Sarah Palin OUT at Fox News

Sarah Palin OUT at Fox News

syrup ailing is out at foxnews this is uh… britain about widely over
the last few days will clear politics first reported as saying kaelin who
reportedly signed a million dollar a year deal with fox news in twenty ten is
not renewing it the new york times is brian stealth there’s later confirmed
the news with fox news a source close to pale and said that she
had turned down and you offer fox only said they wish her the best so this is
one of those things where it may have been at the thing we’re foxnews says
listen we’re not going to be renewing your contract we’re perfectly fine with
you send your choosing not to renew it and we will simply wish you the best and
that would that will be that it’s possible foxnews kind of gave ur
uh… a really bad contract deliberately so she wouldn’t hurt route renew it so
they said it will pay you a quarter of what you were doing and the only be on
uh… read the redeye show her piano and uh… basically forcing her to to
not or some other combination now i want to
be very clear here does not mean that anybody at fox news is coming to
their senses about what sarah pale and represents and
choosing to distance themselves from it it only means foxnews is aware that sarah palance brand is fading and
they want her out because it’s not going to be good for them don’t misread this is saying fox news
seems to be awakening to the absurdity of the
cerebellum message that is not what is going on here it’s all about money it’s all about u we do a little over a debt of gratitude
on the time right for all the laughs you provided during her various foxnews appearances uh… i mean from my perspective i would much
rather it not be necessary to parity or on saturday night live as opposed to
having her exist para ridiculous talking points and then uh… have a really good
parity to laugh i would rather it not even have to deal with that so i would do anything i thought it was
funny any relief she basically they will probably presidency i can’t can argue against that none of
that there was a huge factor and him president bombs initial election she
might be the best thing that ever happen in this country are good let me know imagining we have a
a series of events in the next twenty years that we kind of can backtrack to
president obama winning in two thousand eight which weekend in great part a tribute to
sarah pale in sirica elyn may end up being responsible uh… for price you could be the
catalyst for true progressive change in the
united states who have she could end up being what made this country the most successful greatest country in the world happen yet in spite of herself but i mean and i
mean that everything’s doing great uh… cornered the market right there were almost fourteen thousand at
the dow yeah could be creators essar pale you think that


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