San Francisco’s Homeless Problem: Where’s The Money Going?

San Francisco’s Homeless Problem: Where’s The Money Going?

HOMELESSNESS – ALL OVER THE HEADLINES THIS WEEK… AND THIS EVENING – WE ARE GOING TO ANSWER A QUESTION MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS NOW. IF SAN FRANCISCO SPENDS NEARLY A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS ON THE HOMELESS EVERY YEAR – WHY ARE STILL THERE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET? WHERE DOES THAT MONEY GO – AND HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORK – OR NOT WORK? KPIX 5’S WILSON WALKER TAKES IT ALL APART FOR US. {{Dennis Wagner “It’s the result of programs that are not working. Not to anyone’s satisfaction.” WELL IT’S HARD TO ARGUE WITH THAT, BUT TO BETTER UNDERSTAND HOW THIS ALL WORKS, LET’S START WITH THAT ONE BIG NUMBER: $241 MILLION DOLLARS … OF THAT, 50 MILLION FUNDS SHLETERS, ANOTHER 50 MILLION FUNDS HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE TRULY HOMELESS… BUT THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT THAT 241 MILLION DOLLARS – IS THAT MOST OF IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLE WE SEE ON THE STREETS. {{Jeff Kositsky “That is a great observation, I think it’s missed by many in the city, we’re not spending $241 million on the 7,000 people who are homeless, we’re spending more than half of that money to keep people in permanant housing.” THAT’S RIGHT – 140 MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF THE ENTIRE HOMELESS BUDGET HOUSES APPROXIMATELY 9,000 PEOPLE – AND THOSE ARE 9,000 PEOPLE WE DON’T EVEN COUNT AS HOMELESS. {{Randy Shaw “Like all of our hotels, people that have lived in housing for ten years are in the homeless budget. So people say, well, we don’t notice it. But if we didn’t do it, you’d notice it, the numbers would be off the charts.” SO THAT LEAVES US WITH THE 6,686 PEOPLE WE DO COUNT AS HOMELESS – AND THEY FALL IN TO TWO SEPARATE CATEGORIES. THOSE IN SOME KIND OF TEMPORARY SHELTER – AND THOSE WHO ACTUALLY LIVE ON THE STREET.AND TWO PERFECT EXAMPLES OF THIS WALKED RIGHT UP TO US WHILE WE WERE INTERVIEWING FORMER MAYOR ART AGNOS. FIRST – IS “LEE” WHO MIGHT LOOK LIKE HE LIVES ON THE STREET: {{Agnos & Homeless Man}} “Well, I’ve got a room.” AND THEN THERE’S “RON.” {{Agnos & Homeless Man}} “Why are you not in a room now? I tried for a while in North Beach.” AT THAT POINT – WE HAD SOME VINTAGE AGNOS. {{Agnos & Homeless Man}} “I’ll take you there, I’ll take you to the diagnostic center.” {{Wilson Walker “And just like that – Ron was in the car with the former mayor, and off to the mission neighborhood resource center – to get a shelter bed, or a room some place – you’ve got to come to a facility like this one, and be ready to play by the city’s rules. {{Paul Boden “You have to do fingerprinting and all this – to get an emergency shelter bed.” SO A LOT OF PEOPLE – LIKE RICHARD HERE – . {{Homeless Man}} “So you choose not to go into the shelters? Well sure, partner. Come on, man. Have you actually been in some of these places?” DIFFERENT CITY DEPARTMENTS, ISSUING SOME 400 CONTRACTS WITH AT LEAST 75 PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS… A TANGLED NETWORK OF SERVICES, WITH NO UNIFYING OVERSIGHT BY THE CITY THAh mental health issues is staying at non- profit charity.. but one day, he voluntarily leaves. He lands in some trouble, and then the custody of law enforceme is back on the street – and the city has no uniform way of tracking this person- as he ricochets between service providers.” ING SAN FRANCISCO: EVEN IF WE COULD CONVINCE ALL OF THESE PLEOPLE TO ACCEPT HELP – OUR BEST SERVICES DO NOT SCALE TO THE OVERWHELMING DEMAND. {{Randy Shaw “l supply of housing doesn’t exist to end our homeless problem.” {{Art Agnos “As a result, people kind of get discouraged, say ‘well it can &only way we’re going to be able to change people’s perception is by making progress.” THAT GENTLEMAN – JEFF KOSITSKY – THE MAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO WHIP THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IN TO SHAPE. AND TOMORROW NIGHT – RIGHT HERE AT 6 O’CLOCK – YOU’LL HEAR HOW HE PLANS TO DO IT. NOW, IF YOU’RE FED UP WITH THE SITUATION ON OUR SIDEWALKS, AND YOU WANT TO SEE SOME CHANGES – I THINK YOU’RE GOING TO BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED WITH WHAT HE HAS TO SAY – BECAUSE THIS GUY IS NOT MESSING AROUND. YOU’LL BE HEARING A LOT MORE ABOUT HOMELESSNESS THIS WEEK, AS WE JOIN OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS FOR THE SAN FRANCISCO HOMELESS PROJECT. SO – MORE TO COME – TOMORROW NIGHT AT SIX.


100 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Homeless Problem: Where’s The Money Going?”

  • Come on …you know better then that ..all the homes and jobs are for the illegals or caravans coming in…..never mind we have Americans on the street….its globalist war on national citizens…

  • To Pelosi’s pockets, tax, tax, tax….politicians that’s how to control. Dumb Down! Wake up,!! If you’re homeless you can vote. Illegals do. 🦉. Visitor. L. A.

  • Danfuerth Gillis says:

    Lmfao all charities, NGO, homeless groups all keep up to 90% of the take in as tax free money. Only morons believe that these charities actually help anyone. When you kick out the middle class tax payer base everything collapses see Detroit for a great example.

  • Tamsen Roberts says:

    The money is going to the fkng illegals not to Americans that need it!!! I'm sure the so called charities have their hands in the till!!!Why do you think people volunteer???? To get a piece of the action!! Trust me it happens every day!!!!

  • George Stuffer says:

    Our people who where born and raised here are being pushed out into the streets its happening all across America. Meanwhile the clowns in D.C. are focused on helping people who don't belong here in the first place. They are taking jobs and resources creating a strain on a already overwhelmed system. And someone brings up that point they give you a label.

  • super buck tucker says:

    Bull shit the democrats put the money in there pockets look a Maxine waters she's the biggest crook in California

  • Atleast we know that good-ol' Frisco is doing SOMETHING about its homeless problems. I always wonder if the same can be said for Sacramento.

    Then again, as long as prices and rents keep going up in this state, more people are going to be screwed.

  • WHERE IS ALL THOSE MONEYS GOES?????? Asks Brown/ Feinstein/ peolosi/ Newsome/ Waters/ Schiff/ De Leon….. All that money went to their off shore accounts.

  • Why are the California Democratic politicians live in mansions drive expensive cars are millionaires….. Now you know where the money is going.


    No wonder everything is so expensive and their hasn't been any jobs during Bush and Obama, they let companies go to other countries because their greedy, which shows they don't want to pay a decent wage to Americans who made them rich and they wonder why people are homeless.

  • Fred Williamson says:

    Libs are inept. Free needles for campers and then pay illegals to pick em up to throw in trash. Good system you got there in California.

  • Robert Matthews says:

    The moneyis going to cronies of the politicians. Politicians award contacts to their friends who then donate a large portion of it back to the politicias who gave it to them in the first place.

  • reality czech #9 says:

    Most of the money was channeled to maxine waters purse. Dems have been corrupt since beginning of time. Move the homeless into Pelsoi and Waters estates…problem solved. Part of the money going to those 'service personnel' and bureaucrats.

  • The Democratic Party has destroyed California and don’t expect anything to get better…why should they care? No matter how bad it gets year after year y’all continue to march blindly to the voting booths and vote for the same failing policies the Democrats have enforced on their citizens…hilarious

  • Mr Pool Player says:

    SanFranShithole is a homeless mess alright, mostly because of the liberal thinking of the slum inhabitants & the leadership of the area. Without conservative (meaning traditions, solid proven ideals, saving for a tomorrow, preparing for the worst, having good values, saying NO to drugs & similar values) thinking, this kind of situation has metastasized like cancer & is out of control. Any education these people had is gone, any way to make things work for these lost souls is Smoke & Mirrors, it ain't gonna happen. Soon, they will be rounded up & taken to areas, that will be their place to slowly die, an area where they can be what they want to be & not be the eyesore they are on the city. It won't be pretty, but it will be a way for the leaders to turn their back on this unsolvable problem

  • Pretty funny, especially since the problem is WORSE and there are MORE homeless than when this story aired. Liberals cannot get out of their own way.

  • Rebecca Brown says:

    What does the San Francisco’s congress woman do to help this situation? How does she respond to the situation?

  • Stupid trump would rather spend millions of dollars on a 4th of July celebration instead of feeding the homeless.
    What a looser.

  • If I'm homeless I'm moving deep into the woods ! When you bastards fall off into the ocean and all drowned that will take care of them and your worthless scum , scum judges , scum government , scum people ! All gone

  • How do you deal with the people that want to live this way? San Francisco allows people to use drugs in the street, so why would a drug addict want to get help to get off the streets?

  • The money goes to politicians and their cronies These programs are managed and run by their buddies. Contracts and private organizations I wonder who owns these organizations

  • James Ferrante says:

    A director of the Department of Homelessness?! There's the root of the problem. I'm sure he's making over 100K per year managing fat contracts for all of the city departments. Who would want homelessness to be solved when it's a booming industry with many making a handsome living from it. Just like Wayfair providing migrant furniture for border detention centers, San Francisco has suppliers for homeless furniture in the shelters.

  • Where do i apply to be one of those needle picker uppers? Look at these fucking bums. With face tattoos and white guys with dreads im extremely baffled as to why they're homeless. I mean looking and acting so professional they should definitely have good jobs.

  • A stupid question. Where is the money going ? How to fix the problem ? Let's say I work for the government and I am here to help. Let's say I make around 178 K a year. How about if there are no homeless people and there is no a homeless problem. Do you think I will make anywhere close to what I am making now? Do you think I may not even have a job? Don't answer these questions. They are rhetorical. If you ask me I can say we don't have a problem. Or, it is handled. Is everyone brain dead in this country. The same way the educational system is made for the educators and the administrators. The social system is made first to benefit the people running it and the the participants. The same way the health industry benefits first the doctors and then the administration. And why the heck you want to cure this man or woman. Just treat them. For the next two, five or ten year. Or if you can hooked them up for life even better. Beautiful life, don't you agree. And these people on the tv. Such a nice politically correct people. Getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play stupid. How about that ?

  • This news reporter complimenting the San Fran governor about what he "proposes" to do about a problem that he himself is responsible for is the most ridiculous part of this video. What a flaming douchebag! So typical that Democratic politicians and government institutions do not know how to manage money and simply allow it all to slip through their fingers into the contractors coffers and never submit to the obvious need to audit spending through to outcome. Because the Democrats could never run a competitively successful business, they, in turn, could never run a government.

  • warrior saint says:

    Dont ask me oir the American people – you go ask stupid pelosi, schumer, lieu, waters, your worthless governor, schiff, and that worthless harris. They took the money.

  • Greed will swallow society like the ouroboros choking on its own tail!
    👑JESUS👑- the King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords, WAS HOMELESS- Get a clue! It's about UNDERDOGS FIRST!!!
    UNDERDOGS FIRST is the family crest of GOD- & the only way to TRUELY uplift society!!!

  • Cinebar madness says:

    drp off drop off 40 foot cntainers ..pre made into homes for homeless ..self contained and dry .. remove them when authrities kicj them out.. delivery and removeal of containers for homeless

  • Cinebar madness says:

    stupid, question..why are always are homeless.Because Humans like to BREED… set up free sterilization clinics .

  • burymedeep 2093 says:

    You could split up a billion dollars and hand it in cash to the 8000 or so homeless people in SF and 95% of them would piss it away on drugs and alcohol and they would still be homeless

  • open up closed military bases, and take anyone on the streets there, Build hidh rise studio apartments, instead of the WALL, and do it on both borders.

  • Well three years later and what do I see? This guy was full of shit just like all the others. Bureaucrats are all the same. They come, talk shit then go. Next one comes, talks shit then he goes. And on and on and on it goes. Pretty soon all you got to show for it is, a big pile of shit!

  • Helen Campbell says:

    question? where do homeless addicts get the money for all the drugs that cost an arm& a leg to buy , then case of) once the cave get filthy unliveable , move onto another, not many landlords can afford the constant cleanup ,

  • Tulare County Oscar Cop Watch says:

    Where's the 900 million dol confiscated in downtown Los Angeles CA 😨🤦 Uncle Sam's pocketing cash for themselves

  • Michael Jenkins says:

    California's had that problem since the 1930s you know how many politicians have come and gone since then come on give me a break my bad Democrats hoorah

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