Say What To Media? | The #WednesdayWisdom Show

Say What To Media? | The #WednesdayWisdom Show

it’s the Wednesday wisdom show and I’m
gonna answer your questions about last week’s show last week I did a show about
the emerging destiny of media it was about the internet and laws of nature
that are become evident to us in the problems that we encounter in the
Internet it’s a kind of a model that allows us to
see things that we normally wouldn’t see all compacted down into a place where
cause and effect and response function so quickly that we can begin to see
underlying principles in nature. It’s a very special gift that that Nature has
given us in order to train us, to condition us for living on a much higher
level, and this higher level we generally think of as being something – well
spiritual for sure. beyond the sort of animal level of human
existence and we think of it as a kind of a like a fulfillment as
societies that work health well-being all of these things that we are we
always dream about and we feel a lack of the model that we’re getting from the
internet and the problems that we have in in dealing with it in a practical and
positive way it’s there to to let us achieve this now what I talked about and
I’m not going to go into a lot of detail at all because you can check back just
go back one episode is a manifesto that was created by some media creators when
looking at this particular power that’s evident in the internet and how it can
be used correctly in order to learn from it and
in order to help us achieve that that next state that we need to so there were
a lot of questions about it and I again I suggest you go back and and take a
look at that questions came up for people and I want to answer some of them
here because it’s important to clarify these things so first I’d like to look
at a question from Benjamin Patrick on and he said I personally see the
Internet as a reflection of the human condition in both its positive and
negative realities it’s a tool no different than any other that if used
properly can be instrumental in advancing mankind or if used for selfish
purposes has an equally negative outcome social media will either bring us all
together or pull us apart all apart it’s really up to each and every one of us to
be responsible with it now hi Benjamin you say that it’s a tool no different
than any other I would say that it is quite different than any other because
it’s a reduction of a law of nature placed inside of the human experience
and and human awareness what I mean by that is that we never had this
opportunity before we were never able to see cause and effect happening
instantaneously over an entire system what’s usually hidden from us about
nature is that when we take a certain action even though it does influence
absolutely everything everywhere in a kind of a ripple effect we can’t trace
the cause and the consequence directly it shows up in different places and it
comes back in a very delayed way and it seems to to cause a response not
apparently directly related to what we did but that’s because of the buffer
involved that’s because we can’t we have no grasp of all of the
connections occurring we’re not getting the feedback it’s happening in another
place in the world or it’s happening at a later time in our own lives the
feedback is indirect it’s hidden by all of the complexity of processes in nature
and here with the internet and the way that we the media what we put into it
the attitudes that we put into it we can see immediately say take trolling for
example you see immediately what the response is whether the thing that
you’ve put in is is acting for good or for bad and even if it is acting for bad
then therefore what do you maybe you put in something that you think is positive
but but the question is more we don’t really know what’s positive and what’s
negative the the point about the what’s different about the Internet as a tool
is that there’s only one quality that is either positive or negative and that’s
the quality of connection was the action that was taken intended to be one of
criticism right and wrong or is it intended to bridge over apparent
diversity and differences because even if if we make a statement or an action
that appears to be for good because we are talking about the truth which of
course we have no handle on because truth is the only connection then we’re
going to get a negative response we’re going to get an equal and opposite
response from people because this is not a place for right and wrong it’s a place
for building bridges of intention so that’s its uniqueness as a tool it’s
really unlike any other tool everything else that I agree completely with
everything else that you’ve said it it either pulls us together or it pulls us
apart and together and apart are really the only issue because that
is the principle law of nature Angela Moore oh hi Angela commented I don’t
believe that a natural connection can be achieved through an unnatural medium the
Internet’s a bad copy of something that exists in nature we should connect the
natural way as Jesus said this is not the way yeah
this is not the way to to connect but it’s it’s not about the the medium
itself the only medium that exists is natural I am the way says nature
there’s nothing but but the law of nature it is invincible
it is what is and we are parts of that law and either we we align ourselves
with that law and we agree and we take on it’s essential let’s call it
intention or we don’t everything that appears in our life is is natural but
our responses to it are either unlike nature unnatural or natural
because they mimic they sync with that underlying principle so there is a
single way and that is love your friend as yourself there is there is nothing
mystical there is nothing special there is nothing that belongs only to one
group and not to another the whole point is that we are a single group we are
actually a single creature and the Internet itself is an expression a
representation of the fact that there exists only the law of nature or the
creator which is above that but is the creator of this law which is the quality
of the creator and the creature which responds to it and the the necessity
here it’s like you know connect or perish basically is that we have to
respond through the laws of nature there is only one way and no matter what’s
presented to us and we’re not in control of what’s
presented to us our response has to be natural because we could make the
internet work perfectly and it’s a good what would you call it a simulator it’s
a good simulator of humanity’s next stage because we can see as I said
immediately whether or not we are using nature’s imperative or not the way is
love but our understanding of love is really messed up with personal interests
love is the connective factor it is the intention behind the law of nature so
you’re you in my opinion you are both right in what it is that you want to
achieve and the principle of saying this is not it the separation of it and not
using this tool is to lose a great opportunity and I don’t know when we’ll
get going to get another one that is so clearly encapsulating everything that we
need what the other thing that is so important about it is that it clearly
involves everybody and and the fact that it touches everything around the world
it’s actually the the the most natural thing for us to reach and be related to
we need to be looking outside of ourselves and understand the totality of
what nature is requesting from us and and how totally good everything will be
for us when we have that container the container being the the will the desire
to open ourselves up to that degree of connection even – even – just want to I
mean obviously we’re not there yet but if we simply want that if we want to
work with what nature is presenting to us we’re already moving along that path
it’s already a dose of healing for us we’ve gone for thousands of years
thinking that all of this stuff was beyond the can of human perception and
here we have a beautiful distillation of it as a gift from above let’s use it
from Joel Gonzalez all the eastern practices and religions explained that
we’re all connected we’re all one from everyone in the occult mystics magicians
all explained this same fact even taoist say we’re all connected in a collective
stream of consciousness what makes this type of kabbalah different in its
explanation of the same well there’s a difference between saying that something
is so and enabling people the general population people who are not abstracted
from society like mystics and and oak cultists and people who do special
practices of being able to show people to open a door and an understanding as
to how everybody can do it exactly where they are and experience this not as
something otherworldly but as something that we have access to so what Kabbalah
is is it’s it is a methodology that’s for everybody it’s a very human
methodology it builds civilization it simplifies the laws of the human system
of relationships and it enables anybody to use it for good it’s a method the
method of how we can actually come to consider others before ourselves and
respond as citizens of that unity of that human unity it tells us all of
these other practices and religions and so on so on they they talk about this as
as an ultimate fact but how do you do it it always remains for
us to say well yeah that’s I can’t actually do that I mean that’s true and
it’s beautiful and that’s ultimately what what so but what can I do the point
is that a person has to learn this method it’s a it’s a relatively simple
method and the benefit is that we our reality becomes illuminated it’s all the
same stuff it’s all everything that we do already
it doesn’t require us to become monks or to separate ourselves in any way it’s
actually telling us to use everything in the system that we have including our
own egoism and everything in the right way with the right perspective and
attitude and that changes the the nature of the reality of what we see in our
heart we see a different world and we are motivated by something else and
things that normally would reject us or that we would want nothing to do with in
that act of giving that is in the act of connection it becomes pleasure to us
everything becomes illuminated with a with the pleasure of receiving correctly
only in order to be able to help others it’s just following the essential law of
nature so if you want to learn how to do it there are links here take some free
courses take a free course expose yourself to it see for yourself whether
or not you know just tasting this thing begins to change the way that that you
perceive what’s going on and why it’s going on and from naviga on how do I
stop resisting the state of the world it weakens me when I think about it it
feels terrible and scary at times plus anger and resentment it overtakes me is
it all really under the creator’s control sometimes I feel it completely
and other times I feel only ugliness it’s difficult and
debilitating I need a place to rest and it eludes me please help you know the
process that you’re going through of sometimes feeling the the the
illumination of the world with the with the creators goodness and then not
feeling it that is a purposeful necessary process
the problem that we have in being unable to hold on to it as that is that we look
at it as an either/or proposition the point is that those negative things are
there in order to deepen our ability to go to go into it more fully but it’s not
by going back and forth between the two it’s by learning this process that I was
alluding to the the simple process of nature itself and how human nature can
rise to the level of the intention of nature what that does is it allows us to
be in a place both in the positive and the negative and and another place that
observes all of that and uses it the negative is very important for us it
it’s not put there just to screw us over it’s there as a stepping stone when we
understand what to do with it it’s actually the transformative
force once we understand the process once we learn the method so my words in
themselves are not going to help you at all NEVEC you need to take a step to
learn how do we bridge these things and have this third quality that allows us
to use the left and the right say leg correctly to begin walking spiritually
that is to walk in a permanent connection with that everything is
guided by the Creator again their nature is the only is the only law
it is the only way and it it is controlling everything and it’s
controlling it for good it’s directing it it’s always doing that we just either
align with it or don’t that’s why it’s important to learn its methodology its
intention and then to copy it and that’s what that’s what Qabalah teaches so I’ll
give you the same advice that I that I gave another check out the beginning of
the course it’s a self-study thing there’s no obligation start looking at
it start seeing whether or not this desire to to know this doesn’t start
changing the way that you perceive and make and give you a greater ability to
balance both both legs of nature for the good this Sunday at 2:00 in the
afternoon Eastern Time I’m gonna do a live
question-and-answer event and you can join us on YouTube you’ll be receiving a
notice about it so it’ll tell you where and when and all that you just have to
click through and and I’d be very happy to have all of my friends from YouTube
join us there you’re free to ask questions and watch students who are
studying Cibola ask certain things about their courses all questions are open and
we’d be it would be great to hear from you especially the the names that I
already am aware of because I I always look at the comments I I try to feel
what’s going on with people and how they’re responding so I hope to see you
this Sunday 2:00 p.m. Eastern and watch for the notice


6 thoughts on “Say What To Media? | The #WednesdayWisdom Show”

  • Benjamin Patriquin says:

    Thank-You Tony for your comments. Your insights have given me a different perspective on social media and see it now in a different Light.
    I never truly thought of it from outside the box(inward)… but suppose thats what Kabbalistics do- "Show/teach from a Logical Perspective that envolvement of the Whole of all Parts, We all collectively represent the parts,the Entirety(whole) is what results…👍

  • angela Morrow says:

    Question-You say the outcome is according to the intention of the giver. Which is most times hard to see. Can you take something that was meant for an evil outcome and work it / pass it on with a good intention? Can you change the outcome by changing the intention.?

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