresses Batman I bet this is pack up we should start Bennett's dresses Batman just worry about that teacher is cute I like that one camel spider eats bird alive or Instant Karma for aggressive tailgater oh please we tailgater damn it okay no Bo gosh what how do you do that oh my god alright let's do one more happy Valentine's Day or face in shit please be facing shit oh yeah oh my god wait what thinking like a champ already loose lips no big cheer starts the ball and everybody this churches started as scariest web sites and then it turned into videos of people falling in poop I loved it thank you my stomach still hurts on the ketchup soup but like I think that it guys if you want to see us eating ketchup soup and also other weird gross foods wait we're poor there is a video over I gotta channel go check it out gross also leave a thumbs up if you want me to call each other thing you die okay yeah do you think wants each other like do you think we'll hang up do you think we're dead we'll like hang out in the afterlife okay cool I hope so that'd be great it's like one of people meet and they're like did you watch Lily hang out on the weekend we can't return I know when I'm dead I'm gonna be like ignoring Gaby's calls fuck shame the only person who actually does not ignore my calls and texts like he answers every time we'll see you later oh so like yeah looking at us whoo you're fucking good at this you should you're scary videos everything yeah give me one fuck oh fuck what is that huh oh yeah killing him okay so Halles you have a conspiracy about me and not heard it yet I don't know what it is so why don't you break it down so the spirit theory is that you and Trisha Paytas are actually half siblings



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