Saoirse Ronan Gets Two Halloween Scares

Saoirse Ronan Gets Two Halloween Scares

You look very
Californian right now. Yeah, I thought,
well just since I’ve been on the show quite a
bit I though I’d be relaxed. I know, you are relaxed here. And it does seem like
you were just here. But it has been a little while. It’s just that we feel
comfortable around each other. We’re best friends. We are BFF’s, right. Yes for, sure. We’re best friends. If you lived here we’d
probably hang out, but you don’t live–
where do you live. I live between
Ireland and the UK. OK. Where is that? It is these two little
islands off the coast– I know. And so. You go back and forth. So I go back and forth,
so I’m sort of mainly in London when I’m in the UK. Right. And you are driving
now, which is– I’m yes. I’m driving. How old are you? I’m 25. Shouldn’t you have been
driving for a while? I mean, yes. But I was busy. I was busy coming on your show. I didn’t have time. No, you’re busy doing movies. You’re constantly working. But how did you get
around before if you– I mean obviously
you’re driven a lot. I mean, when I do
this I am, yeah. But I– so I had a provisional
license for a few years. And so I had to have a fully
licensed driver with me. Sorry, Andy’s making me laugh. Why? He just does. Are you talking about
me behind my back? What is it– yeah he’s
talking behind your back. What is a provisional driver? A provisional
driver’s license is when you get it’s like
half your license, so they’re like we don’t
fully trust you yet. So put your mom or your dad
in the car at all times and it basically stops you from
ever driving your car, because you’re– Because you don’t want drive. All you want to do is
just drive in your own. Right. You don’t want to drive
with your mom and your dad. No. And so then eventually I did it
this year around my birthday. And so now you’re
having your licence. Oh my God, yeah. And now you can drive. Are you a good driver? I don’t– they’re gonna clap. [CLAPPING] Thank you. I’m a terrific, terrific driver. When someone has a license
don’t clap until we know they’re a good driver. You did it. Have you drive LA yet? No, I haven’t driven in LA yet. And driving in LA scares
me because at home we have like literally like four
cars on the road at any given time. Whereas here you’ve got
like four lanes of traffic. And it’s just a lot. It’s a lot. It is a lot. I don’t know why
I drive, actually. Yeah, now that– yeah. It’s a terrible idea. You shouldn’t have gotten. There was no sense
in even getting it. You’ve really
talked me out of it. I’m glad you were here. How is Fran? She’s fantastic. Yeah. I love that name for a dog. Her dog’s name is Fran. So there’s a story behind this. So Mam sent me
this the other day. She looks a little bit
insane in that photograph. I’m not going to lie. Her eyes. She is angry. Or a bit demonic. Yeah. And– but she– what happened here
was her hair, she’s basically like me in dog form. So her blond hair gets a
little like wild after a while. She’s out playing in the
dirt and we’re very similar. And my Uncle John, who’s sort of
like her grandfather in a way, was with his wife who is my
Aunt Margaret and he was like, Fran needs some TLC. Can you just give this to
her, and it was like 50 euro for her to go to the groomers
for like a special day out. She just loves people
touching her all the time and looking at her and talking
about how pretty she is. So I feel like he can kind of
tell that like she knows she’s good looking in the photograph. She’s doing like
the sultry thing. Yeah, I didn’t see it that way. I looked at it like I’m
upset I had this haircut. And I don’t know, it just
looks parted in the middle a little too much on the nose. Doesn’t it look like
too much of a part? You can see? Yeah, it’s too much of a part. I think it should be a
side part or something. I’m not going to tell
her you said that. Yeah, no don’t tell her. Hopefully she’s not watching. I’m a big fan of hers. Is Halloween big in Ireland? It’s not nearly as
big as it is here. It’s crazy here. Like you guys are mad for it. Don’t include me in it. I’m forced into it
with my contract, I have to dress
up every year I’m forced to dress in
some ridiculous outfit because people enjoy it. Does somebody pick
the outfit for you? No, no, they give me choices and
I picked a good one this year. Did you? I did. I feel like someone’s
going to scare me. What’s that got– I said to your crew
before I came on, I was like someone’s going
to jump out of something. Someone’s going to
scare me because it’s the day before Halloween. If they would they would
be in this one right here. Yah! [SCREAMING] Oh, I wasn’t expecting that. Oh! Did you freak out when
I put my cup there. Yes. I know you did that on purpose. That’s why I was laughing,
because when you put that down, Andy and I were just
looking at each other and– Boo! Stop it, that is enough. That is enough. No, it’s not nearly enough. There is another one. I was like, how am I going
to get that cup off there. That is– that was really good. That worked out really
well for you, didn’t it? It did work out well. But I mean, I thought for sure
you’d know what I was doing. I honestly didn’t know. Let’s take a look and
see how this looked. Yah! [SCREAMING] Oh, I wasn’t expecting that. It’s always the leg protector. Yeah my whole body just
went into defence mode. Like that really helps if
someone’s ever attacking you, always do this. Always. Knee first. That’s what I say. Back with Saiorse after this.


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