Samsung’s new shape-shifting TVs revealed – BBC News

Samsung’s new shape-shifting TVs revealed – BBC News

this massive 75 inch TV behind me is
impressive not because it’s so big but because it’s so small it’s made of micro
LEDs millions of individual pixels all emitting their own light and it’s the
first time Samsung has been able to make them small enough and close enough
together to make a TV that would realistically fit in somebody’s house
I’m not allowed any closer in case I break it but they have got one of the
panels here underneath the microscope and it does look very impressive so why
is this supposed to be better than existing TVs on the market
well those individual pixels are very bright and when they’re off they’re very
dark so you get very good contrast for those HDR movies samsung also says the
system is modular they’ve got a demonstration here where bits are added
to the screen and then they split apart and then come together again for a super
widescreen movie because it’s modular you can also replace any of the pixels
if they happen to break you can just remove them and replace them rather than
throwing away the whole screen that’s good for people at home and also good
for Samsung in their manufacturing because they’ll save money and because
it’s modular you can go pretty much as big as you like if you’ve got a big
enough house they’ve got one here that’s more than 200 inches across called the
wall although that one doesn’t use the super compact micro LEDs that we’ve seen
in that 75 inch prototype today. one of your competitors makes a big deal about
their organic LEDs OLED TVs you’re promoting these is inorganic what’s the
difference? it’s just the the panel structure and the way it’s built out and
one of the benefits of it being inorganic is the projected lifetime is
is longer and if you don’t have the the fear of of burning over time so we feel
much more comfortable that this is going to deliver a a longer and more robust
and more well-rounded viewing experience than the other technology is able to do. it’s just a prototype at the moment how far away is something like this in
reality there’s been no set date and we’ll
really just see what the market demands and it may be something that’s a year
down the road two years down the road there really hasn’t been anything finite
delivered as far as a date yet


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