Sara Cox’s Lifeline Appeal for Auditory Verbal UK – BBC

Sara Cox’s Lifeline Appeal for Auditory Verbal UK – BBC

Right now it’s estimated that there are almost seven-and-a-half-thousand deaf children, under the age of five, in the UK.
Deaf children can typically learn language at half the rate of their hearing peers, which can mean when they start school they could be many years behind in their development. However, the charity ‘Auditory Verbal UK’ is helping to change that. And then the three little…
The tree little Pigs, that’s right. Its method is one of several that can help deaf children overcome challenges they may face growing up. And for these three their future is now looking very positive indeed. Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are I like the noise of the microwave and cartoon charters I can say ‘guten tag’ which means hello. All have been helped by one of these, a cochlear implant. It’s a surgically implanted device that provides sound signals to the brain. The device is an option for parents who want to try and achieve a vocal outcome for their child. Some children may benefit from other kinds of hearing aids and communication methods. But, even with these very clever, state of the art devices, a child’s brain needs to be trained to understand sound. And the most effective time for doing this is in the first few years of their lives.
And that’s what they do here at AVUK We made the assumption that our ears hear. But it’s actually our brain that hears. The, the ears are just the pathway in. They open the door and the sound goes through to the brain. So it’s really imperative that that brain is stimulated with sound from the earliest possible age. New technologies, cochlear implants allow that to happen. And what auditory verbal therapy does is helps parents who want to make a spoken outcome for their child They are both yellow, you’re right. Many people can’t believe Hope is profoundly deaf. Yet her mum says she can do all the things a hearing child can do. It’s something her parents thought would be impossible when she was diagnosed as a baby. it felt so final…it was quite crushing.
it’s not a silver bullet for deafness a Cochlear Implant, it is an incredible device that gives your child access to sound. What you then need are the skills and the knowledge to be able to help your child understand what that device is giving them. AVUK teach you to interact with your child in a way that you can help them to understand the importance of sound and also to stimulate them in a way that they can replicate it and speak back to you. It’s an experience for the whole family because your child is only going to progress in step with the effort and the learning that you undergo to make sure they understand the whole process. I like music because it’s entertaining. I like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, it’s hard to say because there are no many songs.The difference that AV UK has made to Hope’s world is immeasurable. She’s the little girl we always knew she could be. Success is down to getting support to families and their children in the critical first few years of their lives. There cannot be a waiting list for this sort of therapy. That’s why AVUK need your donations, to help them to continue to provide this vital therapy and to make sure that in the future every deaf child has the opportunity to access this when they are young. This will enable more deaf children to do the same things their hearing peers enjoy. Kurran was born two months premature and he spent the first two years of his life in hospital. He now has cerebral palsy and is profoundly deaf. I got 88 per-cent in my German test, I was like yay!! Kurran started Auditory Verbal Therapy even before receiving his Cochlear implant. When we embarked on this journey of going to AVUK. It was glass half full, everything could be done, the optimism was amazing. He learnt and we saw that at home. And we thought this was the way forward and his speech was coming along at a pace and it was just going up and up really. One out of every two deaf children with additional needs achieves age appropriate language with AVUK. I could hear everything, the surroundings outside, for example like birds tweeting If someone had said to me, right he’s never, that he will walk, that he will talk, he will go to school he will get himself an education, I would have said you’re on a different planet. Like Mia, her mum Rayan was born deaf, she wanted her daughter to have a different experience to the one she had growing up. I had a lot of difficulties communicating… so I grew up struggling I wanted to her to be able to like listen naturally and to not have to make such an effort. Two days before her first birthday they switched on the implants and from that day on it was the first time she could hear and I felt oh my god this is the beginning of a new journey with my daughter. Rayan was also fitted with an implant so she could understand how it felt for Mia. I was learning with my child at the same time because I had to learn how to listen as well through my Cochlear Implant. I really wanted to understand how she was feeling with the implant. I wanted to know what she was hearing and if it was helping it and if it was benefiting her. It helped me as well. I’m so proud of her for what she has achieved. It makes me like the happiest mum; the proudest mum and I just wanted to literally run to her and give her the biggest hug and the biggest kiss and tell her how proud I am. Ninety-seven-percent of deaf children without additional needs achieve age appropriate language after at least two years on the programme at AVUK. Your money will help give more deaf children across the UK the chance of learning to listen and talk, and not be held back by their hearing loss. You can help even more reach their true potential. To give by phone, call 0800 011 011. Calls are free from mobiles and landlines. Text SUPPORT to 70121 to donate ten pounds. Text SUPPORT to 70120 to donate twenty pounds. Texts cost your donation plus your standard network message charge and 100 percent of your donation will go to Auditory Verbal UK. Or if you’d like to post a donation please make your cheque payable to the Auditory Verbal UK and send it to Freepost, BBC Lifeline Appeal, writing Auditory Verbal UK on the back of the envelope. Thank you


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